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Anyone else *Still* miss it?

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Silektra, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Silektra

    Silektra Guest

    Hey all,

    I know it's been so long since TSO shut its doors but i'm just having one of those nights where I STILL miss it, lol. :sad3: Anyone else STILL feel the same way?

    I played TSO since the beginning... Took a couple of breaks here and there yet I always found myself coming back! And now it just really stinks knowing there's no going back! lol.

    I've played WoW since the beginning as well (still do) but that's a game where you just need a break from it sometimes. (Like Now!) And now that there's no more TSO, idk what to do! lol. I've tried Second Life... It's not the same at all, so I find myself never playing it. The Sims 1, like many others have said, doesn't even compare to the friends and fun we had in TSO. I just wish EA would have taken that into consideration before shutting it down for good. :(

    I know to some people we were all just dollar signs, but to a lot of others we were friends and "family". :D And I very much miss you all! I keep checking from time to time, hoping and praying that they've changed their minds but... no luck! *Yet* ;)

    Anyway, so sorry for the long post, but I just needed to post/vent a little!

    Hope all is well, wherever you all are! ((((((Hugs))))))
  2. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    I still miss TSO! I play WoW but I'm kinda bored of it now and now I'm getting back into SL and it's getting quite fun. If you ever want to play SL again look me up I'm Nath Baxton there :D
  3. Mavric

    Mavric Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I still miss it too. I play WoW, hmmmm, I really like WoW, but it just doesnt have the fellowship that TSO had.

    Ed (aka: Mavric)
  4. rieley

    rieley Guest

    I sure do still miss TSO. And another one that keeps hoping they'd change their mind since Warhammer isn't doing so good. Maybe another company will buy TSO???

  5. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    Sadly, I don't think there is much chance of it coming back. EA probably changed the name and closed it, so it would not reflect on their The Sims franchise...so until they sell that, I suspect that they won't sell TSO, either.

    If you have not checked out Tirnua , recently, at http://www.tirnua.com, it is worth taking a look.

    It has many social features like TSO, a lot of former TSO players, and many of the Devs from EA Land. Plus many of the things we asked for in TSO and were only starting to get when we were shut down...like farming, manufacturing, Custom Content (anyone can re-skin clothes & tiles with a simple in-game system), Poker machines. They have added a subscription option (good for folks that are uncomfortable with a pay-as-you-go set ups), that gives substantial perks.

    If you checked it out in the beginning, and thought it was too unfinished, it has advanced by leaps and bounds, in the last year and a half....and it's worth checking out, again.

  6. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Hi everyone!

    I do still have moments, like when I think about my purple cat. I was looking thru the pics on the flickr group the other day to find one from the last day and ended up looking at them all. Sigh

    I'm lucky to stay in touch with many old friends on FB, SL, and several other games. I dont get to Tirnua much but thats not because I dont like it, I really do its mostly a time crunch thing...and the fact that I never got over the loss of my trees when I was an hour late to water. :(

    If anyone is ever looking for me drop me a line on Facebook, same name. You can also find me on the Mafia Wars Forum. :)

    I do miss the game but I'm thrilled to keep many of the people!!
  7. I still miss it dearly, especially on those sleepless nights... when I use to sign in and hang out in the game with friends, just talking... laughing, until daylight. Many hours spent jamming, or at the type writers. I was so proud of my lot, sighhhhh.... your right, the Sims 1 just doesn't touch it... kinda like going back in time and sitting in an empty house...

    I wander why a server emulator was never created for this game, there are 1000's for WoW to say the least, I always google every few weeks usually, looking for an emulator, hoping one pops up.. it never does tho, couldn't be that hard, I imagine there is one out there somewhere.... -cry- Miss all you guyz! :wall:
  8. Rosebush3333

    Rosebush3333 Guest

    I miss it. A lot sometimes, and lately has been one of those times. I spent a little while yesterday finding TSO stuff to put into my sims1 game, still looking for my sims' heads. I have replaced the loading screen and music that is Making Magic with The Sims Online, so for just a moment I can have that feeling of logging in and waiting to meet up with friends.
    I never tried SL, don't want to. :( Tried Tirnua and didn't like it, maybe someday, maybe not. I didn't like that my plants died when I had to tend to RL, ticked me off. Last I was there it just felt like some facebook app and I don't do facebook. I don't do Farmville, I don't do Tirnua. I plain and simple miss TSO.
  9. rieley

    rieley Guest

    Oh me oh my,

    Just reading the posts when Lee was running the bullet trains. So bitter-sweet. Had that old time feeling again, and miss my TSO horribly.

