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Any Atlantica Online players here in Stratics?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jokerjester, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. jokerjester

    jokerjester Guest

    Hi, it seems that i could not find the players of Atlantica Online here in Stratics. For those of you who don't know Atlantica Online is a free turnbased (yup turnbased!) MMORPG developed by nDoors interactive. Has anybody tried the game yet? They just added a new server, the 6th one, to accommodate the increasing number of players.

    If ever your playing this game try too look me up. My IGN is R3D33M3R at the Mycenae Server.

    Note: To mods: Kindly delete this thread if it violates any rules and regulations.
  2. Phadme

    Phadme Guest

    Hi, I'm an atlantica player also.. playing in mycenae server IGN: Reanemeiko

    Hope to see you there..
  3. jokerjester

    jokerjester Guest

    To anybody playing the game...

    The De Mere's Lockbox is already implemented in today's patch. This item is now available in the item mall. Get a chance to obtain Casino Outfit and Casino Hat.

    De Mere's Lockbox Details:

    Price : 100 Gcoins

    This is a non-tradable item in the game.
    Get a chance to obtain Casino Outfit and Casino Hat.

    Randomly obtain one of 19 items.

    * 1 Casino Outfit
    * 1 Casino Hat
    * 100 Scrolls of Judgement [Pre]
    * 1 Mount Box
    * 1 Ancient Skill Book(Merc. Only)(Non-tradable)
    * 10 Skill Decrease Books
    * 12 Scroll of Life's Blessing [Pre]
    * 12 Scroll of Resurrection[Pre]
    * 8 Scrolls of Bewitching [Pre]
    * 12 Scrolls of Judgement [Pre]
    * 12 Freezing Scrolls [Pre]
    * 50 Dragon Crystals
    * 50 Giant Crystals
    * 50 Redemption Crystals
    * 50 Phoenix Crystals
    * 30 Ambrosia
    * 1 De Mere’s Lockbox
    * 2 De Mere’s Lockbox
    * 3 De Mere’s Lockbox

    * Casino Outfit - Vitality: +50, No level req.
    * Casino Hat - Vitality: +50, No level req.
  4. Phadme

    Phadme Guest


    Thanks for the info Joker I like the casino fashionset..waaaaah

    I don't have gcoins to buy it... huhu
  5. jokerjester

    jokerjester Guest

    hahaha funny...

    i got this news from another site...

    "This year, during the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, CA, NDOORS held a press event revealing exciting upcoming updates lined up for Atlantica Online. Several members of the press and associates alike attended presentations set up by NDOORS. Rio Hartwell, Atlantica’s Community Manager, explained a few updates coming to the world of Atlantis. Additionally, Tae Gon Kim, Atlantica Online’s executive producer, flew all the way from Korea to reveal what he and his development team have been up to. From new dungeons to new mercenaries, Atlantica Online is preparing to beef up the game this coming year. Here is an overview of the updates revealed, for those of you who couldn’t make it out to San Francisco:

    1. Bulguksa Dungeon

    The first new update is a new dungeon called “Bulguksa,” which will continue the main story line of Atlantica Online and lead players further into the mysteries of Atlantis. It is being designed for players who are level 112 and above. The dungeon, itself, will bring players back to the mountains of Korea, where they started their adventure in Atlantica for an epic battle against the ancient powers that have been corrupted by the mysterious substance, “Oriharukon.” The dungeon will be similar to the way other story line dungeons have been designed, in that players should be able to complete the dungeon by themselves, if they are skilled enough. Bulguksa will also bring a new gear set, weapons and quests for players to enjoy.

    2. GoonZu World

    The second upadate, “GoonZu World,” will be crossing the boundaries of reality and making its way into the world of Atlantica very soon. It is designed around one of the original titles at NDOORS – Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu. The dungeon is part of a new system being developed called “Event Dungeons,” and will only be available for play at certain times during the week. Goonzu World, itself, draws heavily from the art and design of Luminary. Players familiar with Luminary will see many recognizable faces such as Evil Raccoons, Mushroom Boys and a boss designed around the executive publisher himself, Tae Gon Kim called, “Dr. Gon.” The dungeon will also offer up some unique rewards and quests.

    3. Okuni’s Hometown

    This hometown is an area based around the origins of the Shaman mercenary. In Okuni’s Hometown, players will discover the origins of Okuni – her salvation by the warrior Amano who saved her from the devastation of war. Okuni’s Hometown is the first in a series of dungeons being developed based around the origin stories of the mercenaries that players can recruit in-game. This system of dungeons will be a continuation of Atlantica’s upgrade dungeon system in which players can journey through a challenging quest line and receive a powerful piece of gear at the end, usually for their main characters.

