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Anyone have a full name list of the old vendor named deeds?

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Guest, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i have probably 20 sumthin of these, all different names. was wondering if anyone knew of a full name list for old vendor deeds?
  2. rajadeah

    rajadeah Guest

    I would think the names are near endless being there just random NPC like names.
  3. somewhere in your uo folder you can find a list, atleast you used to be able to
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    BUmp*, i cant find that file [​IMG]
  5. UCCDog

    UCCDog Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 7, 2005
    Likes Received:
    first off you will NEVER get them all

    Here is any and all NPC names in the game give or take a few im sure...

    Female Names

    Aba, Abby, Abella, Abey, Abigail, Abina, Abiona, Abira, Abra,
    Abrah, Absinthe, Acacia, Acanit, Acantha, Accalia, Acelin, Achen, Ada, Adalia,
    Adara, Addi, Adelaide, Adele, Adelia, Adeline, Adelle, Adena, Aderes, Adesina,
    Adie, Adimina, Adiva, Adoncia, Adonia, Adora, Adrienne, Aelina, Afina, Afra,
    Afrika, Afton, Agate, Agatha, Agnes, Ahara, Ahave, Ahimsa, Aida, Aiella, Aiko,
    Aila, Aileen, Ailsa, Aimee, Ain, Aina, Ainhoa, Ainsley, Aintzane, Airlia,
    Aisling, Aislinn, Aithne, Aiyana, Ajara, Ajay, Ajinora, Akako, Akala, Akanke,
    Akasma, Akela, Akilah, Akili, Akilina, Akina, Alaina, Alake, Alala, Alamanada,
    Alana, Alani, Alanna, Alaqua, Alavda, Alazne, Alberta, Albinka, Alcina, Aldea,
    Aldercy, Aleka, Alenne, Alesia, Alessa, Alethea, Alexa, Alexandra, Alexandria,
    Alexandrina, Alexis, Ali, Alia, Alice, Alicia, Alida, Alike, Alima, Alina,
    Alison, Alita, Alix, Aliz, Aliza, Allele, Alligra, Allinora, Allison, Allyn,
    Alma, Alodie, Aloysia, Althea, Alula, Alumit, Alvina, Alvita, Alysa, Alyssa,
    Alyssand, Alzena, Ama, Amabel, Amadi, Amadika, Amadis, Amaia, Amala, Amalia,
    Amanda, Amandine, Amara, Amarande, Amarante, Amaris, Amata, Ambar, Amber,
    Ambika, Ambis, Ameerah, Amelia, Amelina, Amethyst, Amie, Amiella, Amina, Aminta,
    Amissa, Amita, Amity, Amoke, Amy, Ananda, Anastasia, Ancelin, Andi, Andra,
    Andraianna, Andras, Andrea, Andromeda, Aneida, Anella, Anemone, Anezka, Angela,
    Angelica, Angeline, Angelique, Angeni, Ani, Anica, Anieli, Anisa, Anita, Anke,
    Ann, Anna, Annabel, Annabelle, Annamarie, Anne, Annette, Annikka, Annora,
    Anorah, Anoush, Ansreana, Anteia, Anthea, Antje, Antoinette, Antonia, Aolani,
    Apara, Apirka, Apolline, Apolloina, Aponi, April, Aprille, Aprille, Aqua,
    Aquene, Ara, Arabella, Arabelle, Araceli, Araminta, Araxie, Arcadia, Ardath,
    Ardelia, Arden, Ardis, Ardith, Areiela, Arella, Aretha, Aretina, Ariadne,
    Ariana, Aricia, Ariel, Ariene, Arista, Arlene, Arlinda, Armina, Arminda,
    Artemisia, Aruna, Arziki, Asaria, Asenka, Ash, Asha, Ashlan, Ashleigh, Ashley,
    Asia, Asisa, Aslinda, Aspasia, Asta, Aster, Astera, Astra, Astrea, Astrid,
    Atalanta, Atara, Atenne, Ateri, Athalia, Athena, Athla, Atifa, Atta, Aubrey,
    Auda, Audny, Audrey, Audrianna, Audun, Augustina, Aura, Aure, Aurelia, Aurilia,
    Aurina, Aurkene, Aurora, Autumn, Ava, Avana, Avasa, Avella, Avena, Avie, Avis,
    Aviva, Axella, Aya, Ayaluna, Ayame, Ayana, Ayasha, Aydee, Ayela, Ayiana, Ayila,
    Ayisha, Ayita, Ayla, Aynora, Ayuna, Azaleah, Azalia, Azarael, Azera, Azha,
    Azilea, Azina, Azize, Azora, Azura, Babette, Bacia, Bacia, Baka, Baka, Bakarne,
    Balayna, Balea, Balia, Bambi, Banan, Banella, Bara, Barbara, Barika, Basha,
    Basha, Basia, Basimah, Batakah, Bathsheba, Batya, Bay, Bayana, Bayo, Bayta, Bea,
    Beatrice, Beatrix, Beauina, Becca, Becky, Bedelia, Bel, Belana, Belina, Belinda,
    Belita, Bellanca, Belle, Belora, Bente, Beradine, Berilla, Berit, Bernadette,
