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Any Advice for First Time Paroxy Attempt?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Connor_Graham, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Ok, gonna give the Peerless one more try with Connor, and take him out to Paroxysmus to see if he can take him on. I was told Paroxy was the easiest of the Peerless to solo, so thought I'd try him out before throwing in the towel on Peerless with Connor until I can get a better weapon for him to use against DH and Travesty.
  2. Deception

    Deception Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Honor youself before going in so you can kill the 3 little guys one at a time before dealing with paroxy.
    When fighting paroxy, you will be poisoned pretty much 100% of the time, so make sure you have adequate life leeching.

    That's about all I can think of, he's not really that tough. If you're at a distance though, he can do a massive attack and if that combos with a normal melee hit it could spell instant death.

    BTW - if you are able to get the putrifier key without lots of help, then paroxy(or dreadhorn for that matter) should be no problem.
  3. Im a Paroxy & Putri fan ^^

    with which weapons and skills are you going to face tham?
  4. I was looking at taking my Elven Machete with SL, ML, 20 SSI & DI. I've got an Ornate with 25 SSI & 63 ML, but without SL, it really doesn't work that well. The char is a Sampire Swordsman.
  5. Lord Mike

    Lord Mike Guest

    I haven't done Parox solo yet but I'm confident I can, he moves so slow that if things get hairy you run to the other side of the island.

    I used to have a big problem with getting keys for DH but then with honoring self and getting Irk alone, I got pretty good at it. Now I face a similar situation with Putrifier. I am successfully able to wail on him a few times before he pwnz me. I think what I will need is go down on a mage and lure everything away and then swing down on an archer and just run around moving shotting it :p.

    I've killed it plenty of times in groups but never by myself.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For Putrifier i have solo'd on a mage/tamer by leading spawn away and then letting pet go at him and casting archcure to help with posioning. Havent done on a fighter char though so good luck.

    For Parox I found taking a keg of greater cure (usually filled only about 1/3rd is more than enough) and potion bottles, ill usually set keg on island and just fill up every so often when I need it. And yes honor and deal with other spawn prior to dancing with Parox. I was using an archer here.
  7. Ok

    Paroxy can be done easyly with soulseeker: you have too leech a lot, and quickly, due to his poison

    I think with soulseeker + Mace&Shield you shouldnt have any problem

    I personally go in that Palace with those skills:

    120 bushi
    120 sword
    120 tactics
    120 healing
    120 anatomy
    45 chivalry
    75 chivalry

    No parry..

    dext 140 to heal myself each 4 second

    The usual equip: RBC, M&S, Fey, Jackal, Nobility
    I put one high reisist/lmc sleeves, with jewels and nobility i reach 63 DI, i usually put Void because i cant reach 40 lmc..
    I use a 15 12 fc 1 shield, so i can achieve dci 50 hci 45
    Full 70s

    With this, you should have problem [​IMG]

    I havent tryed with a parry template, but i can manage to do it even with the combination 60 necro + SS: i was used to put 66 dext and i have high mana and strenght ^^
  8. What tactics do you suggest for Putrefier? If necessary, I can always take my archer down and use him to get that key.
  9. <blockquote><hr>

    What tactics do you suggest for Putrefier? If necessary, I can always take my archer down and use him to get that key.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Honestly, i dont use a particular tactic...

    with that template, i can easyly beat him: just be carefull, and u wont have any problem ^^
    Just in case your HP are getting too low, you can use close wound as soon as your bandaid does its work (for this, i have fc 2 [​IMG])

    If you dont want to use a soulseeker, the best weapon is a katana demon slayer, HML and HSL (with even HLL would be divine).. double strike can restore you at full
  10. My template in a nutshell:

    Swords 120
    Bushido 120
    Parry 120
    Healing 90
    Anatomy 90
    Tactics 70
    Necro 35

    I'm thinking about stoning Necro though, and just carrying a couple of spare soulstone fragments. This will let me put GM Tactics back on to increase my damage output by 30%, which is a huge difference. Actually, now that I'm sitting here looking at the "30%", I'm definitely going to do that. This should work fine against Peerless, but once I take this char down to Doom, I'll have to swap back and keep Necro on, only because there are more frequent deaths, and I'll end up running out of soulstones.
  11. I think u forgot chivalry ^^

    you should change quite a lot of things to make a template similar to mine..
    But with this difference:
    no parry
    anatomy 120 tactics 120 haling 100
    i can easyly defeat paroxysmus

    i dont know if without a very good weapon you can beat him with parry..

    Using one-handed weap + shield i can afford to reach 45/50 hci dci, full resist, fc 2, Di 60... its enough ^^
  12. Oh yeah, I've got 70 Chiv. [​IMG]

    I can put Necro on a soulstone and put GM Tactics back on, which will give me a huge boost to my damage output. I also just put a Darkwood suit on him, so with jewels he's at 59 DCI &amp; 27 HCI, plus LS, so basically max on HCI with LS with the 27 as backup (37 if Divine Fury is up) in case of low mana, and only 6 shy of max DCI with Divine Fury cast, along with HP Regen of 12. I'm at 60ish DI also, and of course the suit is near all 70's, even with Vamp form, which only drops Fire down to 67 while the rest are still maxxed. This will have me fairly close to what you're using, other than the 120 Healing, but I did have one question. Why do you have Chiv listed twice?
  13. Well, I was doing great until some stuipd #[email protected]# beotch came in and dragged all the spawn that I'd lured away right down on top of me. Had the Putrefier down 25% already, and was doing great up to that point. Then she invises and doesn't even bother to try and drag all of it away again.

    Makes ya want to give them a nice present....

    A Columbian Necktie. [​IMG]
  14. Ops sorry, 45 was necro, for vamp form [​IMG]

    Keep trying doing it, i believe u can solo him now easyly ^

    With my built putri its easy a lot, you can beat him without losing even half Hp, and soulseekr does a great job: always full mana and stam
    usually, when i dont use consacrus, i cast LS to try ignoring him, or even Bladeweave at full mana (i hope in a mortal or a good concussion [​IMG])

    Keep attention at curse, always use immediatly extremo: it can hurt you badly due to lower dext..

    When you defeat the demon, you are ready for paroxy: it can be easier than u think ^^
  15. I don't know about "easily", but I think with enough time, and as long as no one comes down again and drags all the poison elementals back down on me while I'm busy jousting with Putrefier, then I should be able to kill it. I'm able to clear enough running around space by luring the 4 eles up past the river, so it's just a matter of run and heal. I'm going back to my old armor though. 130 Dex sucks for healing, and when I get cursed, it kills my swing speed.
  16. Yes, for "easily" i never consider time, i just consider about the risk n doing it: putri usually go down in 2 minutes, paroxy in 20-30 ^^

    For dext, i suggest remove curse + divine for the swing, if you havent got HSL on wour weap.. You should have problem, tou havent SS so your karma its high and the curse will be removed as soon as you manage to cast extremo
  17. Lord Mike

    Lord Mike Guest

    This is one of the problems with my template. My guy heals with pretty much only curse wep, and putrifer sure out damages me. So its a pain for me to Joust him since I need mana to heal with chiv and I dont fit mana regen onto my suit :p

    Maybe I will switch out my suit for a MR suit and see if I can successfully Joust him.