    4. The Titan Server

    The Titan Server is an upcoming update that will be implemented very soon. Titan will be a cross server PvP area, where competitions for players from all servers will be held. Players will be able to take a ship from their server to the Titan server. There, different PvP tournament s and competitions will be hosted throughout the day. It will also give players a chance to determine the best of the best across the six servers. Plans are also being made to develop a new continent for the Titan server, which will have controllable areas for servers to compete over.

    5. Tactical Battle System

    A tactical Battle System designed to strengthen and add to the massive raid battle and strategic teamwork aspects of Atlantica is probably the biggest update that will be implemented this year. It will improve the strategic factor with utilization of terrain, construction/unit upgrade through resource production, and weather. There will be a total of two hundred players across eight regions that can join in PvE and PvP tactical battles. Players can collect various resources all over the map, letting players create traps and special buildings. Players will have to utilize terrain and resources to get ahead in these battles. Many of the core aspects of this system have been completed, but even after release they will continually be updated and balanced as the game continues to evolve.

    6. Housing System

    Atlantica’s housing system is the next biggest feature that the development team has worked hard to design. It will enhance community interaction, and enable players to share their own unique style. The living room will have a diary in which actions of the owner of the household will be publically documented. For example, items that the player successfully enhanced, bosses that he has defeated, or whoever has used PK on the player will all be recorded. Korean style houses along with housing styles from all over the world will be implemented in the future. Everything from the front yard to the inside of the house can be decorated. A pet can be raised in the front yard, and mounts can be kept in the back yard stable. Every room in the house serves a purpose, whether it is a room for educating mercenaries and children or a workshop for crafting. Of course, these rooms require maintenance, so mercenaries who fought in battle beside you can be hired to work in the house. This housing system is going to be implemented soon.

    7. North American Scenario

    The newest North American scenario that will be added is the Grand Canyon. This dungeon will feature level 120 monsters, making it the highest level dungeon currently in the game. The story revolves around a Native American town called “Eagle Mountain.” The town’s most cherished treasure has been stolen, and it’s up to the players to uncover the robbers’ lair. This quest is the latest addition to North America, but with various raid dungeons and the rest of the world to explore, the adventure has no end in sight.

    8. New Mercenaries

    Starting in May, new mercenaries for the player to hire are set to be introduced to the game. They will be released on the North American client in June. Three new mercenaries, Hwarang, the Punisher, and the Enchantress, are currently in the works, and new mercenaries will be added on a regular basis. Most importantly, these new grade C mercenaries are easy to hire and they will use a variety of weapons to encourage the players to use a variety of tactics. Hwarang will be the first mercenary to be implemented. He is a famous figure of Korea’s Shinra Dynasty. He is a grade C mercenary who is strong against the Musician class. Players can hire him at the Bulguksa dungeon.

    9. Light Version Client

    A light version of the client has been developed to allow new players the ability to download and start playing with minimal fuss. The size of the installation file is 700MB. Players will be able to explore up to level 20 as soon as the light client is installed, and while they play, the rest of the game will download in the background.
  6. jokerjester

    jokerjester Guest

    Here are the latest updates for the game from the large patch update last April 21

    • Event Dungeon: Goonzu World

    - Event dungeon Goonzu World has been added
    : Requires level 90 and above to participate
    - Goonzu World is located near Pusan in Northeast Asia. It will open from 10pm Friday to 10 pm Sunday weekly.
    - [Goonzu World Entry Pass] is the key to Goonzu World. This key allows you to enter this dungeon for 2 hours.
    - To obtain a [Goonzu World Entry Pass], you have to complete quests from NPC [Suspicious Poet] in order to get a [Goonzu World Coupon]. You can trade a [Goonzu World Coupon] for a [Goonzu World Entry pass] through NPC [Ticket Agent Acong].
    : NPC [Maid] in Goonzu World will give you quests.
    : NPC [Suspicious Poet] and [Maid]’s quests will reset daily.
    - [Giant Mushroom], [Evil King J], and [Dr. Gon] will be spawned randomly and drop high level items at a high rate.

    • Individual Dungeon: Lerna’s Labyrinth

    - Individual Dungeon Lerna’s Labyrinth has been added
    - This dungeon is for level 105 and above, located within the Cretan Labyrinth.
    - The key is obtained from Treasure Chests found with Ornate Treasure Maps.
    - The reward is the choice between a level 105 rare axe or a level 105 rare bow.

