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April Fool's Day Archery Contest

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Baskum, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Baskum

    Baskum Guest


    My friend Goran just informed me that the Yew Archers will be holding their annual archery contest on April Fool's Day. The contest will begin at 9pm EST at the Yew Archers Range. The Range is in Trammel at coordinates: 135o 10' N 81o 37' E.

    The Rules of the contest:
    - All participants will use identical GM bows that will be provided.
    - 2 contestants will shoot at the same time with the winner of the pairing moving on to the next round.
    - Each contestant will shoot 5 arrows to accumulate his/her total score.
    - In the event of a tie, each contestant will shoot 3 more arrows as a tie-breaker.

    Temple of Yew, the fine scribe/archer of the Yew Archers will be the official scorekeeper. Decisions of the judge are final.

    **** PRIZES ****
    1) 1 Million gold
    2) 500k gold
    3) 250k gold
    4) Gift Box

    Everyone is welcome to attend and compete, unless of course you are a Red from the wicked lands of Felucca. Sorry nothing we can do about that. :)

    Refreshments will be served.

    The Yew Archers look forward to seeing you there on April 1st. And by the way, Goran says you all don't have a prayer. >:)
  2. Baskum! My old friend. Please send out a warm greeting to all of my old, wonderful comrades in The Yew Archers. If you can, pass along a special greeting to Arrow and Temple for me, it has been a long, long time.
  3. Baskum

    Baskum Guest

    Just bumping to top - the contest starts in little over an hour. Hope to see many of you there.