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Anyone taken up the offer yet?

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by debslee, May 12, 2008.

  1. debslee

    debslee Guest

  2. Juniper Skye

    Juniper Skye Guest

    I'm patiently waiting for info on pogo, haven't gotten anything in my email as of yet.
  3. LadiLuck

    LadiLuck Guest

    I wont be taking up their offer - Now if they said they were keeping EALand/TSO open I would stay. After Aug. 1st I wont be touching anything that has EA brand on it.
  4. LordDeath

    LordDeath Guest

    EA is on the bottom of my list right now!

    *coming soon, a really cool signature
  5. Spacey

    Spacey Guest

    I'm focusing my energy on other companies new games, and might try WoW. Not to keen on EA right now. :mad:
  6. sedusa

    sedusa Guest

    I havent received the offer via email yet.
  7. Starrfoxx

    Starrfoxx Guest

    I did not receive the offer yet either.
  8. Charlton

    Charlton Guest

    I find it odd that EA didn't offer a free temporary full membership to Ultima Online instead of Pogo.

    Sure, it's a whole different genre than TSO (sorry, still refuse to call it EA Land), but UO is still more in line with TSO than Pogo, surely.

    You can build houses, decorate them, it has skill sets to build, ect. When EA took over/cancelled other MMO's they gave free memberships to UO, just not sure why they didn't do the same for TSO.

    I mean, sheesh, we can play on Pogo.com for free anyway...

    Just seems to me that they should have offered a free 3 month subscription to their only other true MMO to TSO players like they've done in the past.

    In any case, I won't be accepting either of the current offers. I already play Pogo and never saw the need to go premium, and $15 off of a boxed item would most likely get eaten up in shipping charges anyway.
  9. Avyi

    Avyi Guest

    I took it as $15 off a downloaded item from the online store.
  10. trudymac

    trudymac Guest

    I have no interest in EA products anymore.

    I spent good money and a lot of my free time, only to have them pull the plug on it a few weeks after they gutted the game.

    It's upsetting, because I think fans of The Sims products supported EA a LOT over the years, I know I did - bought every single Sims title and then some. Played UO, played MCO, etc. We made The Sims the number one selling game of all time, which spent years at the top of the sales charts. Now they call us selfish and shut down TSO after thoroughly destroying the game

    I'll be looking for greener pastures.
  11. debslee

    debslee Guest

    Yep thats how I interpreted it. I was wondering if anyone has tried it yet? Cause a game could end up being quite cheap.
  12. Crackpot

    Crackpot Guest

    likewise, I have no interest in their offline stuff and even less in a time-waster like pogo
  13. Milton

    Milton Guest

    I would be happy to separate EA from $15 for a PS3 game. Standard shipping for one I looked at is $6.99. An eight dollar savings still isn't too bad, but I can usually get that at a Target or Walmart store within the first month of release.

    When all is said and done, I'm not sure if I'll use the $15 offer or not.
  14. EgtBallShark

    EgtBallShark Guest

    I haven't received any type of offer as of yet.
  15. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    I never sneer at a discount. :D

    Once I get the email, I will undoubtedly use it on an offline game.....which one is less certain.

    Actually, they made that offer before the demands for refunds started pouring in....:eek:
    ....wonder if they still plan to offer it? :eek:
  16. Wyld Cherry

    Wyld Cherry Guest

    Better yet, I want the 15.00 not 15.00 off another crappy game by EA

    EA can stuff it where the sun down't wanna shine anymore loL
  17. nellie233

    nellie233 Guest

    I completely agree with you there. Why did they give us 3 free months to test out UO instead of pogo. Who knows people may have liked it.
  18. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    I wonder if we can use it in international EA stores
  19. LadiLuck

    LadiLuck Guest

    Well I personally am waiting for what the OLD Devs that escaped EA to put out their announcement of their new game they are working on. As soon as it comes up for Beta I am there ready to go.

    If anyone knows what we like its them so I am sure it will be close to TSO in some shape or form.. least hoping :)

    Crossing fingers

  20. Qute Pi

    Qute Pi Guest

    I'm still waiting on my email...on any of my accounts...
    but I won't use it. lol. I am just curious if I'll actually get one.
  21. Parizad

    Parizad VIP
    VIP Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
  22. cat9201

    cat9201 Guest

    1. I haven't gotten the offer in my email yet.

    2. I called over 10 days ago for my refund for April - they said it was taken care of. Not according to my statement it isn't..no refund there.

    3. No refund yet on my Pay Pal account yet either for the ATM money I spent.
  23. Iceman

    Iceman Guest

    If EA paid me $15.00 and gave ma a free game I would probally tell you to keep both. After the come on to lure me back to TSO only to pull the rug out from under my efforts at the 11th hour......You really know just how to treat your loyal customers............Thanks EA

  24. Tuesdae

    Tuesdae Guest

  25. I have 3 accounts, Does this mean i get 45 dollars in discounts or is it only 15 dollars no matter how many accounts you have. :confused:
  26. DizzyLizzy

    DizzyLizzy Guest

    I have not seen any offer yet.tried numerous times to contact EA about it.Got no response, no suprise to me.I personaly find it rather insulting to offer us a $15 coupon after all the time and money we have spent on Sims Online.I had takena year break from game and came back after the merge to check it out,a move I wish I had never did, they just managed to pis me off all over again.Spent over $100 dollars in that ATM for stuff I cant use again after Augst1. They say we will get that money refunded back,Ill believe it when I see it.
  27. TKSpeedy

    TKSpeedy Guest

    I haven't even gotten the offer in e-mail yet. I just read about it on the forums. I hope I will get it cause I'll take the $15 off of the download of the complete Sims 1 collection.
  28. dianj

    dianj Guest

    I would not hold my breath waiting for that email ... but I can definately count on EA continuing to try and charge me for a game that is supposed to be free, check your statements people ... LOL

    RIP: Sunny Delight
  29. Mavric

    Mavric Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
  30. kellydor

    kellydor Guest

    6 accounts and not yet one offer. lovely
  31. Raisin

    Raisin Guest

    Well Parizad did write above that it will come within a month, so. I'm sure you'll get it.