    Bernice, Beryl, Bess, Bessine, Beta, Beth, Bethana, Bethany, Betony, Betty,
    Beulah, Beverly, Bevin, Bian, Bianca, Billie, Bina, Bindy, Binti, Birdie,
    Birkita, Bixenta, Blanche, Blanda, Blenda, Bliss, Bly, Blythe, Bo, Bohdana,
    Bonamy, Bonita, Bonnie, Bonny, Borgny, Braina, Brandi, Brandy, Bren, Brenda,
    Brenna, Bretta, Bridget, Bridget, Brie, Brier, Brietta, Brigit, Brigitte, Brina,
    Brina, Briona, Briony, Brites, Britta, Brittany, Bronwyn, Brooke, Brynn, Bucia,
    Cadence, Caimile, Caitlin, Caitrin, Cala, Calandia, Calandra, Calendonia, Caley,
    Calida, Calista, Calla, Callan, Callia, Callidora, Callie, Caltha, Calypso, Cam,
    Camelia, Camilia, Camille, Canace, Candace, Candida, Candide, Candra, Cantara,
    Caoimhe, Capri, Caprice, Cara, Caradoc, Caresse, Cari, Carina, Carine, Carissa,
    Carita, Carla, Carleen, Carlen, Carling, Carlota, Carly, Carma, Carmel,
    Carmelina, Carmen, Carna, Carnelian, Carol, Carolina, Caroline, Carolyn, Caron,
    Carrie, Caryn, Casey, Casilda, Cassandra, Cassia, Casta, Castalia, Catalina,
    Catava, Caterina, Catherine, Cathleen, Cathy, Catriona, Cayla, Ceara, Cecania,
    Cecilia, Celandine, Celeste, Celia, Celina, Celina, Cellia, Cerelia, Chaitra,
    Chanah, Chanda, Chandi, Chandra, Chane, Chanel, Channa, Chantal, Charis,
    Charissa, Charity, Charlotte, Charmaine, Chastity, Chava, Chaviva, Chay, Chaya,
    Chelsea, Chenoa, Cherica, Cherice, Cherie, Cheryl, Chesna, Chiara, Chika,
    Chilali, Chimlis, Chipo, Chloe, Chloris, Cho, Christa, Christable, Christina,
    Christine, Christy, Chyou, Cia, Ciannait, Ciar, Cicely, Cindy, Claire, Clara,
    Clarinda, Clarissa, Claudette, Claudia, Claudine, Clementina, Clementine,
    Cliantha, Clorinda, Clorinda, Clover, Cochiti, Coleene, Colette, Connie,
    Constance, Constanza, Consuela, Cora, Coralie, Corazon, Corbey, Cordeali,
    Coretta, Cori, Corinna, Coris, Corliss, Corrine, Cortney, Crescent, Cressida,
    Crystal, Cybele, Cybil, Cynthia, Cyprien, Cyrene, Cyrilla, Cytheria, Dabria,
    Dacey, Dacia, Dacie, Dacio, Dae, Dagmar, Dagna, Dai, Daily, Daisel, Daisy,
    Dakota, Dale, Dalila, Dalilia, Damara, Damitri, Dana, Danett, Dania, Daniella,
    Danyelle, Daphene, Daphne, Daphnie, Dar, Dara, Daralis, Darby, Daria, Darla,
    Darlene, Dasha, Dasha, Davene, Davine, Davita, Dawn, Daya, Dayna, Deana, Deana,
    Deandra, Deb, Debra, Dede, Dee, Deedee, Deianira, Deiene, Deirdre, Delana,
    Delaney, Delbin, Delia, Delicia, Delilia, Della, Delphina, Dembe, Demi,
    Demitria, Dena, Denby, Denice, Deva, Devaki, Deval, Devi, Devin, Devnet, Devon,
    Diamanta, Diane, Dianthe, Diedre, Diella, Dillian, Dilly, Dilys, Dinah, Dionne,
    Disa, Dita, diti, Dixie, Dodie, Dolores, Dominique, Dona, Donata, Donielle,
    Donner, Dooriya, Dophina, Dora, Doreen, Dorinda, Doris, Dorithy, Dory, Drew,
    Drina, Drucilla, Dulcie, Dulcinea, Dusty, Dyan, Dyani, Dymphna, Dyna, Eartha,
    Easter, Ebony, Echo, Edana, Edie, Edith, Edlyn, Edna, Edolie, Edria, Edwina,
    Efia, Eileen, Eirene, Elaine, Elana, Eleora, Elianor, Elina, Elina, Elisa,
    Elise, Eliska, Elissa, Elita, Eliza, Elizabeeth, Elke, Ella, Elle, Ellen, Elly,
    Elodie, Eloise, Elsa, Elsie, Elynor, Elyse, Elysia, Ema, Emajane, Emalia, Ember,
    Emelie, Emelyne, Emily, Emma, Endora, Engracia, Enid, Enola, Enye, Erasma,
    Erianthe, Erica, Erin, Erlina, Erwand, Eskarne, Esmerelda, Esperanza, Esta,
    Estelle, Esther, Estu, Etain, Etaina, Etaina, Etanthe, Etta, Eudocia, Eugenia,
    Eulalia, Eustacia, Eva, Evacsa, Evadine, Evadne, Evangeline, Evanthe, Eve,
    Evelyn, Evita, Evonne, Eyota, Fabienne, Faifuza, Fainche, Faith, Faizah, Fallon,
    Fantine, Farha, Farima, Farrah, Fatin, Fawne, Fay, Faye, Fayina, Fayme, Felcia,
    Felicite, Felicity, Femi, Feridwyn, Fern, Feronia, Filinda, Fina, Finola, Fiona,
    Fiorenza, Flavia, Fleta, Flora, Florence, Frances, Francesca, Francine,
    Francisca, Freda, Frederica, Freya, Frida, Frieda, Fuscienne, Gabriella,
