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Any numbers for spirit speak + Wraith form mana leech? (Solved, results within)

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by sean_lo, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. sean_lo

    sean_lo Guest

    Ok i went to test center and tried it a few times. Here's the numbers:

    0 SS - appears to return 5% mana leech
    50 SS - appears to return 12% mana leech
    100 SS - appears to return 20% mana leech
    120 SS - appears to return 22% mana leech

    Of course these numbers could be slightly off. I had 0 meditation and 0 MR when i did these tests.

    Math formula "appears" to be:
    From my spreadsheet:
    ((SS/100) * 15)+5 = mana leech %

    Anyways, it's just an approximation on my first attempt at pinpointing the number. I fully expect this to be inaccurate. It's just an approximation.
  2. sean_lo

    sean_lo Guest

    Some interesting observations..

    100 dmg ebolts would return 20 mana fully. Pretty much equating to a 100% LMC. Most mages do 120-150 dmg with ebolts on most creatures using a slayer book.

    Hence, for a DPS nuking mage (not a EV summoner)
    LMC = worthless.
    Meditation = worthless.
    Mana regen = worthless.

    This could make for some very very interesting PVM builds.(both skills and equipment)

    110 magery, 110 eval, 100 resist, 110 spellweaving, 100 inscription, 0 necromancy (with 60 points of equipment), 100 spiritspeak.

    90 points leftover in either focus/meditation/wrestling/poison/necro etc etc.

    Equipment wise, focus solely on SDI and LRC.
  3. Like I mentioned in your thread over at the Mage board, I'm kinda dubious as to how viable total disregard of LMC, MR, and Med is on a caster template. On the other hand, it's also quite interesting and cool that you're giving it a shot, and would be very keen to read your report on how you manage with tougher monsters and mobs.

    But just to add, there's no reason why you need to compromise on the above skills, just for the sake of DI. For example, I run 91 DI (from items), 100 LRC, 10 MR and 34 LMC with the following skills;

    120 Eval Int
    120 Spirit Speak
    120 Spellweaving
    115 Magery
    115 Necromancy
    115 Resist
    110 Meditation

    And I've still got 5 skill points left over in case I ever manage to afford a 120 Magery PS. No Inscription, but hey.

    Anyway, again, very much looking forward to reading your results in higher-end hunting!
  4. sean_lo

    sean_lo Guest

    First i'm trying to finish up my LRC suit. lol. Will be going pvm'ing with my guild this week to test out my mage on the peerless/doom encounters. Burning through 2 barbed kits atm. Yay for a holiday today.
  5. Lord Kotan

    Lord Kotan Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    thanks for posting [​IMG] I've sorta always wondered.

    (but most formula formats would be SS (drop the decimal to a whole #)

    so 120 SS would be

    (1200/1000) *15 +5
  6. jabba123

    jabba123 Guest

    "Hence, for a DPS nuking mage (not a EV summoner)"

    What's "DPS" mean?
  7. Thanks for testing that!! But we have a question on wraith form mana leeching. When our char is near max mana (think it is 55), mana leech works just fine, can use lightning strike and mana returns right away. But when mana is near depleted, she seems to not leech mana at all?! Do others recognize this or not?
  8. <blockquote><hr>

    Mana leech from wraith form actually drains mana from an opponent. If your opponent has no more mana left, you dont leech anything.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    this fact would also make it silly for a pure mage using wraith for mana regen to completely neglect LMC/MR on longer fights too o_O
  9. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    thats why mages keep meditation/mana regen items, because we know that in wraith form, it works as long as your opponent actually has mana. After that, you are stuck as a wraith and soon dead as YOU run out of mana.