    • Scenario Dungeon: Bulguksa

    - Scenario Dungeon [Bulguksa] has been reborn in Atlantica. Required level is 112.
    - The big beautiful temple Bulguksa.
    Inside of this temple you will find famous towers Seokgulam and Kakyamuni Buddha, which hide a secret.
    However, Bulguksa has been invaded by mysterious monsters.
    You have to defeat monsters in Bulguksa to help [Kim Dae Sung], who built this place, [Asandal], a talented architect and stonemason, and [Asanyo], who is waiting for her lover [Asandal].
    - [Sealed Phoenix Equipment Boxes] can be obtained at a low rate from monsters in [Bulguksa].

    • Free League

    - Winning in Free League will award you 3 guild points and losing will give 1 guild point.
    - If you do not participate in FL for more than 7 days, you will be ranked in the minimum division your level allows.
    - The daily 1 fame reduction has been changed to scale based on your division.
    - Every 10 battles in FL, a Proximo’s Supply Box will be delivered to your mail. However, Doppelganger battles are not counted.

    • Titan

    - You have 20 minutes to register for the Grand Championship.
    - You can challenge players in the Titan Server. However, you cannot bet.
    - In addition to the normal chat channels, there will be a Server channel which allows you to chat with players from the same server.
    - Grand Championships will be held every Sunday at 3am and 3pm PDT.

    • Macro Block System

    - You can report macro users.
    : Right click the character and choose “Report”. This requires 100% will.
    : A macro block window will open on their screen while item looting. If they fail this window twice, the character will be logged out.
    : If the character fails this entire process three times, the account will be permanently suspended. (One count will be removed each day)
    - If a character has significantly more experience than the level 19 and 29 caps and stays at level 19 or 29, that player cannot obtain any items until the player completes the level up quest.
    : However, the character can still obtain quest items.

    • PvP Balancing

    - Physical Damage has been modified.
    - Max HP calculations have been changed.
    - Melee type Max mana has been increased while staff type characters Max mana has been decreased.
    - Difference between equipment has been reduced.
    - Behavior of bonus scroll rates has been modified.
    - Turn time limit has been increased to a maximum of 30 seconds.
    - [Storm Bringer] and [Officer’s Shotgun]’s magic [Ice Storm] and [Lightning Bullets]’s damage has been slightly decreased.
    - Certain spells have been changed
    : [Storm Blast]’s combo rate reduction has been increased.
    : [Destructive Instinct]’s accuracy has been increased while mana cost has been decreased.
    : [Warrior’s Rage]’s magic defense has been increased while mana cost has been decreased.
    : [Devastating Shell]’s defense reduction has been increased.
    : [Chaos Edge]’s damage has been increased.
    : [Flame Spear], [Scorching Bullet] and [Light Slash]’s damage has been decreased, but the splash damage has been increased.
    : [Princess’ Order] now increases accuracy.
    : [Princess’ Order] will increase more defense per skill point.
    : [Freezing Atmosphere]’s damage and defense reduction have been increased while mana cost has been decreased.
    : [Hex of Darkness], [Vortex], and [Hell Flame]’s Vitality reduction has been increased.
    : Hero level [Multi Arrow], [Dark Seed], [Wild Shot], [Hex of Darkness], [Vortex] and [Mana Burn]’s splash damage has been increased.
    : Hero Joan of Arc’s [Light Slash]’s damage has been decreased while the splash damage has been increased.
    : [Divine Slash] and [Hell Flame]’s splash damage has been increased.
    : [Noble Sacrifice]’s heal has been slightly decreased and the duration has been decreased from 3 turns to 2 turns.
    : [Mana Drain] and [Mana Recharge]’s Action Point cost has been increased from 100 to 120.
    : Witch’s [Mana Drain]’s affect has been slightly decreased.
    - Staff type character’s defense against range/staff type characters has been increased.
    - Range/Staff type character’s defense against melee type characters has been increased.
    - Bow’s damage against melee/range type characters has been increased
    - Melee/Range type characters defense has been increased against Gun type characters.
    - Defense has been increased against Cannon type characters.

    • Challenge

    - Challenge spectator reservations have been added.
    - Challenge private room mode has been added.
    : Private mode -> Using a secret number password, you can create, join or observe a Challenge.
    - Challenges will be removed after 15 minutes. (Previously 30 minutes)
    - If the challenge is accepted via the pop-up “Accept Challenge” message, the reward is doubled.