    Gabrielle, Gaia, Gail, Galatea, Gali, Galina, Galya, Gana, Ganesa, Gauri, Gaye,
    Gayle, Gelasia, Gemma, Genevieve, Geogia, Georgeanne, Georgetta, Georgette,
    Georgiana, Geradline, Geraldine, Gerda, Gerri, Gertrude, Geva, Ghislaine,
    Giacinta, Gianina, Gigi, Gilana, Gilda, Gilen, Gillian, Gin, Gina, Ginger,
    Giselle, Gitana, Githa, Gizane, Gleda, Glenna, Glennys, Golda, Goldie, Gotzone,
    Grace, Gracie, Grainne, Grazia, Grear, Greta, Gretchen, Grette, Gwen, Gwendolyn,
    Gweneth, Gwynne, Gytha, Hadara, Hadassa, Hadiya, Haidee, Hailey, Haimi, Haldis,
    Hale, Haley, Hali, Hali, Halima, Halle, Hallie, Hana, Hanan, Hannah, Hanne,
    Harmoni, Harriet, Hasna, Hava, Haya, Haylee, Hazel, Hea, Heather, Hei, Heidi,
    Heldegarde, Helen, Helena, Helene, Helki, Henka, Henrietta, Hesper, Hester,
    Hilary, Hilda, Hinda, Hisa, Holly, Hope, Hoshi, Hyacinth, Hye, Hypatia, Ianthe,
    Ida, Idola, Idonia, Ilene, Ilona, Iman, Imogene, India, Indira, Indra, Ines,
    Inez, Inga, Ingrid, Iolana, Iolanthe, Iona, Iratze, Irena, Irene, Iris, Irma,
    Isabeau, Isabel, Isabella, Isadora, Isaura, Isis, Isleta, Isobel, Isoke, Istas,
    Ivana, Ivory, Ivy, Jacelyn, Jacinda, Jacinthe, Jada, Jael, Jaen, Jaimie, Jaione,
    Jakinda, Jala, Jamie, Jamila, Jamilah, Jan, Jana, Jane, Janelle, Janet, Janice,
    Janis, Janna, Jannelle, Jardena, Jarvia, Jarvinia, Jasmine, Jaya, Jayne, Jean,
    Jean, Jeanette, Jeanine, Jelena, Jena, Jenay, Jendayi, Jendyose, Jenica,
    Jennettia, Jennifer, Jensine, Jerrilyn, Jessica, Jewel, Jezebel, Jihan, Jillian,
    Jin, Jina, Jinny, Jinx, Joakima, Joan, Joanne, Jobey, Jobihna, Jocasa, Jocelyn,
    Jodi, Jody, Joelle, Joelliane, Johanna, Joia, Jolan, Jolanta, Jolene, Jolie,
    Joline, Jonina, Jora, Jordane, Josephine, Josie, Jotha, Joy, Joyce, Joye,
    Juanita, Judith, Juditha, Julia, Juliana, Juliane, Julie, Julietta, Julinka,
    Jumoke, Jun, June, Justine, Kaatje, Kachine, Kaclyn, Kaede, Kaethe, Kai, Kaia,
    Kaie, Kaili, Kaimi, Kairos, Kaiya, Kakra, Kala, Kalama, Kalanit, Kalare, Kalea,
    Kali, Kalika, Kalila, Kalinda, Kalle, Kalli, Kalonice, Kalyca, Kama, Kamala,
    Kamali, Kamaria, Kambo, Kameko, Kamilah, Kamilia, Kanda, Kane, Kanene, Kanika,
    Kantha, Kanya, Kapera, Kara, Karan, Karayan, Karel, Karen, Karida, Karimah,
    Karisa, Karka, Karla, Karlenne, Karli, Karlyn, Karmina, Karol, Karylin, Karyn,
    Kasa, Kasen, Kasia, Kasinda, Kassia, Kate, Katherine, Kathleen, Katja, Katoka,
    Katrien, Katrina, Kaula, Kaveri, Kavindra, Kay, Kaya, Kaye, Kayla, Kaysa, Kazia,
    Keara, Keelin, Keely, Kefira, Kehinde, Kei, Keiko, Keisha, Kelda, Kelia, Kelley,
    Kelli, Kellie, Kelly, Kelsey, Kendra, Kennis, Kenyangi, Kepa, Kerani, Kerensa,
    Kerstan, Kesare, Kesi, Kesia, Kessie, Keturah, Ketzia, Khalida, Kichi, Kiele,
    Kim, Kimberly, Kimmie, Kimmy, Kineta, Kiona, Kira, Kiran, Kirby, Kirima,
    Kirsten, Kirti, Kisa, Kiska, Kismet, Kissa, Kita, Kohana, Kolina, Koren,
    Koressa, Kristen, Kyly, Kyna, Kynthia, Kyoko, Lacey, Lacie, Laila, Lailie,
    Lakeisha, Lala, Lalasa, Lan, Lana, Landra, Lane, Lani, Lara, Laraine, Laralee,
    Lari, Larissa, Lark, Latika, Latonia, Laura, Laurana, Laurel, Laurie, Laurinda,
    Lauryn, Laveda, Lavern, Laverne, Lavinia, Lea, Leah, Leah, Leala, Leandra, Leba,
    Ledah, Lee, Leigh, Leiko, Leila, Leilana, Lena, Lene, Lenor, Lenora, Lenore,
    Leona, Leora, Leslie, Letha, Letitia, Levana, Lexine, Lia, Liadan, Lian, Liana,
    Liane, Libby, Lien, Lila, Lilith, Lillian, Lillie, Lily, Limber, Lina, Linda,
    Lindsay, Lindsey, Linette, Linnae, Linnea, Lisa, Lisette, Litsa, Liv, Liza,
    Lois, Lokelani, Lola, Loni, Lora, Lore, Lorelei, Lorelle, Loretta, Lori,
    Lorraine, Lotus, Louise, Lucille, Lucine, Lucretia, Lucy, Ludia, Luela, Luisa,
    Lukene, Lukina, Lulu, Luna, Lydia, Lynda, Lynelle, Lynn, Lynnda, Lynnette,
