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Any future plans for these?

Discussion in 'SWG General Discussion' started by Mooo, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Mooo

    Mooo Guest

    I've recently come back to SWG after hating on it because of the NGE and while I would still prefer the CU I have some questions about the future if any of it is known...

    - Any information on a new better looking UI? The current one is just horrible and mainly because of the clunky horrible look to the grey parts on all of it and just wish they'd make a nice looking WOW styled one or just bring back the old one.

    - The old targetting system back by default? I hate the feeling to the new FPS styled one because it isn't a FPS and the bullets or w/e just follow as you run around so what is the point? The original lockon system was great and what everyone wants and while you can sorta get that back with some changes to the key mapping and that I would love a proper working one back by default.

    - The combat and run speed is too fast. I really loved the old style of how the character would slowly build up speed and then slow down. Right now it looks really stupid how fast he is from the bat and I dunno it just feels way too fast for the game and prefered the original speed. Also along with this the combat speed feels way too fast and it's really weird seeing the nasty animations go along with this and it looks very stupid.

    - Talking about animations are there any plans to actually make them look good to the standard of WOW or something? Right now they just look terrible from characters often falling straight to the ground with no aniamtion what so ever to the over fast Jedi Light saber strikes. I mean why can't Jedi have fluid animations looking like this?


    I know that is setup but is it impossible to have the combat looking nice instead of a cluster **** of poor animations?

    - Any chance of a collision detection system and a proper jump? Right now I feel stuck to the ground and the jump animation is horrible. Other problems too are like running through objects and people shooting through walls. I mean Jedi should be jumping in the air and doing allsorts........

    - Chance of changing how you move items in your house? Right now it takes a over long time and would just prefer an EQ2 style of moving them.

    - Changing the look of the class window? I hate the wheel it looks horrible and I don't want a picture of Luke Skywalker or w/e there :\ Just wondering if it would be possible to change this so it looks less cheap?

    - Having video features like windowed mode and resolution built into the game rather than the launcher?

    - Fixing shadows because right now they are bugged

    - Giving more options to junk dealers like being able to hide certain items so you dont sell them and being able to sell all or buy back.

    - Being able to put all items in your house? Right now I ahve alot of items that says they have to be in the top slot and it is very annoying because I dont want them on me and dont want to delete them


    I would love to have the CU back but I spose that ain't going to happen? lol.
  2. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    Game Play Focus: Making targetting more intuitive.

    Game Play Focus: User Interface Feature Requests

    My Game Play Focus: Bugs and Issues thread had a note about collsion detection.

    The "snappy movement" seems to be here to stay, a lot of players don't like it, hopefully one day they will fix it.

    Animations in general have been improved since the NGE while you were away, they'renot as bad as they were and the Devs are improving them all the time.

    Have you done the Force Shui - Advanced Decorating Collection?

    Those "unique" items that can't be dropped in your house can be dropped in your bank.
  3. Mooo

    Mooo Guest

    Yes I've played the game last night but the animations are terrible I don't see how you can say they're improved and they could atleast have a toggle to change the snappy movement or something because its just horrible.

    I hate collection quests because they are just mindless grinding until you get a drop and tbh I can do without that **** even if it means not having the best stuff because SOE ****ing keep wanting to make no trade items for some reason.

    Add that to my list remove no trade items and put back decay.

    Also I don't wanna drop them in the bank I want to drop them in my HOME like I should be ABLE to.
  4. Penti

    Penti Guest

    Whoa, easy fella.

    To start with you asked a whole heap of questions, which I think you probably already knew or suspected the answers to.

    Secondly just coz the answers aint what u wanna hear, is there any need to be so "aggressive"? To be honest those questions are better off being asked on the offical forums, altho I think we all know what kind of response you'd get there as well.

    Maybe SWG aint the game for you if you hate everything about it so much........
  5. Mooo

    Mooo Guest

    Well if the answer is no then why? The game could be sooo much better so why don't they make these simple changes such as new UI and targetting system? Get rid of the ****e they added with the NGE.
  6. Penti

    Penti Guest

    Well I wouldnt call changing the targeting system as a "simple change" tbh. I agree that the UI should be doable, but I guess it depends on the Devs priorities at any given time. I know from past experience that any work involving alot of art department resources is usually sidelined, or at least the lack of art dept resources is given as an excuse.
  7. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    I'm pretty much as frustrated as you are with the UI and targetting, too many new and returning players think it sucks and don't know how to change it to pre-cu style and leave to never come back.

    At the moment the Devs are totally focused on Chapter 11 and Hoth, and are not doing anything else at all. Until Chapter 11 goes live we cant do anything about these much needed changes.
  8. Sachry

    Sachry Guest

    Hey there. Long time SWG Vet here. Although I definitely feel your pain here as far as a great game being totally ruined I can point you to this site here:


    This site has well created and interesting mods for the game ranging form the Pre-CU UI interface to better combat animations. With a whole load of others to boot. I use quite a few of them and it definitely helps out a lot.
  9. Penti

    Penti Guest

    Only thing to be aware of when using mods is that anytime there's a new publish you'll have problems............ until the mod creators sort out any required changes.

    Not that I'm condoning the use of clientside mods ;)
  10. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    These illegal client modifcations do nothing to help with the existing targetting issues, and as said, will lead to client crashes if used.