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[Tailoring] Anyone have a pricing formula they use on barbed armor pieces that they sell.

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by bwitched, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. bwitched

    bwitched Guest

    New to crafting and want to get an idea of what formula people use when pricing barbed pieces that they are selling.
  2. rwek

    rwek Guest

    yeah, i look at it and say, hurm not bad its worth a million. So i put it on my vendor for 5 mil.
  3. Tycolby

    Tycolby Guest

    Good Luck Bwitched because with the amount of Barb kits out there, fewer ppl are willing to pay a good amount for your armor now.It very unlikely you will recover your cost of the barb kits, leather and vendor rental fees from the sales of your armor. So many ppl have just stopped selling armor now cuz its not worth the investment anymore.

    If you bought your kits at 2 mil a piece then every piece must start with a price of 133,000 (133,000 x 15 = 1,995,000)

    For leather Barb its running 200k for 1k so 13,667 (13,667 x 15 = 205,000) must be add to every piece also.

    133,000 + 13,667 = 146,667 is the base price for every piece you make. Just round it up to 150k starting price per piece

    Total Resist is another factor in the pricing:
    50-60 =100k
    60-70 =200k
    70-80 =350k
    80-90 =500k
    90 or better 5 mil or higher

    Mods are another factor:
    Maxed mods will add 75k-100k per mod
    Related Mods i.e. LMC and LRC are related
    2 related add 100k
    3 related add 250k
    4 related add 500k

    You can also add Duro to each piece and add the cost of the POF to the total price of the piece.

    So a piece with 20LRC, 8LMC, 2MR, 5 mana increase would be about 950k
    500k + 300k + 150K =950k That's 500k for 4 related, 300k for 3 max mods, and 150k base price.

    You can adjust for what you think is fair market value now but i hope that helps some.
  4. Limlight

    Limlight Guest

    Based on that guys formula...if you find a piece of armor with:
    90+ Resist
    20 LRC
    8 LMC
    2 MR
    5 MI

    It would be worth 5.95 mil.

    I would gladly round it up and pay you 6 mil. lol

    No offense, but your numbers were way off.

    If a piece has MR 2, LMC and LRC on it...expect to pay some gold.
    Now if you can get the piece with 15+ Fire/Poison.

    Congrats you have a 20-100 mil piece.