    Lyris, Lysel, Lysnadra, Mabel, Macaria, Machi, Maddy, Madelaine, Madelina,
    Madeline, Madelon, Madelyn, Mady, Mae, Magan, Magara, Magdalen, Magdalena,
    Magdaline, Magena, Magenta, Maggie, Mahala, Mahalia, Mai, Maia, Maida, Maisie,
    Maitane, Maizah, Maj, Malaya, Malila, Malina, Malinda, Malka, Mallory, Malu,
    Mamie, Manda, Mandara, Mandisa, Mandy, Mangena, Manon, Mansi, Manya, Mara,
    Marcella, Marcia, Marcy, Maren, Margaret, Margaret, Margarita, Margo, Margot,
    Marguirte, Maria, Mariah, Mariam, Mariama, Marian, Mariana, Marianna, Marianne,
    Maribel, Marie, Mariel, Marietta, Marily, Marilyn, Marina, Maris, Marisa,
    Marisha, Marissa, Marjani, Marjeta, Marjorie, Marlene, Marlo, Marmara, Marnie,
    Marnina, Marsha, Marta, Martha, Marti, Martina, Mary, Maryann, Marybeth,
    Marylou, Marzia, Matana, Mathea, Matilda, Matrika, Maud, Maura, Maureen,
    Maurita, Mavis, Maxine, May, Maya, Meara, Meara, Meda, Medea, Meg, Megan,
    Megara, Meghan, Mei, Meira, Mela, Melanie, Melantha, Melba, Melia, Melian,
    Melina, Melinda, Melisenda, Melissa, Mellinio, Melodie, Melody, Melosa, Melva,
    Mercedes, Meredith, Merele, Mesha, Meta, Mia, Miakoda, Michaela, Michele,
    Michelle, Midori, Migina, Mignon, Mika, Millicent, Millie, Min, Mina, Minda,
    Mindel, Mindy, Minerva, Minka, Minna, Minnie, Mira, Miranda, Mirem, Miremba,
    Mireya, Miriam, Mirielle, Missy, Misty, Mitena, Mitexi, Mitzi, Moira, Mollie,
    Molly, Mona, Monique, Moon, Morena, Morgan, Morgana, Morgance, Moria, Moriah,
    Muriel, Myra, Nada, Nadia, Nadine, Nadya, Naia, Nailah, Naimah, Nalini, Namazzi,
    Nami, Nan, Nana, Nancy, Nanette, Nantale, Naomi, Napea, Nara, Narda, Narmada,
    Nasiche, Nastassia, Natalie, Natane, Natasha, Natesa, Naysa, Nazirqah, Neala,
    Neci, Nediva, Neely, Nekane, Nell, Neola, Neoma, Neona, Neria, Nerine, Nerissa,
    Netti, Neva, Nevada, Neysa, Nicia, Nicola, Nicole, Nicolette, Nika, Nikki,
    Nimah, Nina, Niobe, Niola, Nira, Nirvelli, Nissa, Nita, Nitara, Nixie, Noel,
    Noelani, Noella, Nolita, Nona, Nona, Nora, Norah, Noreen, Nori, Noriko, Norma,
    Nydia, Nyrna, Nyssa, Obelia, Octavia, Odelia, Odelia, Odera, Odessa, Odetta,
    Odette, Odile, Ohanna, Okelani, Olathe, Olayinka, Olesia, Olga, Oliana, Olinda,
    Olivette, Olivia, Ona, Onida, Opal, Ophelia, Oralie, Orane, Orenda, Oriana,
    Orianna, Oriel, Oriole, Orlantha, Ornidaa, Paige, Pakuna, Palmiera, Paloma,
    Pamela, Pandita, Pandora, Panthea, Pantzike, Panya, Panyin, Pascale, Patia,
    Patience, Patricia, Patsy, Paula, Paulette, Pauline, Pavla, Pazia, Pearl, Peg,
    Peggy, Pelagia, Pemba, Penda, Penelope, Peninna, Penny, Penthea, Peony, Perdita,
    Perouze, Persis, Petra, Phaedra, Phedra, Philomena, Phoebe, Phylis, Phyllis,
    Pia, Pier, Pila, Piper, Polly, Poloma, Porche, Portia, Priscilla, Prudence,
    Prudy, Pyrena, Pythia, Qamra, Queena, Quella, Quenby, Quintina, Quiterie,
    Rachel, Radella, Radinka, Rae, Rai, Raizel, Ramla, Ramona, Ramya, Randie, Rane,
    Ranee, Rani, Raquel, Rashida, Rasine, Ratri, Raven, Rawnie, Rayna, Raynell,
    Raziya, Reba, Rebecca, Regan, Regina, Reidun, Remy, Rena, Renata, Rene, Renee,
    Rhea, Rhiamon, Rhianne, Rhiannon, Rhoda, Rhodanthe, Rhonda, Rhonna, Rhyssa, Ria,
    Riane, Rica, Rihana, Rikki, Rio, Risa, Rita, Riva, Roanna, Roberta, Robin,
    Robyn, Rochelle, Rohanna, Rona, Rorie, Rosa, Rosalind, Rosalinda, Rosalinde,
    Rosaline, Rosanne, Rose, Roseanne, Rosemarie, Rosemary, Rowena, Roxana, Roxanne,
    Ruby, Rumer, Ruth, Ruthann, Ryann, Ryanne, Ryba, Ryssa, Saba, Sabina, Sabiny,
    Sabirah, Sabra, Sabrina, Sacha, Sachi, Sade, Sadira, Saffi, Safiya, Sagara,
    Saidah, Sakari, Sakinah, Sakti, Sakura, Salihah, Salimah, Salina, Sally, Salome,
    Samantha, Samara, Samirah, Sancia, Sandia, Sandra, Sandrine, Sandya, Sara,
    Sarah, Sarai, Saraid, Saree, Sarena, Sari, Sarisha, Sasha, Sashenka, Satinka,
    Savanna, Saxon, Scotia, Searlait, Season, Sebasten, Seema, Sela, Selena, Selina,
