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Anyone 80 yet?

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Lag, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Lag

    Lag Guest

    Ofc I know there are 80s, but are any of the WoW Stratics forum stalkers 80 yet? After a bit of strep, I got up to roughly 74 over the weekend...the average playtime 70-80 is supposed to be 2-3 /played.
  2. Jazmine

    Jazmine Guest

    Yep, I am..I decided to level my priest first..She was shadow but I'm playing with a friend who has a fury warrior so I respecced her to disc/holy and away we went..I hit 80 a couple of days ago and he dinged a couple of days before me..Now I'm working on leveling my professions, running instances and hunting for that elusive Time-Lost Proto Drake-the mount will be mine!
  3. mecantile

    mecantile Guest

    Right now I am averaging a level a day and I just hit Northrend late Sunday evening. Tonight I should hit 73 with no problems. One thing I have noticed is a lot of people have questing ADD because they are all over the place. Borean Tundra has given me 2.5 levels after completing 140/150 quests.
  4. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

    I'll probably hit 73 tonight also. Leveling is going a bit slow because my mother was visiting last week. I've been breaking up the ADD Questing a bit by running instances...Utgarde Keep and Nexus are done. Can't wait for the next ones.
  5. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    I fell behind due to the loss of the use of my PC so my main just hit 71. However I;m off for 4 days woohoo catch up time!
  6. Lag

    Lag Guest

    I'm almost 76 now...my god, the Wrathgate questline is astoundingly awesome!( and long, it has like 30 prequests). If you're Horde, finish all of Dragonblight and prepare for the best lore event in the game.
  7. wyrmtongue

    wyrmtongue Guest

    I'm currently level 79 and doing instances and doin all the quests in a zone, then moving on.

    Enjoying the content and since I plan to level my other toons I note which quest rewards would be a upgrade for one of my other toons..

    Which toon to level next? :coco:
  8. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    Almost 76 here too... and I agree, that quest line was probably the best quest line ever for any MMO I have ever played. It's was epic.

    And it's not just Horde, it's alliance too.
  9. Dol'Gorath

    Dol'Gorath Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I've been 80 since Monday, and I have already replaced most of my BT/Hyjal epics with level 80 epics from heroics/badge items. Today I should get my badge offhand and all I will need from badges is the T7 Chest/Gloves.
    And my guild starts Naxx 10 tomorrow! As soon as we recruit some healers we'll also start Naxx 25.
  10. Lag

    Lag Guest

    Cool! Just hit 78, and our guild's first Naxx10 run is a week from now: hopefully I can hit 80 and start replacing my BT gear (already replaced my bow!).
  11. penguinduude

    penguinduude Guest

    I hit 80, a week or so ago >.> My guild was able to clear Naxx this week and we tried Malygos but our gear atm is not completely on par for the fight.
  12. mecantile

    mecantile Guest

    I liked the Wrathgate quest chain only I didn't like the fact that reclaiming Undercity you could basically sit back and let the NPC's do all the work. It was cool though and I look forward to more events like that.

    Tonight I should hit 76-the only thing that is slowing me down is a busy schedule, but I anticipate hitting 80 by early next week.
  13. Lord Lucifer

    Lord Lucifer Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Finished my deathknight now working on my main charatcer... working the main allot easier and going allot faster..

    Take care all ::thumbup:
  14. wtfisit123

    wtfisit123 Guest

    79... ugh this is one tough lvling set although it seemed to go by fast considering its been a month
  15. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I hit 80 early this morning.
  16. mecantile

    mecantile Guest

    79.3 so far. I should hit 80 by the end of the week-really it just winds down to free time to play. On average I was hitting about 6-8 hours/level. Others in my guild who have hit 80 already are working on other toons-how they have it in them I will never know.
  17. Lag

    Lag Guest

    Hit 80 on Thursday, already have like 3/4 of the gear I need to start Naxx 10, just finishing up my reps. Eldorian, you're a dwarf hunter right? You'll love the AC revered gun....boomshot, hooo!
  18. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I have a 70 dwarf hunter, but the character I got up to 80 is my Drenei Shaman.
  19. Lag

    Lag Guest

    /waggle or squidface?
  20. Right. Pay for a game. Pay to play it online. And then pay someone else to play it for you.