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Anyone know the latest rate of Vendor paid per real day?

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by tommy357, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. tommy357

    tommy357 Guest

    Hi all,

    Anyone know the latest rate of Vendor paid per real day? I noticed that my vendor paid per real day is 60gp. But according to uo.stratics.com said, each vendor is paid from 240gp to 280gp per real day, plus 12gp for each 500gp of vendor goods after the 1st 500gp of goods.

    Can anyone tell me the latest rate of Vendor?

  2. Picus at the office

    Picus at the office Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Supporter

    Nov 24, 2009
    Likes Received:
    No idea, mine run's about 210K per day with a couple mil worth of items in it for sale. Your numbers would seem a little low as my vendor should have around 8.73 mil worth of items for sale but I'm sure it has more.
  3. tommy357

    tommy357 Guest

    Hi Picus,

    I found that your rate for the goods is 8,730,000gp / 210,000gp = 41.57 , it is equal to the basic rate 500gp / 12gp = 41.67.
  4. tommy357

    tommy357 Guest

    Hi Picus,

    Again, I have tested my vendor with your price of goods = 8,730,000gp and the vendor charges me 52,380gp, which means the rate is 8,730,000gp / 52,380gp = 166.67. And the price of each goods < 500gp is free of charge. Now the basic rent of vendor is 60gp each real day plus the rate of goods charge = 166.67 per 500gp interval, ie, the item worths 500gp to 999gp charges 3gp (500 / 166.67 = 3) ; the items worths 1000gp to 1499gp charges 6gp (1000 / 166.67 = 6)... etc

    e.g, one item worths 1000gp goods in vendor charges 60gp + (1000 / 166.67)gp = 66gp each real day.

    e.g., one item worths 499gp goods in vendor charges 60gp each real day only.