    Selma, Semele, Senta, Serafina, Serilda, Sesha, Shaine, Shakira, Shako,
    Shammara, Shana, Shanata, Shandra, Shandy, Shani, Shanley, Shanna, Shannon,
    Shantay, Shantha, Sharman, Sharon, Sharri, Shashi, Shawn, Shayndel, Sheba,
    Sheena, Sheila, Shela, Shelby, Shelley, Shelly, Sherri, Shika, Shin, Shina,
    Shira, Shirley, Shobi, Shoshana, Sibley, Sibongile, Sibyl, Sidonia, Sidra,
    Sierra, Sigourney, Siham, Sileas, Silva, Silvia, Simba, Simone, Sine, Sinead,
    Siobhan, Siran, Sirena, Siroun, Sitara, Sitembile, Siv, Sive, Skyler, Sofi,
    Solana, Solange, Soledad, Solita, Sondra, Sonia, Sonja, Sonya, Sophia, Sophie,
    Sophronia, Spica, Stacey, Stacia, Stacy, Stefania, Stella, Stephani, Stephanie,
    Ster, Stesha, Stockard, Storm, Sukatai, Suki, Sumi, Summer, Sun, Susan, Susanna,
    Suzanne, Svetlana, Sybil, Sydelle, Sydney, Syeira, Sylvia, Syna, Synia, Tabitha,
    Taci, Tacita, Tadi, Taffy, Tahirah, Tai, Taima, Tainn, Taipa, Taite, Taka,
    Takara, Takiyah, Takoda, Talasi, Tale, Talia, Talia, Talitha, Tallulah, Tam,
    Tama, Tamara, Tamary, Tamma, Tammy, Tanaka, Tani, Tansy, Tanya, Tao, Tara, Tate,
    Tatyana, Tawnie, Tawny, Tayce, Taylor, Teague, Tehya, Tekla, Temina, Terentia,
    Terese, Terrilyn, Tertia, Teryn, Tesia, Tess, Tessa, Thadea, Thais, Thalassa,
    Thalia, Than, Thana, Thara, Thea, Thekla, Thelma, Theodosia, Theone, Thera,
    Thirza, Thora, Thyra, Tia, Tiara, Tienette, Tierney, Tierra, Tiffany, Tilda,
    Timandra, Tina, Tiponya, Tirza, Tivona, Tobey, Tola, Tora, Tori, Tory, Tosia,
    Tove, Tracey, Tracy, Treasa, Tresa, Treva, Trianon, Tricia, Trilby, Trina,
    Trind, Trish, Trisha, Trudy, Tryne, Tryphena, Tyne, Ula, Ulani, Ultima, Uma,
    Una, Undine, Undine, Urania, Uriana, Ursula, Uta, Vala, Valentina, Valeria,
    Valerie, Valeska, Valonia, Valora, Vanda, Vanessa, Vanora, Vanya, Vashti, Veda,
    Velika, Velma, Venesssa, Vera, Verena, Verity, Veronica, Vesta, Vevila,
    Victoria, Vidonia, Violet, Violet, Violetta, Virginia, Viridis, Viveka, Vivian,
    Voleta, Vrinda, Wakanda, Wanda, Waneta, Wendy, Whilhelmina, Whitney, Wijdan,
    Willow, Wilma, Wilona, Winda, Winema, Winifred, Winna, Winona, Wynee, Wynn,
    Wynona, Xanthe, Xaveria, Xaviera, Xena, Xenia, Ximena, Xylia, Xylona, Yachne,
    Yanice, Yarmilla, Yasmeen, Yasmin, Yelinda, Yenene, Yesmina, Yetta, Yeva,
    Yokiko, Yolanda, Yolie, Yonina, Yovela, Yvella, Yvette, Yvonne, Zada, Zahara,
    Zahirah, Zahra, Zakia, Zalea, Zalika, Zaltana, Zandra, Zara, Zarah, Zaza,
    Zehava, Zelda, Zelenka, Zelia, Zella, Zena, Zenaide, Zenia, Zerlinda, Zeva,
    Zevida, Zia, Ziazan, Zigana, Zila, Zina, Zinnia, Zita, Zoe, Zola, Zona, Zora,
    Zorah, Zorda, Zosia, Zuleika, Zulema, Zuza, Zuzanny

    Male names
    Aaron, Aasin, Abbott, Abdel, Abdiel, Abel, Abijah, Abner,
    Abraham, Abran, Ace, Achilles, Ackerley, Adair, Adam, Addison, Adeben, Adem,
    Adiran, Adlai, Adler, Adley, Admon, Adolph, Adon, Adonis, Adrian, Adriel,
    Aeneas, Agustin, Ahearn, Ahmik, Ahren, Aidan, Aiken, Aimery, Aitan, Ajayi,
    Akando, Akbaar, Akello, Akil, Akshay, Alan, Aland, Alano, Alaric, Alastair,
    Alben, Albert, Alcander, Alcott, Alden, Alder, Aldrick, Alec, Alek, Aleksy,
    Aleron, Aleser, Alex, Alexander, Alfred, Alger, Alim, Alistair, Allaard, Allan,
    Allard, Allen, Alonzo, Alphonse, Alphonso, Alston, Altair, Alton, Alvin, Amadeo,
    Amadi, Amado, Ambrose, Amiel, Ammon, Amos, Amsden, Anders, Andre, Andreus,
    Andrew, Andrey, Andries, Angelo, Angus, Anker, Anoki, Ansel, Anselme, Ansley,
    Anson, Anthony, Antonio, Anwar, Archer, Archibald, Ardon, Aren, Ares, Argus,
    Ari, Aricin, Arion, Aristo, Aristotle, Arkin, Arlen, Arley, Arlin, Arlo, Arman,
    Armen, Armon, Armstrong, Arne, Arnold, Arnon, Aron, Arpiar, Arsen, Arsenio,
    Arthur, Ashby, Asher, Ashford, Ashlin, Ashon, Ashur, Athan, Atheron, Atman,
