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(Question) Any OSS (order of the silver serpent) still out there?

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Dermet, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Dermet

    Dermet Guest

    Howdy, I played a lot from 04-06, and am wondering if any of my old guild is still out there. They were a great bunch of people and wondering if they are around. Is OSS Order of the Silver Serpent still around? hope to hear from some of you soon.

    Knight of OSS
  2. Lord-Darkon

    Lord-Darkon Guest

    I remember the OSS, I was in the OSS at one point. I was once the GM of VoV (Vanguards of Virture) that was many moons ago back before Trammel, we use to run a town called Evermore in Felucca.

    OSS and VoV at one point did a lot together, from what I remember.
  3. Dermet

    Dermet Guest

    That was before my time, I think. I made some great friends, Kelson Crow, Nim, his wife, Bartol, so many great people. Just wanting to catch up with them all.
  4. DragonEdge

    DragonEdge Guest

    Hey Dermet. Welcome back. I just returned myself. Also Ironhorse has returned. I'm Running with BSR and Iron Still has F*V which is allied to us. We all over the place so keep a eye out for us.

  5. Dermet

    Dermet Guest

    Well crap, how ya been? I am thinking about stopping by for a few, just to see how everything is going.
    Great hearing from you again! Whats all be goign on?
  6. DragonEdge

    DragonEdge Guest

    Things are going Alright. I'm back in the PVP scene along with IronHorse. We also plan to take part in some of the community hunts these coming weeks. And in case your wondering, OSS still exist. The Original stone is in it rightful hands of Wysteria. While I hold the war version of the stone. I was using it as a faction stone but has since retired it and Joined once again with BSR. We been having fun fighting in Fel. RP is pretty much dead, but who knows what will happen. I hope we run into ya. Seems people are starting to return again.
  7. ladywyst

    ladywyst Guest

    Hi Dermet!!!

    I"m still around - usualy on in the evening... still use ICQ 5965283.
  8. Dermet

    Dermet Guest

    I'll try to be in soon, great hearing from you all again!