    • Magic

    - Maniac’s [Storm Blast]’s effect icon has been added.
    - Elementalist’s new magic [Blazing Earth] has been added.
    : [Blazing Earth] reduces melee’s damage and maximum hp.
    : [Blazing Earth] stacks with [Hex of Darkness], [Vortex], and [Hell Flame].
    - [Ravaging Melody]’s damage has been increased.
    - A bug which allowed Elementalists to cast Freezing Atmosphere consecutively has been fixed.

    • Individual Dungeon Item Exchange System

    - NPC Merchant [Mercurius] has been added to Rome’s Bazaar.
    - You can purchase various individual dungeon rewards from NPC Merchant [Mercurius].
    - Exchangeable items, which can obtain in individual dungeons, are [Water Dragon Scale], [Insect Shell], [Dust of Death], and [Torn page].

    • Safety System: Secret Vial of Protection

    - Item [Secret Vial of Protection] has been added.
    - While [Secret Vial of Protection] is in use, you will not lose any items if you lose a PK battle.
    - For 7 days or up to 10 times, your equipment will be protected when someone uses King’s Judgment or PK against you. Each King’s Judgment/PK will cost one usage.
    - You can obtain this item from the Barter Shop.

    • Item

    - [Sealed Phoenix Equipment Boxes] can be obtained through NPC [Gambler De Mere].
    : [Sealed Phoenix Equipment Boxes] will randomly give Phoenix equipment that is sealed by ancient sorcery. It is unsealed by using the repair function which requires an artisan who is skilled enough to unseal it.
    - You can obtain [Sealed Phoenix Equipment Boxes] from Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town monsters at a low rate.
    - The chance of obtaining [Freezing Atmosphere] books has been slightly increased and book [Blazing Earth] has been added to the Modern/Medieval/Ancient Book Box.
    - You can obtain the Book: Blazing Earth[Beg] from Guild dungeon [Valley of Oblivion]’s monsters.
    - Babel’s final boss, [Fallen Seraph], now has a chance to drop a [Nimrod Treasure Box].
    - Nike’s Spellbook now casts Purification instead of Silence.
    - Scrolls of Purification and Dispel can remove Holy Guard.
    - You can purchase a Phoenix’s Feather from the Barter shop.
    - Monsters that drop Giant/Redemption Crystals now drop lesser amounts.
    - Level 76+ monsters that dropped Ashen Crystals/Jewels have been changed to other drops.
    - Level 75-84 monster that dropped Topaz has been changed to other drops.
    - [Glorious Wings of Light] and [Dark Mercury Rider] can be sold in Market and My store.
    - The elements needed for crafting gear have been slightly increased, but other required items have been decreased.
    - The Q indicator for quest items is now yellow.
    - Fishing Maniac and Strategist titles now have buffs.
    - NPC [Gambler De Mere] now requires gold (fee) based on the number of boxes traded.
    - NPC [Wildcat] will trade you back at least a +8 item. (Previously +7)
    - New Regional products have been added in Vancouver and Guangzhou’s Trading Posts.
    - Ores with the ‘Refined’ prefix no longer have this prefix. (Ex. Refined Iron Ore -> Iron Ore)
    - Craft ingredients that are no longer used will be exchanged for items that are used.
    : Holly -> Ginseng, Mandrake Root -> Dogwood Fruit, Eucalyptus -> Green Mold
    : Valerian -> Deer Antler, Hyssop -> Peppermint, Ginger -> Willow Bark, Coriander -> Chrysanthemum
    : Angelica -> Jasmine, Lamb’s Ear -> Laurel, Anise -> Cyclamen
    - Independent Mercenary item requests and item rewards have been changed.
    - [Hydra’s Claw], the key to the Lerna’s Labyrinth, drops from Treasure Chests found with Ornate Treasure Maps.
    - Animations have been added to indicate item use delay time.
    - You can trade Fishing points for Accessory Enchant Stone[Pre].