    Audric, Audun, Augustin, Augustus, Aurek, Austin, Averill, Avery, Axel, Bae,
    Bailey, Baingana, Bakari, Balbo, Balder, Baldwin, Bale, Balendin, Bali, Balin,
    Balint, Bancroft, Bandele, Bane, Banning, Baran, Barclay, Barden, Bardo, Bardon,
    Barnabas, Barnaby, Barnett, Barney, Baron, Barrett, Barry, Barse, Bart, Barth,
    Bartholomew, Barton, Basil, Bastiaan, Baul, Bavol, Baxter, Bay, Bayani, Bayard,
    Baylor, Bazyli, Beacan, Beagan, Beaman, Beau, Beaumont, Beauregard, Beck,
    Beldon, Belen, Bem, Beman, Ben, Benedict, Benen, Benjamin, Bennett, Benson,
    Bent, Bentley, Benton, Berenger, Bergren, Berk, Berkeley, Bernard, Bersh, Bert,
    Berthold, Berton, Bertram, Beval, Bevan, Bialy, Bilal, Bishop, Bitalo, Bjorn,
    Blade, Blaine, Blair, Blaise, Blake, Blaz, Blorn, Bo, Boden, Bogart, Bohdan,
    Bolton, Bond, Booker, Boone, Borden, Boris, Botan, Bowie, Bowman, Boyce, Boyd,
    Boyden, Brad, Braden, Bradford, Bradney, Brady, Bram, Bran, Brand, Brandeis,
    Brandon, Brant, Braxton, Bray, Braz, Brazil, Bren, Brencis, Brendan, Brendon,
    Brennan, Brent, Brentan, Bret, Brett, Brewster, Briac, Brian, Briand, Brice,
    Brieg, Brinley, Brishen, Brock, Broderick, Brodny, Brody, Bronson, Bront, Bruce,
    Bruno, Brutus, Bryan, Bryant, Bryce, Bryson, Buck, Bud, Budo, Burgess, Burhan,
    Burian, Burke, Burl, Burr, Burton, Byran, Byron, Cadeo, Cador, Caedmon, Cailan,
    Cain, Caine, Calder, Caldwell, Caleb, Calvin, Cam, Camden, Cameron, Candan,
    Canton, Canute, Carden, Carey, Carl, Carlin, Carlo, Carlos, Carlton, Carr,
    Carrick, Carrocio, Carroll, Carson, Carson, Carter, Carver, Casey, Casper,
    Cassidy, Cassius, Castel, Cato, Caton, Cavan, Ceasar, Cecil, Cedric, Cemal,
    Chad, Chadwick, Chaim, Chal, Chale, Chalmers, Chander, Chandler, Chane, Chaney,
    Channing, Chapin, Chapman, Charles, Charlton, Chase, Chatha, Chauncy, Chayton,
    Chen, Cheney, Chester, Chet, Chevalier, Chike, Chin, Christian, Christoph,
    Christopher, Christos, Chuck, Ciceron, Ciro, Clarence, Clark, Claude, Clay,
    Clayton, Clement, Cleveland, Clifford, Clifton, Clint, Clinton, Clive, Clyde,
    Cody, Colby, Cole, Coleman, Colin, Collin, Colon, Colton, Coman, Condon, Connor,
    Conrad, Conway, Corbett, Corbin, Corcoran, Cordell, Corey, Cornelius, Cort,
    Coty, Courtland, Craig, Crandall, Creighton, Crispin, Crosby, Cullen, Cullin,
    Culver, Curran, Curtis, Cynric, Cyrano, Cyril, Cyrus, Dag, Dagan, Dakarai,
    Dakota, Dale, Dallin, Dalton, Daly, Damek, Damen, Damian, Damien, Damion, Damon,
    Dana, Dane, Daniel, Danior, Dannik, Dante, Daren, Darien, Dario, Darnell,
    Darrel, Darrell, Darren, Daryl, David, Davin, Davis, Deacon, Dean, Decker,
    Delaney, Delano, Delbert, Dellan, Delmore, Delsin, Deman, Dempsey, Dempster,
    Denby, Dennis, Dennys, Denton, Denver, Der, Derek, Derrick, Derry, Deverell,
    Devin, Devlin, Dewey, Diederik, Diego, Dieter, Dillon, Dimitri, Dirk, Dobry,
    Dominic, Dominick, Donald, Donatien, Donato, Donnelley, Donnelly, Donovan,
    Doron, Dougie, Douglas, Douglass, Dov, Doyle, Drake, Drew, Duane, Dugan, Duglas,
    Duncan, Dunstan, Durand, Durriken, Dusan, Dustin, Dutch, Dwayne, Dwight, Dyami,
    Dyastro, Dylan, Dymas, Eamon, Earl, Earle, Eaton, Edan, Edgan, Edgar, Edison,
    Edmund, Edrin, Edward, Edwin, Edwin, Egan, Einar, Elad, Elden, Eldroth, Elek,
    Eli, Elias, Elijah, Elkan, Ellery, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Ellsworth, Elmer,
    Elmo, Elston, Elton, Elwood, Emanuel, Emil, Emilio, Emmett, Emo, Enoch, Enrico,
    Enrique, Ephraim, Erek, Eric, Erik, Ernest, Erol, Errol, Erskine, Erwin, Eryx,
    Essien, Esteban, Ethan, Eugene, Evan, Evander, Everett, Evzen, Ezekial, Ezra,
    Fabio, Fairfax, Farley, Farrell, Faxon, Felix, Felix, Fenn, Fenton, Fergus,
    Ferran, Ferris, Fielding, Filbert, Filmore, Finlay, Finley, Finn, Finnigan,
    Fisk, Fitzgerald, Fletcher, Flindo, Flint, Floyd, Flynn, Forbes, Forrest,
