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Archer suggestions

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Ghost71, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Ghost71

    Ghost71 Guest

    Starting a new arhcer char. But i want em to have fletching so he can make his own arrows. Thinking Chiv also, wanting em mainly for Doom runs. Just wondered what be some good skills to have? Do i need both tacs and anat to get the max damage? I had a archer before, but have the skills stoned and haven't used a archer in a long time.
  2. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    I wouldn't put a crafting skill on a template that I fight with. You'll be short changing your template and depriving it of a skill you'll need to make your template work better. I have skills on a mule (crafter) that I make or repair items with.

    That being said I'll put my 2 cents in before Connor this time!

    The best template for an Archer, (IHMO) is the ABC archer; Archery, Bushido, Chivalry. This is the most powerful archer template for PVM and you can do fairly well in PVP.

    Here's my template:

    Bushido 120
    Archery 120
    Resist 120
    Tactics 90
    Anatomy 100
    Healing 90
    Chiv 90

    I have a 720 skill cap and 10 points in chiv on a ring. Using honor on every monster I face and the chiv buffs and lightning strike for perfection you can fairly easily hit most monsters VERY hard! You don't need elete stats to make the template work. If your short on gold or scrolls you should be fine going up to 100 X 7 in the skills if you want.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well your not going to find any wood or feathers in doom so hard to make arrows/bolts. So fletching would be better soulstoned

    You can max your damage with your suit if you dont have room for anat/tactics. If you want to use any special moves you will need Tactics high though.

    Interesting skills for a Doom archer -
    provo+music is nice to send LL,Mummies and RC back onto the DF.
    bushido - litning strike and confidence can be handy
    chiv think u mentioned already is good for remove curse heal,EoO etc

    maybe even spellweave for those angry bugs and word of death - havent tried this myself so hopefully someone else will comment on suggestion
  4. There is 0 skill required to make arrows and bolts. You can also make repairs to your bows as long as they haven't fallen more than 20% in durability.

    Chiv/Bushido Archer is the way to go for Doom. The only other template that can match it in damage is a Necro/SW/Mage.