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[Archery] Archery/Bushido/Paladin

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by denssor, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. denssor

    denssor Guest

    Hey guys,
    I was think I starting up a new char and wanted to get opinions from others about the template. So here it is...

    Archery - 100 (Untill I get a 120 scroll)
    Tactics - 100
    Anatomy - 100
    Healling - 100
    Bushido - 100
    Magic Resist - 100
    Chivalry - 80
    Focus - 40 (For a little Mana Regen, will drop to 20 once I get a 120 Arch scroll)

    STR: 60 DEX: 110 INT: 60

    I'm still much sure if I'm going to need that much STR, maybe lower it to 45-50 and add it to DEX?

    Feel free to post any sugestions and/or comments you may have.
  2. Diomedes Artega

    Diomedes Artega Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Okay so my opinion would be this. Depends on if you have a Jackal's collar, leggings of bane or other gear with + DEX or + stamina on it. Is this for PvM only or PvP as well?

    So ABC archer is what this is called basically.

    I would go:

    120 Archery
    120 Bushido
    60 Chivalry
    90 Healing
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    100 Resist

    Other 30 points distribute where you like. Can take the 20 from bushido and add them to tactics and anatomy along with the other 30 points if you want to make a MAX damage template.

    More bushido just makes better chance for criticals, more healing on confidence (from what I recall). Additionally, you can set up a honor macro to honor your targets. Its a fun template. I don't have the stats in all the same areas but I like my template a lot.

    Stats I would just use rune carapace for the mana benefits and plug in DCI on the legs and jewelry.

    Focus and or Meditation I would not use. It's a waste of stats. Use MR2 armor on your slots that are barbed and carapace for the other +3. Go human and you should get some pretty good return.
  3. GFY

    GFY Guest

    That would be a fair start but you should really pick up a 115 archery and bushido scroll while you shop for your 120's. The difference between even 110 and 115 is significant.
  4. aarons6

    aarons6 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 14, 2007
    Likes Received:

    this is my most favorite peerless char..

    mine is

    archery 115
    tactics 115
    bushido 115
    magic resist 110
    healing 100
    anatomy 90
    chiv 80

    as far as gear.. i use only 3 arties.
    he has the helm of insight and stormgrips and ring of vile

    the rest of his suit is all stam increase 7 or 8.. (8 is max and hard to find)
    he is at all 70s.. Human so he can carry alot of gold :)

    you have to have 140 dex for 4 second heals
    so he has the ring of vile, its 8 dex, and a brace with 8 dex.
    he has 250 stats, i want 255 but the +25 scrolls are way too expensive atm.

    125 true dex, + items to get to 140
    100 str for the di bonus you get at 100 its like 3% or something.
    25 int + bonus from the helm of insight and stormgrips..

    over all he has
    104 hp
    170 stam
    56 mana

    he uses a crossbow with 39 HML and 35 SSI..
    this means he can cast LS with NO USE OF MANA. :)
    actually he gains some and is almost always at max.

    when the stam goes down, cast DF and you get back to 100%
  5. This is my template, and has proven to be the top damage dealer, not to mention having the most survivability of all of my characters. He's proven effective in every invasion, Doom, and Peerless.

    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    120 Bushido
    95 Anatomy
    100 Healing
    75 Chiv
    90 Resist

    Str 90 (items brings to 110 w/118 Hp's)
    Dex 125 (items brings to 150 with 154 Stam)
    Int 40 (items & elf bonus brings to 94 mana)

    Key items in the gear are the Rune Beetle Carapace, Stormgrip, and Mace & Shield glasses.
  6. DCI is unnecessary for a PvM archer. HCI is good to have, but again also not necessary if you have high mana and Bushido.
  7. Diomedes Artega

    Diomedes Artega Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Yes quite true but he had not specified whether it was only for PvM or for PvP as well. ABC is a good balanced defensive template in PvP...only reason I suggested the DCI.

    Otherwise, I completely agree with you.
  8. Trinsie

    Trinsie Guest

    Pretty close to what I like, but...

    I would drop Chiv to 70 and bump anatomy up to 100. 70 Chiv is enough and the difference between 95 and 100 anatomy is more significant than 70 and 75 Chivalry.

    Anatomy passively increases the combat damage you deal as well as passively adding to the amount healed to yourself or other players with bandages. Now the amount healed is a side factor.

    The formula for the damage bonus % = anatomy / 6 (+ 5% if anatomy at 100.0 or higher)

    That to me is worth dropping Chiv by 5 and increasing anatomy by 5 to hit 100.

    I would make it this:

    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    120 Bushido
    100 Healing
    100 Anatomy
    90 Resisting Spells
    70 Chivalry

    You can add whatever you want wherever you want til you get the 120 scrolls.
  9. The difference in damage is more than made up with the lack of failures with EoO. 5 Anatomy is pretty insignificant when compared to the amount of damage increase you get for successfully casting EoO. A failure means more that last hit didn't get the double damage. Spread over an entire fight, especially when you have 120 Tactics and max DI with something like a heavy crossbow, you're capping out on damage anyway, so that 5 Anatomy means nil. Missing out on 100 damage from a single spell failure covers every bit of damage the Anatomy would have given you.

    That's just my experience of course.
  10. Trinsie

    Trinsie Guest

    I get what you are saying but at 70 skill you have a 45% chance of casting EoO and at 75 skill you have a 53% chance. I guess it is a preference thing. If getting EoO to cast on first try each time is that important you could take Chivalry to 90 to break 75% chance.

    So either is fine depending on preference. I prefer +10% damage bonus at 45% chance to cast over having a 53% chance to cast. I completely get where you are coming from though.
  11. Hi Connor, you my archer master! I Play in a free shard and i always follow your "tricks"! Please cite your gorget and the rest of your set!

    *Sorry for my poor english! :scholar:
  12. My gorget is a barbed leather gorget with MR 2 & Mana Inc 6, Sleeves are also barbed leather with MR 1 & Stam Inc 4 (looking to replace these at some point with something better), legs are valorite runic crafted samurai plate (mage armor stuff) with MR 2 & Mana Inc 7. Ring is a Ring of the Vile and brace has +12 Resist Spell/7 Str/6 Dex/7 Int/21 DI. My suit works out to be all 70's with total MR of 8. That with my crossbow with ML, SL, HLA, 30 SSI & DI (I'm afraid to try and enhance this lol) or any of my other bows with high ML and I'm rarely out of mana.
  13. Wow!!! Awesome set and without jackals! I have a Pally/Archer with the same status and skills like you, but he is not yet complete. Are you do pvp with that char and this set?

    i hope you understand my poor english lol!
  14. No, I don't do any PvP with any character. All of my characters are strictly PvM, although my archer is set up with a viable PvP template. I'd probably have to make a switch with Resist to get him up to 120, but that wouldn't be that hard to do.
  15. GFY

    GFY Guest

    One last question Connor,

    What is your dex and stamina?
  16. Dex is 149 and Stam is 154. I'd like to have 150 Dex but I'm having a hard time trying to find a brace to replace the one I currently have, and don't want to go the route of a Jackal's Collar. The gorget I have now is much better for my template & suit set up. If anyone happens to run across a brace with 6+ Str/7 Dex/6+ Int/20+ DI and preferably some + Resist Spell I'd pay mighty generously for it.
  17. GFY

    GFY Guest

    What do you get your extra dex from without using a jackal's collar? Do you have a ring of vile?
  18. That I do. That, along with the dex on my brace and the extra stam on my arms puts me over 150, so I'm good to go. My primary bow has SL on it, so I'm rarely below 150.