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[Throwing] anyone do "tbc" bladeweaver ?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by imperterritus, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. I have an existing bladeweaver/peacemaker who does frequent PvM hunts (treasure, Doom gauntlet, etc) with his guildmates on Atlantic. Calm's goal template is currently:

    120: Throwing
    110: Peacemaking, Music
    100: Tactics, ResistingSpells
    100: Chivalry
    80: Meditate

    The Resisting Spells power doesn't seem to be offering any strong benefit for the large parties he is in, and I'm thinking of doing something else with those points. I could go two ways. The first would be just a straight substitution of Bushido, making a sort of "tbc" thrower. The second idea would be to learn Discordance, up to a 110 skill level. If I went that way, I'd drop Chiv or Meditate by 10.

    Any ideas or counter-suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Sir Kenga

    Sir Kenga Guest

    Is peacemaking really usefull? I was under impression Disco is much better...
    I would drop Resisting on such temp... for bushido or anatomy.
  3. For a bladeweaver the peacemaking power is very useful. Throwing accuracy and damage has a "sweet spot" based on the range of the weapon (range varies from about 6 to 11 for the three types). Halve the maximum range, and you are at the sweet spot of maximum damage and accuracy. However, telling a monster, "Hey, would you stand there and not move towards me as I try to cut you to shreds" .. well, that's not very effective.

    However, peacemaking accomplishes exactly that. A peaced monster will stand, essentially paralyzed, as you throw your weapon at him. Each time he is hit, there is a chance he might decide to stop grooving to the music. Generally though, you can get a lot of maximal throws in before that happens.
  4. o Kraken o

    o Kraken o Guest

    I am just curious: How large is the damage bonus for hitting your target with throwing at the "sweet spot"?
  5. Kraken,

    As far as I know, there is no actual bonus. Being outside the sweet spot results in a penalty. As you get too close, you begin to be lose accuracy. Too far, and you begin to lose damage. Note that the sweet spot is bigger than just one step, ie, not restricted to exactly the "half range" my last post may have implied.

    You can mostly overcome the "too close" accuracy penalty by learning swordsmanship. I believe it is almost gone at 100 swords. In my way of thinking, though, if you do that you might as well be a swordsman. Peacemaking lets me stay at range a large part of the time.

    Note that in a large party, there tend to be several EBs, dragons, earth elementals, etc., all distracting the foes from coming after you. But if you are fighting solo, or partied and one of the foes decides to focus on you anyway, it's nice to have options.