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AOL Legends- Please Post for Condolences to Our Family

Discussion in 'UO Player Memorial Forum' started by Mikeltin, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Mikeltin

    Mikeltin Guest

    Last week we lost a very treasured member of the AOL Legends team. A friends amongst Trammel Players as well as Felucca Players, ( <font color="red"> Elie </font>, <font color="blue"> KARURU </font> , <font color="green"> a hooded figure </font> , <font color="white"> Felucca's Finest </font>, <font color="orange"> Lorrendon </font>) went to be with the Lord. He passed away due to a heart failure on the operating table. The doctors went in to remove his esophogus due to acid reflux, and while in there his lungs gave in and his heart stopped beating. He was only 16. Please keep my family in your prayers, as it is hard for all of us.

  2. SiNNiR922

    SiNNiR922 Guest

    i came back to UO and this has happened i saw a guy named A Hooded Figure in Luna.... dont know if that was him... dont know if that was his friend. When i go to heaven ill have him as a friend again, we will be playing Ultima Heaven on the computers [​IMG] i hope he is thinking about his good friend SiNN from Legends Im 15 close to his age ... nah im sure he has thought of me. well im sitting here... crying.... hoping he was still here. finally knowing where he went. if i could drive i would go to his grave and camp there with him by my side..... Im sorry i should have posted here a little sooner but i just came bac kto ultima online... couldnt play because my house burned down gone for 5 months.. .and im back. My friend that taught me all about UO and knew him very well.. i even received a picture from him he didnt hack me.... i knew i could trust him he was a good hearted boy and i will always remember him.. think of him when i play UO, have him by my side in battles cheering me on. i remember when he wooped my ass like 5 times in a row because i killed his thief it was pretty funny.. but i really wished he could still be here and be with my to tell me that he was still good buddy of mine.


  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Very sorry for your loss.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I personally didn't know him but I had seen "A Hooded Figure" running around in fel and around Luna bank here and there. I'm sorry for your loss :/
  5. I was recently informed by an old UO friend of mine about this forum... He believed that i had passed away because i am a hooded figure. I had played UO for several years and with a few friends of mine we made the guild known as Hood. I was the guild leader, the confusion is in that everyone in the guild had the same character name.

    It has been years since i played with any of the hooded figures and my memories of them all are slowly fading. Nevertheless everyone i knew in that guild was a great person and i know that he is resting in peace.

    Something id like to note is that in 2/22/2006 my older brother passed away, and now exactly 1 year later, 2/22/2007 one of my old fellow guildmates did aswell. Not sure that this means anything...

    I hope all is well for a hooded figures family and friends.
    -Joel (AKA A hooded figure(#1))