    • Monster

    - Resurrected Legendary Viking’s axe has been enlarged.
    - Monsters and NPCs that were too big for the display box in Monster and NPC Info have been changed to fit in the window.
    - As the Cretan Labyrinth has been revised, the monster locations have been changed.
    - Constantinople Palace Bailey’s [Lost Elephant] and [Violent Elephant]’s critical rate and HP have been increased.
    - Hanging Gardens of Babylon’s Shadow region monsters’ critical rate and attack power have been slightly increased.
    - Yggdrasil’s Seal monsters’ critical rate has been slightly increased and Valkyrie monsters’ defense, HP, and critical rate have been increased.
    - Constantinople’s [Byzantine Warrior] and [Byzantine Captain]’s critical rate has been slightly increased.
    - [White Tiger], [Desert Fox], [Wild Horse], [Wasteland Desperado], [Female Alpaca], [White Striped Tapir], [Fierce Saber-Tooth Tiger], and [Brutal Saber-Tooth Tiger]’s magic attribute has been changed and difficulty has been increased.
    - Sea of Clouds Tower, Training Rooms 1-4 spawn fewer monsters.
    - When level 100+ characters are fighting with lower level monsters, obtained experience has been increased. (reduced penalty)

    • Quest

    - The quest “The Pretender’s Love” in Dallas Lawless District has been added.
    : NPC [James the Pretender] has been added near the Bloody Dust Bar. (Level 100+)
    - Constantinople through Detroit main quests’ reward items grade has been increased.
    - Title quests reward you with experience and gold.
    - A new title has been added. (NPC [Thalia], level 96+)
    - Level limits have been added to the following title quests:
    : From NPC [Kleio] Title: Cursed Swordsman (Level 1 -> level 50)
    : From NPC [Kleio] Title: Gambler (level 1 -> level 60)
    : From NPC [Calliope] Title: Hand of God (level 1-> level 50)
    : From NPC [Pandora] Title: Deathproof (level 1 -> level 100)
    : From NPC [Thalia] Title: Blessed (level 1 -> level 90)
    : From NPC [Thalia] Title: Night Ruler (level 1 -> level 100)
    - Destiny of Marduk Quest: Kill 30 [Slave Archers] -> 20. Kill 40 [Priestesses of Ishtar] -> 30.
    - Mariette Quest: Kill 40 [Stone Sphinxes] -> 25.
    - Dark Archer Quest: Gather 15 [Immortal Hearts] -> 5 [Immortal Hearts]
    - Final reward from Mummy’s Curse Quest has been changed from [Armor Enhance Stone[Adv]] to 2 [Silver Boxes]
    - Dispatcher Francis’s Quest: reward has been changed from 2 [Osiris’s Equipment Boxes] to 3 [Historia Supplies].

    • Sub-Quests

    - The Chitose Shrine has been added to the area near Sapporo.
    : You can start the quest by visiting NPC [Amano] near the Chitose Shrine. (Must be lv. 86 to start the quest)
    : There, you can learn the story of a shaman who has lost her voice and ability to dance and Warrior Amano, who is completely infatuated with her.
    : The shaman exclusive item, Noble Staff, will be rewarded to those that complete the quest.
    - Atlantica Journey Quests have been added.
    : Atlantica Journey Quests are daily quests that give you a mission to explore the world’s historical sites and you can choose to repeat these quests every day.
    : Northeast Asia – Dispatcher Flora has been placed near Shanghai. (Lv. 15 and above)
    : Southeast Asia - Dispatcher Sryla has been placed near Kathmandu. (Lv. 30 and above)
    : Southern Europe - Dispatcher Edward has been placed near Athens, (Lv. 60 and above)
    : Northern Europe - Dispatcher Mario has been placed near Berlin. (Lv. 90 and above)
    : Upon the completion of each quest, you will be rewarded with the choice of a Cultural Item, which can be exchanged for other items through Appraiser Howard Carter, or Historia Seals.
    - Historia Seal Quests have been added.
    : Through NPCs near the areas of Mohenjodaro Graveyard, Bran Castle, Cretan Labyrinth, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, you can acquire Historia Seals. You can exchange Historia Seals for valuable item boxes from Collector Barteau.
    - Three Adlivun sub-quests have been added.
    : Near Adlivun, quests can be started through the following NPCs: Amaqjuat, Atanarjuat, and Chief Notoqchen. The minimum level requirement is 98.
    - Title: Brave Chief has been added.
    : You can receive [Inuit Tribe’s Signs] from NPC Notoqchen, the chief of Frozen Adlivun, which can be used to receive the title from NPC Thalia near Athens.

    • Repair System

    - We are introducing a new type of repair system, which will replace our old repair system.
    : It costs 100% Will to repair equipment.
    : When Artisans of a craft repairs an item of their craft’s type, the maximum durability will not be decreased.
    : You can use the [Request Repair] function to have another person repair the equipment for you. You can begin by clicking on the artisan list to find an artisan that can repair the item for you.

