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Anyone know of someone thats looking for a place to put a 18x18?

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Marcus Blackwell, May 18, 2008.

  1. Found two spots in Malas were an 18x18 would fit. Is there anyone thats looking for a place to place an 18x18 or know of anyone that is looking or would want to know these locations?
  2. Skv012a

    Skv012a Guest

    How is the population on Cats these days? I'm thinking what shard to join this time around and housing is usually my must.
  3. Population wise its more active then Legends which was the shard I was playing on before I decided for a change only been here for about three weeks though. Legends is pretty low pop. though. Housing wise in Malas when I was looking for a place to put a home found about five to eight spots there for a max house. Id have to say this shard is decently active but its no Atlantic thank goodness played there for years and at time was hard to find a place to hunt and still is from what I here Atlantic is like the most populated shard at the moment.
  4. You can find large size spots in Trammel from time to time too... just have to keep your eyes open. I found a spot that would hold a tower last night, but it is still open as I don't need a tower.