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Anyone run this template?

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by YuriGaDaisukiDa, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Here is a template i thought of a while ago that i alwayas wanted to try.

    I call it the god template because potentialy, it is the most powerfull combination in UO.

    120 music
    120 peace
    120 provocation
    100 hearding

    than from here it gets tricky what skills are best

    You cannot herd animals through gates, thus, the best way to get animals where you want them, is to first tame them, and then release them in the desired location.

    If your solo, and have one character, on siege for example, you need 100 taming and lore

    if you ahve freinds/second accounts/second characters, they can tame and release for you leaving 200 skill points open for you

    vet and lore are optional (you can vet wild monsters in fell)

    Class concept

    peace a large tamable mosnter so it wont attack you
    herd it around
    provoke it on desired enemy

    you essentially become a tamer with no controll slot limit

    if you can get someone to tame the mosnters for you, and do lore and vet you can also drag around 5 bonded forest ostards and get some magery in that mix

    Just wondering if anyone misses the old tamer days of 15 dragons enough to build this class =p

    Also wondering if it is a good pvp class

    i know you cant provoke pets, youll get a "too loyal" message, but i think you can provoke monsters on players right?
  2. Also note:

    unicorns will attack anyone with negative karma, so an alternate version of this class can heard unicorns and not use provocation

    and before you say "i dont want to tame 15 dragons every time i want to hunt" remember that you only need to tame 1-2 to be way stronger than other classes

    also, if your a tamer you can stable spare pets, and just retame and stable when your done hunting (this way you can actualy herd around trained pets =p)