    • Community

    - Tribute is now 10 million times the nation level.
    - The tooltip for Items stored in the nation’s warehouse has information on the character who took the item.
    - If you are victorious in war, all the items stored in the losing nation’s warehouse will be acquired and stored in the victorious nation’s warehouse.
    : In the case that many nations are victorious over another nation, the items stored in the losing nation’s warehouse will be split evenly among the victorious nations.
    : When war has been declared, no one can remove from the warehouse. Also, you can’t store items if the warehouse is full.
    - Dismantling buildings in your guild’s town now costs a fee.
    : To dismantle structures in town (houses, farms, etc.), 50% of the cost of the building has to be paid from the town funds.
    : If you don’t have enough funds, you cannot dismantle the building.
    - You cannot delete the Bank from the Town Menu.
    - When a wandering resident disappears, the population of its destination town will increase at a low rate.
    - The experience and guild points awarded upon the completion of guild/town quests are increased. (Excludes battle guild/town quests)
    - Town Rating (Ex. Security, Health, etc.) obtainable upon the completion of town quests has been lowered.
    - When you level up your crafting skill, only the last level up info will be displayed.
    - +2 ~ +4 enchant success message will be announced to friends, guild members, mentor/apprentice, and referrers only.
    - New rule has been applied to Whisper function.
    : Players below lv. 30 now have limitations on how many whispers they can send.
    - Wandering residents will now always include at least 50 residents.

    • Sparring Hall

    - The Lv. 109 sparring hall mercenaries now can use upgraded main character’s magic.
    - Lv. 119 opponents have been added to Rome>Sparring Hall

    • System

    - New Category function has been added to the inventory window to display items by category.
    - Town’s Controlling Guild name will be displayed in Game Info - Town Info - Town’s Controlling Guild. And the towns without controlling guild will be displayed at the top.
    - Town Control Expiration Date for all towns will be displayed in Game Info - Town Info - Town’s Controlling Guild. And the towns without controlling guild will be displayed on top.
    - The problems in which the Monster Info and Character Info interface went out of the display window have been fixed.
    - Particle Effect and Show Accessory options have been added to System – Settings - Graphics.
    - Once a player uses a Scroll of Bewitching to recruit a monster into a party, the monster will automatically join the battle even if the monster was not engaged in battle with the player from the beginning.
    - Fixed a problem in which clicking on a window (any location outside of the NPC dialogue box), the character moved to the clicked location once the dialogue box closes.
    - Fixed a problem which moves a character to a different location by clicking outside of the inventory in attempts to get rid of an item.
    - Fixed a problem which moves a character to a different location while toggling the camera by using left mouse click and drag.
    - Fixed a problem with shoes not having the same moving speed regardless of their enchant level.

    • General

    - The maximum number of observers has been increased to 300.
    - A mercenary with items or equipment in their possession cannot be fired.
    - Weekly Championship will now take place only on Saturday. Once at 03:00:00 another at 15:00:00 PDT/PST.
    - If you do not complete NPC [Hu Xue-yan]’s quest, your main cannot level up beyond 29.
    - The price of leasing C and B class mercenaries from Proximo has been reduced and the interface has been changed.
    - Cretan Labyrinth has been redesigned.
    - The location of NPC [Pasiphae] and [Chardin] has been slightly changed.
    - The location of NPC [Dispatcher Hughes] has been slightly changed.
    - Object mapping in outdoor central Asia has been changed.
    - A new Town, Guangzhou, has been added.
    - The portal to Southeast Asia India from Northeast Asia has been moved northwest of Hong Kong.
    - A small harbor has been added near the portal from Sapporo to Beijing.
    - My Store and Trades can trade up to 20 billion gold.
    - A turing test system has been implemented at login after the server selection screen.

    • Crafting

    - You can no longer craft Iron Ore, Iron Ingot, and Mithril Ore with Tool Crafting.
    - The materials need for [Secrets of Time: Betrayer] have been increased.
    - The Crafting Levels for [Secrets of Time: Murat] and [Secrets of Time: Mustafa] have been decreased to Lv. 47. The workload has also been decreased according to the Crafting Level.
    - The Crafting workload for 8 of Quest crafting items has been decreased.
    : Sail, Training Whip, Sedative, Fish Stew, Power Bead, Hanging Gardens Map, Special Beaker, and Shining Crystal Marble
  7. Phadme

    Phadme Guest

    Present!! well just grinding right now... after i will look for goncourt.. ^^
  8. Racer17

    Racer17 Guest

    i am not but i would like to play this game how do i make an account could someone please tell me
  9. im on atlantic but im looking for something else to play... :wall: