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anyone help me out here? are these rare?

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by imported_kray2s, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. just been cleaning home and loading a couple of vendors when i stumbled across a chest i had forgotten about (on top floor of house i havent even really deco'd it yet alone go up there much)

    However in this chest is numerous caps and legs (armour) crafted in horned leather all with a Double Exceptional Tag.

    Is armour the same as the furniture? Meaning the double exceptional is no longer craftable?

    Also how much would these go for considering the resists are nothing to write home about (max i think was 50 lowest about 25)

    ty for your time
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It depends on the tag itself, which of the following are they

    Exceptional Barbed Leather Sleeves


    Barbed Leather Sleeves of Exceptional Quality

    basically is the first exceptional at the begining of the items name or the end?
  3. *rummages through pack*

    the exact labelling is as follows: -

    exceptional horned leather sleeves

    Some have a crafters name in between
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    around 25k-100k, very difficult to sell as those are not particuarly old and therefore still fairly common
  5. 25k-100k?!?

    Ill sell the nine bags full that I have for a mere 10k each.

    Seriously.. there is absolutely no demand for these at all. I would think that you might get a 20% bonus for an extremely good item because you could say "oh it has the double tag"....

    but other then that...

    Good luck selling it.

    If you manage to find a buyer for them please let me know...

    Ive got some ID wands that I can sell to him as well.
  6. ty for the help

    and as for those id wands i keep u in mind if i find the buyer lol
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There are some people who do buy them on occasion, but if you're only getting a 20% increase off of a base of 10k for an item with this tag & good mods thats kinda sad.

    This would mean you're getting an extra 2k for good mods, while there are some pieces with this tag that are easily worth a few hundred k to a few mil or more
  8. I am sorry... Maybe I wasn't clear.

    My opinion is that it raises the value of the item by a very small amount. Say 20%.

    If you have a piece of armor that might sell for 10k without the double tag, then its pretty worthless, and might be able to be sold for 12k with the double tag.

    a 1M item could get 1.2M because of the tag.

    My point is more that the value in the piece lies in the mods and not the double tags. If the mods on the piece are amazing then you might get a huge range of offers. To have it be a double only adds slightly to the offer.

    Unless someone is putting together the "Uber suit of double tags" then I would not expect to get anything crazy for any of the pieces.

    I just dont see a demand.


    But again..

    If ya have someone wanting all my item ID wands... Ive got tons of em..

    I got a bridge in Vesper to sell as well..

  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ah ok, that makes much more sense. you're completely correct that they're a tough sell, but alot of newer collectors with limited resources still like them for their collections, or to try and resell for alil profit. Not the best investment, but still a plausbile option at that point for them