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Archery Bugs Submitted to Leurocian

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Theo_GL, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Theo_GL

    Theo_GL Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Here are the list of Archery/Fletching Bugs I submitted to Leurocian to look at. Let me know if I missed anything.

    Archery Issues (Tested on TC1 Feb 08, 2008)

    Blight Gripped Longbow, Faerie Fire, Silvani’s, Mischief, Night Reaper – All high end recipes and all ok – they make what they are supposed to make.

    The rest of new ML bows should be able to be made EX. Right now it is not possible so they don’t get 35 DI added and cannot be marked. This is not right. I understand about not making the special ones (above) EX, but the other bows below have minor mods. The fact that you cannot make them EX means they are pretty close to useless. Why craft a Longbow of Might with only 5% DI when a normal longbow gets 35% DI automatically?

    Arms Lore also does NOT add up to 5% DI to bows like other weapons. Shouldn’t it?

    Barbed Longbow (Reflect Physical Dmg 12%) - No issues. Reflect not a possible wood/runic property on bows. No problems with this one.

    Slayer Longbow (Slayer Weapon) – No issues. You can get 2 slayer properties on a bow as expected (stacked property).

    Frozen Longbow (SSI -5, DI 10) – Works fine with wood. Make with ash (10% SSI) and you get 6% SSI. -5 + 10 does not equal 6%. It should be 5%. Also, if make with normal wood and runic rolls SSI – it comes out at 6% SSI. This should not be possible. If you make with Yew wood (DI 10, HCI 5) it works properly and gives 20% DI (stacked).

    Longbow of Might (DI 5%) – Seems to stack OK with Yew wood (15% with normal fletching kit). Not sure of runics. *Should* be able to make a 65% DI bow with heartwood kit (50% + 10% Yew + 5% DI) but not enough resources on test to make enough bows to test.

    Rangers Shortbow (SSI 5%) - Ah my favorite. Make with Ash wood and it comes out 6% SSI (10% ash + 5% bow should be 15%). Same with runic made ones when SSI comes up. It is impossible to make this with more than 6% SSI. This is a clear bug.

    Lightweight Shortbow (Balanced) – Crafted one with heartwood kit (4 properties min/max) ‘Balanced, Luck 82, Magic Arrow 36, Velocity 36’ – NO OTHER Properties!! That’s 3 properties + Balanced from bow type. Dropping Balanced property if runic rolls it. Clear bug.

    Mystical Shortbow (SC -1) – Same dropping property issue. Crafted one with regular wood and heartwood kit. Spell channel, SSI 20, DI 38. That is 4 total properties (SC -1, FC 1, SSI 20, DI 38. However, SC -1 should have come from the bow itself. Property was rolled by runic as well and dropped. Clear bug.

    Assassin Shortbow (HCI 3, DI 4) – Crafted with Yew with normal kit. Works fine. Unsure about runic as can’t tell if property is stacking properly or not. Need EA to test.

    Summary of Archery Bugs/Issues:

    1) Non Special Recipe bows need to be possible to make EX
    2) Arms Lore does not add DI up to 5% like iron weapons
    3) Frozen Longbow – SSI not calculated properly
    4) Longbow of Might – Possible DI issues in combo with runic. Need EA to test.
    5) Ranger Shortbow – SSI not stacking properly. Capped at 6%.
    6) Lightweight Shortbow – Dropping balanced property from runic rolls thus possibly shorting the runic made ones by a property.
    7) Mystical Shortbow – Dropping spell channel -1 property if rolled on runic.