    Thank you stratics for giving a little piece of memory back.

    Not only did we lose our TSO, we lost the best DEVs ever.

  10. badz

    badz Guest

    Wow the TSO Stratics still works, pretty sweet I guess, kind of cool seeing some folks still are around. I miss TSO myself, it sure did occupy alot of boring times. Would be nice if it came back but EA is too lame to ever do that again. Perhaps one day some other company can revive TSO....oh well wishfull thinking ey?

    Anyhow nice seeing some of ya! Hope you all are doing good.
  11. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    I still miss it once in a while. Sometimes I get a TSO flashback and I have to snap myself out of it. In fact, as I was reading this thread, my thoughts suddenly went to my poor tortoise-shell kitty that I left stranded in my home before the lights went out. [​IMG]

    Beyond that, I'm pretty well immersed in Second Life as Katheryne Helendale.
  12. fajjaa

    fajjaa Guest

    Long time no see. Found my login and found out I have not been here since 9/4/08. I dont even know if Niki has gotten her house repairs done yet. I hope she still isnt having to go through her moms room to get to the bathroom.
    Miss it? I still check the TSO clock to see what time it is in the game, if that gives you any clue.
    Every now and then I will check out the list of games available to play, but nothing is quite like controlling a miniature person and having it do the things we were able to do with that little sim.
    Real life? LOL, Im still trying to get the woman I met during beta testing to marry me. Our sims are still standing by the mailbox, still holding each other after a hot kiss, and my St. hiding in its favorite hiding spot. Almost perfect timing on the hot kiss. I wonder what will come first, us getting married or the rebirth of TSO... I will keep you posted.
    The one thing I wish I would have learned how to do was to take screen shots. I was able to take one shot and it got one fourth of the property. Its amazing how a game like this can remain so etched in ones memory. I think its because of, unless you were one of the few that allowed themselves to get scammed, this game offered nothing but positive memories.
    I think Im Dune, with a bunch of numbers in Tirnua. Not there very often.
    I hope everyone is doing well, and remember... I bet it makes you smile.
  13. CrAnK

    CrAnK Guest

    Haven't missed it since playing YoVille on FaceBook.
  14. MiamiFan

    MiamiFan Guest

    Hi Everyone you all know me as Erik or Toby or Chef Bear I'm Erik Come see most of us in Tirnua we would be happy to see most of you we have FUGGLEY Gracie Groovey Bear few other you know come join the fun love and hugs :)
  15. yes i do but check out this site http://www.tsorestoration.com/
  16. Elizabeth Z

    Elizabeth Z Guest

    Hey Everyone! -waves-

    Polly if you still check these boards can you please email me ? I'd love to hear from you or anyone else for that matter!

    Email: [email protected]

    -big hugs-

    Elizabeth Z (Interhogan)
  17. Taylor

    Taylor Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
    VIP Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor Alumni

    Oct 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hi, Elizabeth. What is Polly's username?
  18. Elizabeth Z

    Elizabeth Z Guest

    Hello Syrus,

    Honestly I am assuming it is Polly but not 100 % sure it's been a while. I guess I could just send a private message eh? :)
  19. Gingerella

    Gingerella Guest

    I still miss it!! I am not giving up hope that one day it will be back!! I have tried almost every game out there, console and PC, nothing at all can compare to the sims online!! :D
  20. RenGirl69

    RenGirl69 Guest

    I still miss TSO and ALL my friends from the game. How many nights have I longed to go skilling and sing to people, run my TSO store, or just hang out. I really wish they would resurrect TSO. :(

    Calinda/Melina Melano ( BF/AV)
  21. rieley

    rieley Guest

    I have a game we can all play. Tell you up front it is an EA game, Ultima Online. Out of all the games out there this is most like tso. You do not need to fight monsters or pvp, the game style is yours to choose. Gardening, tailor, minning, there is a great casino on the shard I play also. Housing is great, at first it appears very small, however game play does not take place in the housing as tso. You have public towns, and the world to play in.

    We can all guild, aka family. Things Lee and Parizad were talking about are in UO, like the 24/7 *stores*, UO has vendors. It wouldn't be that hard for a former sim to catch on to, charater creation/skilling concept is basically the same.

    I can help anyone get started, PM me. I'll *co-own* you to one of my houses and set you up. Please, we can't have our tso back, however we can recreate our community here. Just give it a try, noting to lose. We can start small with a few of us and I'm sure we can find other sims as we go along. You can use your old tso account to hook up with UO. I did on a couple of mine. Let's give it a try. I still miss my tso, this will do the trick.

  22. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    I still miss it! Especially during the winter.