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Another reason why Tamers need to be nerfed in PvP

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by LAH Architect, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Typical Veteran UO Subscriber's Account has these characters on one account :

    1) Crafter Mule
    2) Necro Mage
    3) Tamer Bard Mage (PvM)
    4) Dexer
    5) Archer

    ML 6) Gimp PvP template of month
    SA 7) $$$

    Many players lump their taming and bard skills together as they work so well vs monsters. These characters usually go for uber luck 100 LRC suit but poor resist.

    With the success of the PvP Tamer as a viable template in Felucca playing a valuable role in many Felucca fights, many players are unable to handle this play style well with their existing PvP-ready characters.

    7th slot cost $$$ and to train up a PvP Mage with bard skills, equip 70s armor and set up macros is time consuming. The other way is to slap on the Armor of Virtue on existing tamer bard and head to Fel but... they are so vulnerable to other PvP builds and so hard to kill other pvpers with pets !

    Then there is the easy way : Lobby on Stratics to nerf Tamers effectiveness in Fel so that they would never have to adapt to this new exciting playstyle.

    <u>PvP Mage with Bard Skills (Anti PvP Tamer)</u>

    120 Magery
    120 Evalint
    120 Med
    120 Magic Resist
    120 Music
    120 Peace / Discord

    <u>Fel Necro Area Peacer Spawner (Popular Fel Template)</u>

    120 Necro
    120 Spirit Speak
    120 Magery
    120 Magic Resist / Med
    120 Music
    120 Peacemake
  2. you forgot step 8 LAH...

    complain that UO is a dying game with no changes and boring gameplay.

    LORD Yalp of Zento, CTDM
  3. You still have plenty of options...

    1. Soulstones
    2. More accounts
    3. Figure out how to do it with the characters you have
    4. Delete a character you don't need *gasp*
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    am i missing something...I think LAH is joking around, when he says tamers need to be nerfed, but then, I can't tell...hmm [​IMG].

    sarcasm or somewhere between?
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I gave up figuring other tamers out really hehe.

    I'm sure there are some "nerf objectors" who just object on principle because somewhere a tamer is going to sulk, not necessarily because they can't live with the changes proposed lol.

    On the other side we have idiots who can't even make a factual post about the true effect of tamers in PvP. Crazy.

    What I was most surprised at was the admissions that players really did want to be able to stealth up to someone and drop 10 tonnes of dragon on their head! I mean I've been tempted to lose it with people in game, but I'd have to get in a real bad mood to pull that one. I thought playing dirty was when you spammed para on someone while your pets ate them. Or whisper kill and sidle up with visible pets. No wonder people don't abuse me when Ailsa kills them, they're not used to such gentle treatment [​IMG]

  6. <blockquote><hr>

    What I was most surprised at was the admissions that players really did want to be able to stealth up to someone and drop 10 tonnes of dragon on their head!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Same as players using stealth assasins to deliver a lvl 5 pokie with kyrss

    In a textbook case, a stealther can easily get besides an afk player or miner crafter and do the attack, but in real field situations, a PvP opponent is not gonna stand there and wait for you to launch that bola.

    Any Stealther = Haphazard running to step onto them and auto reveal.
    Dismount Bola Message = Run run / teleport spell

    It is very fun to fight with or against a PvP Tamer. It's not as simple as 'All Kill'. You are fighting against humans and they rarely come conveniently packaged as just one person sitting ******** in the open for you to attack. There are some of this species at Yew Gate but that's kiddie PvP @@

    * Promoting PvP Template Diversity ! *
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    IMHO it comes down to having a little respect for one's enemies. It's the same reason I don't trash talk, reskill and often don't loot much either. I didn't drop 10 WWs on players when I could have either. I still got kills and I still do now. But I don't choose or support certain practices carried out by the gimpier tamers.

    It's one thing for a player to pop up by themselves and attack, something entirely different if they arrive, with pets and 'all kill'. The first I'd call the element of surprise, the second being the gankage of surprise.

    I learnt to play my tamer when you didn't have bonded pets or petballs to PvP with. I stuck with my old way of playing and didn't gimp up as others did. I've seen what gimpy tamers can do, and I find them an embarrassment to their pets and to the profession.