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Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Jonny, May 9, 2009.

  1. Jonny

    Jonny Guest

    Okay, so I was trying to do an Archer/Bushido as my first character. Archery is no problem to train of course, but Bushido is giving me problems. I can only buy up to about 30 skill in it. That leaves me Honorable Kill (useless) and Courage (useful, but useless for an Archer). So I added swords on since I can parry then and use Courage.

    Now I'm being told that for a new player (such as myself) this is not a good idea. I should just stick to the Archery/Bushido temp. My question is, how do I train my Bushido as an Archer since I can't parry?
  2. If by Courage you mean Confidence, it's far from useless for an archer. It's a massive healing boost that can heal between ticks of poison, and can be a lifesaver in bad situations. Bushido is a massive boost in damage output for any archer too. Critical hits when using Lightning Strike can get upwards of near 300 points of damage when using slayer weapons, which is nothing to laugh at. Basically to get your skill up you need to put on a high intelligence and mana regen suit (or seesaw your Int and Dex) and spam Confidence until you hit 50, then go out and fight, using Lightning Strike until you get to 120.
  3. Jonny

    Jonny Guest

    I thought Confidence only worked when I used Parry with it. That's very good to know.

    Where would I get high intel or mana regen suit and about how much does it typically cost? I'm in Atlantic, if that makes any difference to the price.

    Connor, every time I have a question, you always give me sound advise. You, sir, deserve a cookie. Hell, you can even have two.
  4. All you need is some cheap stuff that has Mana Regen 2, along with maybe some LMC and Mana Inc. The resists don't matter as you won't be using it to fight in. You can switch to your fighting gear once you hit 50 Bushido. After that it's LS all the way to 120. Just keep an eye out while you're hunting and pick up anything that fits your needs.
  5. Kellgory

    Kellgory Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I think your thinking of evasion not working without parry.
  6. No, he's right about Confidence, though it's only part of it's benefits that don't work without Parry. The healing works just fine, but the stamina regen is triggered by a successful parry attempt, which of course you can't get with archery. It's still very useful even with just the healing working.
  7. Jonny

    Jonny Guest

    Very true. I broke into the 50s with my Bushido last night and I've been using Confidence combo'd with Lightening @ Shame. Made me feel all warm inside, lol.

    Gotta start working on my lumber jack/bow craft soon though, I'm on my last 10k so I need to start building my finances again.