    Forsythe, Foster, Foster, Francis, Franek, Frank, Franklin, Frasier, Frazer,
    Frazier, Fred, Frederick, Fremont, Fritz, Fuller, Fulton, Gabe, Gabriel, Gage,
    Galen, Galeno, Galvin, Gamble, Gannon, Gareth, Garfield, Gargan, Garner,
    Garrett, Garrick, Garridan, Garrison, Garritt, Garth, Garvin, Gary, Gaspar,
    Gaston, Gavin, Gavrie, Gaylord, Gaynor, Geoff, Geoffrey, Geoffry, George,
    Gerard, Gerik, Germain, Gerry, Gideon, Gilberto, Giles, Ginton, Givon, Glen,
    Glenn, Glenno, Godfrey, Gordon, Gordy, Gorman, Grady, Graham, Gram, Granger,
    Grant, Granville, Grayson, Greg, Greger, Gregor, Gregory, Gresham, Griffen,
    Griffith, Guilhem, Gunnar, Gunther, Gus, Gustave, Guthrie, Guy, Hackett, Hadden,
    Hadi, Hadley, Hadrian, Hagan, Hal, Halden, Hale, Halian, Halsey, Hamilton,
    Hamlin, Hank, Hans, Harden, Hardy, Harith, Harlan, Harman, Harold, Harper,
    Harrison, Harry, Hart, Hartley, Harvey, Hassan, Hastin, Hastings, Hayden, Hayes,
    Haynes, Heath, Hector, Helaku, Henning, Henry, Herbert, Herman, Herschel,
    Hilliard, Hilton, Hiroshi, Hobart, Hogan, Holden, Holt, Homes, Horace, Horton,
    Houston, Howard, Howrence, Hoyt, Hugh, Hugo, Humphrey, Hunter, Huntley, Hyman,
    Iain, Ian, Ilias, Ingmar, Ingram, Ira, Irvin, Irving, Irwin, Isaac, Isaiah,
    Israel, Itzak, Ivan, Ivar, Jabari, Jabir, Jack, Jacob, Jacobe, Jacques, Jacson,
    Jacy, Jafar, Jagger, Jake, Jal, Jaleel, Jamal, James, Jamison, Jared, Jarek,
    Jarman, Jaron, Jarrod, Jarvis, Jason, Jasper, Javan, Javier, Jay, Jebidiah, Jed,
    Jedidiah, Jedrek, Jeff, Jeffrey, Jelani, Jeremiah, Jeremy, Jerolin, Jerome,
    Jeromy, Jerzy, Jesse, Jessee, Jethro, Jibril, Jin, Jiro, Jivin, Joel, Johann,
    John, Jolon, Jonah, Jonathan, Jonathon, Jordan, Jordon, Jorgen, Jorvin, Joseph,
    Joshua, Judd, Jude, Julian, Julius, Juma, Jung, Justin, Kadin, Kai, Kaikara,
    Kaladin, Kalb, Kale, Kalil, Kalkin, Kalman, Kamal, Kane, Kaniel, Kardal, Karl,
    Karsten, Kasch, Kasen, Kaspar, Kateb, Kayin, Keane, Kearney, Kedar, Keefe,
    Keelan, Keenan, Kegan, Keir, Keir, Keith, Kelby, Keleman, Kell, Kellen, Kelvin,
    Ken, Kenan, Kendall, Kendrick, Kenelm, Kenley, Kennard, Kennedy, Kenneth, Kent,
    Kenton, Kenyon, Keona, Ker, Kerby, Kern, Kerry, Kers, Kersen, Kerwin, Kester,
    Kevin, Khalil, Khoury, Kiefer, Kieran, Kiernan, Killian, Kin, Kinnel, Kinsey,
    Kintan, Kip, Kirby, Kirk, Kiyoshi, Kliftin, Klog, Komor, Kontar, Krischan,
    Krister, Kurt, Kyle, Kyler, Laethan, Laird, Lamar, Lamont, Lance, Lander,
    Landon, Lane, Lang, Larry, Lars, Lawler, Lawrence, Lazarus, Lear, Lee, Leif,
    Leighton, Leland, Len, Lennon, Lennor, Lennox, Lensar, Leo, Leon, Leonard,
    Leron, Leroy, Lester, Lev, Levi, Lewis, Lewis, Li, Liam, Like, Lincoln, Lindsey,
    Lionel, Llewellyn, Lloyd, Logan, Loren, Lorenzo, Lorne, Louis, Lowell, Lucas,
    Lucian, Luis, Luke, Lukyan, Lunt, Luther, Lyle, Lyndon, Lysander, Mac, Macer,
    Mack, Mackenzie, Magnus, Malcolm, Malik, Manco, Mandek, Mander, Manfred,
    Manning, Mansur, Manuel, Marc, Marcos, Marcus, Marden, Marek, Mario, Mark,
    Markham, Markos, Marlin, Marlon, Marlon, Marshal, Marshall, Marsten, Martin,
    Martingo, Marvin, Mason, Matai, Mateo, Mather, Matthew, Matthias, Maurice, Max,
    Maxwell, Maynard, Mayon, Mead, Meka, Mercer, Merill, Merle, Merrick, Merrik,
    Meyer, Micael, Michael, Migon, Miguel, Mike, Mikkel, Mikos, Miles, Miles, Milo,
    Milton, Miner, Mitchell, Monroe, Monte, Morgan, Morley, Morris, Mortimer,
    Morton, Morven, Morz, Motega, Mukasa, Murdoch, Murdock, Murphy, Myles, Myron,
    Naeem, Nalren, Nantan, Nathan, Nathaniel, Neal, Neale, Neil, Nelek, Nelson,
    Neron, Nestor, Nevan, Neville, Nevin, Nevin, Nicanor, Nicholas, Nigel, Nikolos,
    Nils, Noah, Nodin, Noe, Nolan, Norbert, Norman, Norris, Norton, Nuri, Nyle,
    Oakes, Oakley, Ochen, Octavius, Odell, Odin, Odion, Odon, Ogden, Olaf, Olin,
