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Anti-warrior template?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by dum3886, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. dum3886

    dum3886 Guest

    Whats a nice anti-warrior template to u?

    probably has to have some form of range attack...
    + a way to stop healing

    Anyone can think of one because omg very sick of chasing people.... my warrior is already a hybrid(ninja[post-nerf too],necro... etc u name it one of my warriors have it) but i just can't get the runners.
  2. Phosphor

    Phosphor Guest

    An idea I've not play tested much.

    Archery 90
    Swords 120
    Tactics 120
    Chivalry 105
    Resist 120
    Meditation 120


    Against any warrior or weapon mage. Disarm with any weapon you like. Fastswitch to a high SSI Heavy Crossbow and chase, spamming moving shot. With them disarmed you will hit every time.

    I think some variant of this would work though I admit, I have got it all worked out.

    Maybe fit Ninja in there, take a balance Heavy Xbow and poison them with shuiriken while firing moving shots?
  3. like he said...disarm dismount mortal moving strike or AI if u want it to b faster
  4. dum3886

    dum3886 Guest

    Ohh it's that template i'mt rying to kill... that one pretty much doens't need to stop running lol... well if u have heal + pots etc...
  5. Phosphor

    Phosphor Guest

    The thing with the template I suggested is that they can run, but they still die because you use moving shot wihle they are disarmed.

    If your problem is that you are slow and can't catch up, then you need something that works around dismounting them, or deathstrike, probably.