    Dunno yet if I will be taking them up on the offer.
    Waiting for Spore to come out, that's gonna be great I think, and you'll be able to visit other people's worlds online too. :)
  32. TKSpeedy

    TKSpeedy Guest

    Well I e-mailed EA tonight to ask about that $15 off offer since I still haven't gotten it in e-mail yet. I also asked about the Sims Complete Collection and if they are ever going to put the expansion packs back in their store. Will let you know if I hear anything.
  33. Founder

    Founder Guest

    Another promised unfulfilled yet and the funny thing is, even with $15 off, they make buttload of profit of CDs that cost pennies to reproduce. So from a smart marketing point of view, they should issue $15 off to everyone.
  34. Will Wrong

    Will Wrong Guest

    I think this best sums up my feelings on the subject:


    (and no, you junior hall monitors, there's nothing dirty in this song, so don't pull this post. Lyrics: http://www.musicsonglyrics.com/A/alicecooperlyrics/alicecoopergotohelllyrics.htm)

    I got my money back for all the accounts I re-opened. BUT I had to inform them of the heat they were getting on the forums before the boards went down, and the calls by some for a class-action suit about internet fraud. Don't give a ratz behind about if a suit would work. But I asked the customer dis-service rep if we should let the FTC decide if it's fraud to tell folks they're gonna get valuable in-game objects and that they'll soon be able to trade simoleans for money, and then pull the plug after you get them to re-open their accounts. That got him to jump, and I got my money back. Yes, I'm talking it's already in my bank account. They cancelled my accounts, so I might not be able to get in the game again for the "Entertain an EA Employee tTo Win A Prize From A Dead Game" contest :lame: , but hey, here's another video for that:


    Jimmy crack corn, and I DON'T CARE... :thumbdown:
  35. majdi

    majdi Guest

    no lol .. and never will.
  36. julilyn

    julilyn Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I would never again put one cent into EA. no way, no how. As far as i am concerned. EA is dead to me. :thumbdown:
  37. lucretia

    lucretia Guest

    I would love to know the answer to this one as well:wall:
  38. TKSpeedy

    TKSpeedy Guest

    I'm still waiting for the offer in e-mail to get my $15 off. Funny, we were supposed to get it within 30 days of "the announcement". Well that would've been the 29th of May and here it is officially June 1 and still nothing. I even got charged for my subscriptions, but at least they were refunded. I keep e-mailing them, and all I have been getting are surveys from them. Is there a coupon code we're supposed to get for the $15 off? I want my offer dang it!
  39. xbadkhmerx2

    xbadkhmerx2 Guest

    I would never take up the offer, not even if they gave me $400, I WOULD buy products for ea, because I already have BF 2142 and most Sims games. (SIMS 2)
  40. GRINCH

    GRINCH Guest

    Still wating for the email with the offer, I guess that is another promise broken to us players.
  41. K, I Am Posting In This Thread Cuz They Closed The Thread I Started.

    Are The Developers Gonna Send Us That Email For The 15 Dollar Credit Towards And Ea Game? I Put A Post On Tso-e About And Didnt Get A Reply So I Decided To Come To This Crappy Site.

    So I Am Hoping The Devs Will See This And Decide To Send That Email Promised To Us. Or Is Ea Breaking Another Promise Given To Us Tso Players

    Fugly Old Man
  42. GRINCH

    GRINCH Guest

    Ha Ha fugs. EA games doesnt care about us. They are not gonna give us what is promised. They totally forgot about tso and they can't wait to pull the plug on the game.
  43. boggslane

    boggslane Guest

    I have 8 accounts, have not been "offered" anything for any of them.

  44. Renee TSO

    Renee TSO Guest

    Yeah im in the same boat! I was wondering where that email was...in fact i didnt even get the "happy birthday from EA" email either. Yes i double checked that my information was correct at the EA page. Every year i get a happy birthday and 15 bucks off my next purchase email, this year...not so much. lol Now that i think about it i didnt even get the 90 day notice from them either! I read about it here. I was going to print that and add it to my collection of sims stuff. Oh well...

    However Stratics remebered to send my birthday email...Thanks Stratics! : ))
  45. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    Happy Birthday, Renee!
  46. You Got Birthday Emails From Ea/ Maxis. That Must Have Been Nice, In The 5 Plus Years I Been On Tso I Never Recieved A Birthday Email. Guess I Am Not That Big Of A Dev Kissup To Get That Stuff.
  47. Milton

    Milton Guest

    Or you just didn't select the right check box and opted out of that particular type of communication. Not everything in the world can be linked being a dev kissup.
  48. debslee

    debslee Guest

    The way I read it, was she DIDNT get one from EA/Maxis, but from Stratics....and there certainly wasnt any "dev kissup" on that front....just merely ticking boxes !:smooch

    However, can we get back on topic now please!
  49. GRINCH

    GRINCH Guest

    She said she got one from stratics this year, but in the years past have recieved an email from EA games / Maxis. They mentioned that they had a 15 dollar coupon on the email also for her birthday. Read it again and you will see.