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Any possibility of bringing back old sims?

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Psyco Joe 11, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Psyco Joe 11

    Psyco Joe 11 Guest


    I used to play TSO almost everyday, then eventually every other day, and so on and so forth. In the end, about 4 years later, I canceled my accounts. It's been several months at least, and I know my sims are gone.

    All the changes and such to TSO has really got me to want to play again. I know I can open up a new account now, but I would love to have my old sims back. I know it was my decision to cancel them, and I guess I have to live with them being gone.

    My question is though, once they are gone from our eyes, does that mean they are really gone from the Maxis databases or wherever the game data is stored. Could these sims be brought back if someone really wanted to bring them back?

    I think it would be a great incentive to people, especially to someone like myself, who wants to rejoin the game, to bring back their sims to their accounts if possible. Parizad.. can you hook me up if possible..jk..well not really.. I would love to have my sims back lol =]

    It's a long shot, and probably not possible but oh well!
  2. VitArm

    VitArm Guest

    You're asking for a miracle.

    ....That will never happen [​IMG]
  3. CheesyBread

    CheesyBread Guest

    I hear ya on that i used to log in like 12 hours a day but now since all the new changed nothing for me to really do anymore on there. I have 3 accounts and prolly gonna cancel 2 soon havent logged in to do anything in over 8 weeks guess there no sense in paying for anything we are not gonna use. I used to pull pets, run casinos and go to casinos ALOT, but these things are almost non existent anymore on sims. I wish the old sims was back i missed casinos the most out of anything.
  4. Psyco Joe 11

    Psyco Joe 11 Guest


    You're asking for a miracle.

    ....That will never happen [​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I don't recall asking for a miracle. What I do recall is asking about the possibility (maybe even in the future) of bringing back old sims we once had.

    Maybe you thought you were responding to a different post that had a different question or request about miracles??
  5. Kaila Romano

    Kaila Romano Guest

    I think he was talking about old retired sims..the avatars.
    I don't think it's asking for a miracle. It's a good question, and it would be really nice if they save accounts in a database for long periods of time, I think it would encourage more players to give the game another try if they knew they weren't coming back with nothing and having to start all over again.
    I know it would be more encouraging to me.
  6. MandiK

    MandiK Guest

    They dont save them in a database, they are really gone forever. I have asked Parizad about this before, and there really isnt a way. Once they are gone, they are gone. I have lost some I would love to have back too, not gonna happen though.
  7. HI JOE! Long time no see! It would be great to get the sims back! now, if yours are still around, never know until you try it. I had a friend who came back after a year and her sims where still there! I know it is a long shot, but one worth trying! Good Luck!!!