    Oliver, Omar, Ordano, Oren, Orion, Orman, Ormand, Orrin, Orson, Orville, Oscar,
    Osgood, Osmond, Otis, Otto, Owen, Paco, Palmer, Paolo, Paris, Parker, Parnell,
    Pascal, Patamon, Patrick, Patterson, Patton, Paul, Paulin, Pavel, Paxton,
    Payton, Pearce, Peder, Pembroke, Penn, Percival, Perry, Peter, Peyton, Phearcy,
    Philip, Phillip, Phillippe, Phoenix, Pierce, Pierre, Pierson, Pilan, Platon,
    Porter, Prentice, Prescot, Prescott, Preston, Quentin, Quenton, Quillan, Quincy,
    Quinlan, Quinn, Rad, Radcliffe, Radman, Rafael, Rafferty, Ragnar, Raidon,
    Raleigh, Ralph, Ramiro, Ramon, Ramsay, Ramsey, Ranard, Rance, Randall, Randolph,
    Ranen, Ranger, Rankin, Raoul, Raphael, Raul, Ravi, Ravi, Ravid, Ray, Raymond,
    Raynor, Reade, Redford, Redmond, Reed, Reese, Reeve, Regan, Reginald, Regis,
    Remington, Renaldo, Rendor, Renfry, Renny, Reuben, Rex, Reyhan, Rhett, Rhett,
    Rhys, Ricardo, Richard, Richter, Rico, Rider, Ridgley, Rigby, Riley, Rimon,
    Ringo, Ringo, Riodan, Riordan, Roarke, Robert, Roberto, Robi, Rockwell, Rod,
    Roderick, Rodman, Rodney, Rodrigo, Roger, Roi, Roland, Roldan, Rolf, Ronald,
    Ronan, Rooney, Rory, Roscoe, Ross, Roth, Rowan, Rowland, Roy, Royce, Ruben,
    Rudd, Rudi, Rudyard, Rufus, Runako, Ruskin, Russ, Russell, Rusty, Rutherford,
    Rutledge, Ryan, Ryder, Rylan, Sahale, Sahen, Salim, Saloman, Sam, Samien,
    Sammon, Samson, Samuel, Sanders, Sandon, Sandor, Sanford, Sargent, Sarngin,
    Sarojin, Saul, Saunders, Sawyer, Saxon, Schuyler, Scott, Sean, Sebastian,
    Sebastien, Seif, Selby, Senon, Sergio, Seth, Seung, Severin, Sevilin, Seward,
    Seymour, Shane, Shawn, Shea, Sheffield, Sheldon, Shen, Sheridan, Sherman,
    Sherwin, Sherwood, Shing, Shunnar, Sidney, Siegfried, Silas, Simon, Sivan, Skip,
    Skyler, Slade, Slevin, Smith, Solomon, Sorgan, Soterios, Spalding, Spencer,
    Spenser, Standford, Stanley, Stanton, Stasio, Stefan, Stephan, Stephen,
    Sterling, Stevan, Steve, Steven, Stewart, Stoke, Stoyan, Strom, Stuart, Subrey,
    Sulaiman, Sullican, Sumner, Sutherland, Sutton, Sven, Sylvester, Tab, Tabari,
    Tad, Tadi, Tai, Tajo, Talbart, Talbot, Talman, Talos, Tanek, Tanner, Tano, Taro,
    Tate, Taurin, Taylor, Tem, Terence, Terrence, Terrill, Terry, Thaddeus, Thai,
    Thaman, Thane, Thanos, Theobald, Theodore, Theron, Thierry, Thomas, Thorpe,
    Thurston, Thurston, Tibalt, Tiernan, Timothy, Titus, Tobias, Toby, Tod, Todd,
    Tomas, Tong, Tor, Torin, Torrance, Townsend, Travers, Travis, Tremain, Tremaine,
    Trent, Trevor, Trey, Tristan, Troy, Tryon, Tucker, Tully, Tyee, Tyler, Tymon,
    Tyrone, Upton, Uriah, Urian, Van, Vance, Vaughn, Vern, Vernon, Victor, Vincent,
    Vinson, Virgil, Vito, Vlad, Vladimir, Vokes, Volf, Wade, Wagner, Walden, Waldo,
    Walker, Wallace, Wally, Walter, Ward, Warner, Warren, Watson, Waylan, Wayland,
    Waylon, Wayne, Webb, Webster, Wendell, Wesley, Weston, Weylin, Whitaker, Wilfen,
    Will, Willard, Willem, William, Wilson, Winston, Winthrop, Wlby, Woody, Wyatt,
    Xavier, Xenos, Xerxes, Ximen, Yakecan, Yale, Yancey, Yardley, Yarin, Yerik,
    Yero, Yervant, York, Yusuf, Yves, Zachariah, Zachary, Zackery, Zaid, Zaide,
    Zane, Zaniel, Zann, Zared, Zarek, Zeke, Zenon, Zion, Ziven, Zorn
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  6. Nice list! Only one I see you are missing is Reebdoog. Also its the only one I checked [​IMG]
  7. Joobulance

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    HHahahahahaha that's the only one I checked for too. :p
  8. Guest

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    Hey my laziness is showing. I was going to check for reebdoog then just assumed it would be on there and didn't bother. [​IMG]
  9. UCCDog

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    Dec 7, 2005
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    Yea I knew that one was gone, but figured everyone knew that name