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Another Template Question

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by MR_CLEAN, Nov 25, 2008.


    MR_CLEAN Guest

    Ok...I have been a Tank/Mage since day 1 with one of my characters. I know this is outdated, so I have decided to make him a Sampire. Currently, I have:

    Tactics - 100
    Swords - 100
    Necro - 100
    Healing - 100
    Spirit Speak - 100
    Anatomy - 100
    Bushido - 100

    I cobbled these together from other characters using Soulstones, and worked up what I needed to.

    My question is this:

    I rarely use healing, and I have 99.something Parry on a stone, so I could take that over healing. But I read that Bushido and Parry sort of cancel each other out or that you don't get much benefit from Parry with Bushido? Also, would it be better to work Chiv into the template in place of healing or parry?

    I know I need to keep the Bush, Swords, Tactics, Anatomy, Necro, and SS...but it is that last skill that has me wondering what to do.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!
  2. I turned your post around a bit to answer this question first.

    I don't know who told you that Bushido and Parry don't work together, because they couldn't be more wrong about that. Parry and Bushido go hand in hand, and the Sampire template in particular depends partly on having 120 Parry. What doesn't work together with Bushido & Parry is carrying a shield. You don't use a shield to parry when you have Bushido because you're using your weapon to do it. At 120 Bushido you have a 40% chance to parry with a 2 handed weapon, and a 35% chance with a 1 handed one.

    You don't need SS on the Sampire template unless you plan on using Curse Weapon. Personally, I've found that CW isn't necessary once you've learned how to play the template well.

    This is the template that I use for my Sampire:

    Wep Skill 120
    Parry 120
    Bushido 120
    Tactics 95
    Necro 100
    Anatomy 100 (I swap this out for 100 Resist or 100 SS depending on what I'm fighting)
    Chiv 65

    The 120 skills are important, and you should try to get the scrolls for those as soon as you can if you plan on fighting high end creatures.

    MR_CLEAN Guest

    Cool! Thanks! That clears up a couple of misconceptions on my part!!
  4. Kellgory

    Kellgory Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Stratics does have a decent parry chance calculator that will give you the odds of parring with a shield, one handed weap only, and two handed weap. All you enter is your bushido, parry, and dex. Link is here.


    You can also use spirit speak to heal and it heals through poison.

    MR_CLEAN Guest

    Thanks for the link! That's handy!

    I think I am going to keep SS. I know it is not the preferred method of being a "Sampire"...but I don't really need the Chiv. I have a Chiv/Archer/Provo template on another character, and that is pretty effective. But I think with this character, I am going to go more a Necro/Sammy...even though I will use Vamp form most often.

    On the advice of the poster above, I switched out Healing and Parry, and got a 110 scroll for Bush and Swords (I'll go 120 later when I get higher in the skills, the 110 scrolls were practically free).

    So far, I have managed to kill Balrons, Ice Fiends, White Wyrms, Demons, Regular Dragons, Blood Eles, and Meer Eternals solo without even coming close to death. The one Meer Eternal paragon I ran across almost got me though...I turned tail and ran on that one :D

    The SS skill totally save my ass, combine that with curse weapon, a good life leecher, and confidence...and this template is almost unkillable PvM. Well, I am sure there are things out there that would spank me pretty good, but so far so good!

    Thanks for the input everyone!!

    ---well...back to Trinisic!---
  6. You might want to consider adding in the Chiv for the damage increase. The amount you leech in Vamp form is based on how much damage you do, and with Chiv's EoO you're doubling your damage, not to mention Cons Wep. Also, the faster you can kill something the longer you'll survive.

    It's something to consider.