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April 22, 2011

Discussion in 'Test Center Updates' started by RainStar, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. RainStar

    RainStar Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 20, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Player Bounty System In Space
    • Just like ground, bounty can be placed for all types of space PvP kill, except for duel and BH related kill. Unlike ground, where the attacker must be at least level 20 for the victim to place a bounty, there is no such level restriction for placing a bounty from space PvP kill. For POB ship, it is the owner of the victim ship who gets to place the bounty on the owner of the attacker ship.
    • The 1000 credits auto-bounty for all types of PvP kill (including duel and BH related kill), and its anti-fightclubbing measure, has been extended to space, for all types of space PvP kill (including duel and BH related kill). For POB ship, it is the owner of the victim ship and the owner of the attacker ship who are considered in the 1000 credits auto-bounty, and its anti-fightclubbing measure.
    • Remember, the BH must be at least level 22 in order to take player bounty mission.
    • The requirement that a mark must be within a certain level of the BH who is browsing the mission terminal in order for the mark to appear in the mission list does not apply if the mark has a space bounty. If the mark has any space bounty, he will always appear on the mission list, regardless of the level difference between the mark and the BH who is browsing the mission terminal.
    • The mission list will indicate the (% ground, % space) of the bounty value. Once the mission has been accepted into the datapad, the mission Examine window title will periodically update the (% ground, % space) of the bounty value as the mark receives additional bounties.
    • If the bounty consists of only space bounties, the mark can only be hunted in space. If the bounty consists of only ground bounties, or both ground and space bounties, the mark can be hunted on both ground and space.
    • There is no BH first strike in space. The mark’s ship and the BH’s ship will mutually appear red to each other at all times.
    • The Sorosuub Luxury Yacht will continue to remain unattackable.
    • For POB ship, the BH must be in her own ship, and the mark must be in his own ship. The BH cannot attack if she is aboard someone else's ship. The mark cannot be attacked if he is aboard someone else's ship. Gunners aboard the BH's ship or the mark's ship can participate in the fight.
    • An actual kill is required to collect the bounty. The ship that delivers the kill shot will receive the bounty. We will revisit ejection rules to make it difficult to use ejection to avoid space PvP kill in general.
    • The Arakyd Probe Droid can now be launched in space, but only for player bounty mission.
    • The Arakyd Probe Droid will report if the mark is aboard a Sorosuub Luxury Yacht and/or if the mark is aboard someone else's ship, thus making the mark unattackable.
    • The BH must be aboard her own ship to launch the Arakyd Probe Droid or the Seeker Droid.
    • If the mark is in space, the waypoint reported by the Arakyd Probe Droid and the Seeker Droid will just contain the zone information, NOT the exact space coordinates of the mark. The coordinates will just point to (0, 0, 0).
    • When the Seeker Droid is tracking the bounty target in space, it will not continually spam the "...Mission Waypoint updated" and "Your probe droid will continue to report..." messages. It will spam these 2 messages once at the beginning, and then spam once more when the tracking terminates, when it either loses sight of the target or the target is no longer in the zone.

    Player Bounty System
    A Player Bounty System counter collection has been added to the Bounty Hunter section of the Slayer collection page that will track the number of times the BH killed the mark, the BH got killed by the mark, the mark killed the BH, and the mark got killed by the BH, separated into ground and space kill. The collection icons are not yet hooked up, but the collection tracking is functional.

    Structure Trader
    Added furniture from the Jedi and Sith enclave.