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Archery FAQ: Going, going...

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by amidala, May 19, 2001.

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  1. amidala

    amidala Guest

    UO Archer Forum Overview

    Before posting, please read the
    Rules of Conduct
    Forums FAQ

    * For info on Player Vendors, consult the Player Vendor thread
    * For info on Volunteers to help out on your shard, try the Helpful Archers thread
    * For info on Bowcraft, consult the Bowcraft FAQ
    * For info on Archery, Read On =)


    Skill Overview
    Method to Gain
    What, Where, and When to Gain
    Archer Tips
    Skill Templates
    Rate of Fire Study
    Damage Comparison
    Info on Bows

    Notes on Images, Signatures, Hosting & Resources
    Directions regarding Guild and Event Posts - new! 9-18
    Articles on Real Life Archery - new! 9-18
    FAQ/Stratics Essays - edit/addition notes - new! 9-18

    Note: to view any section individually, click the links above to open the topic in "threaded mode" (1 subject at a time), otherwise, just scroll down.

    You can also reference this information from the UO Stratics Essays: Professions: the Archer

    Welcome, and Happy Posting,

    <font color=3A5FCD>Amidala</font color=3A5FCD>
    <font color=blue>Moderator</font color=blue>
    UO Archer Forum
  2. amidala

    amidala Guest

    Archery is influenced by:

    Archery Skill - Adjusted skill level determines hit percentage
    Anatomy - Adds a bonus of up to 20% damage at 100.0
    Dexterity - Along with bowtype, determines available stamina, which in turn determines rate of fire
    Hunger - As with many skills, hunger can cause less effective performance (full is good)
    Bow Type/Condition - Quality, Durability, Magical Accuracy/Damage and other bow qualities factor into the hit % and/or damage potential

    Archery facts

    * All bows are two-handed weapons
    * You must be stopped completely from the time you release an arrow until it hits the target, or you automatically miss
    * ranged attack is limited to line-of-sight
    * You must have arrows (for bows)/bolts )for crossbow/heavy x-bow) in your pack and the appropriate bow type equipped to fire
    * Misses are probable when: Spells are cast on/by you, you start/finish applying bandages, taking melee damage, you begin walking or running mid-shot, you are poisoned, you are hungry, your stats change naturally or due to magical effects wearing off, target moves out of line-of-sight before the arrow animation hits (it is not immediate like Magery damage)

    Note: Strength no longer adds a bonus to Archery damage
  3. amidala

    amidala Guest

    You will reach GM based on a few factors:

    * Shot Speed/number if hits
    * Damage
    * Health of Target
    * "Toughness" (difficulty or AR) of Target
    * Damage you receive in the process
    * Time & "Power (Burst) Hours"
    * Equipment quality: using a Silver Bow of Vanquishing, you will gain more slowly than using a Practice Bow:(it shoots at the same rate and does more damage [you kill it faster].)

    A few tips for gain:

    * Use store-bought, GM, or practice bows: they are cheap, reasonably accurate, and will do reasonable damage to the target--save the magic bows for later days
    * Combat foes in areas that give you room to move, and avenues of escape if needed
    * Raise stats first, low dex will mean longer time between shots
  4. amidala

    amidala Guest

    To quickly achieve 225 stat points (where you want them) try the following method:

    * First raise skill point totals to 700 maximum.
    * Pick two stat-gaining (see below) skills.
    * Turn one Unneeded skill down, then raise 1 stat-gain skill (see below) to 10 real points.
    * Lock all Skills that you don't wish to increase further (ones you would normally turn "down" on reaching 700 total points because they don't fit your "template").
    * You shou1d now have one of the 2 Stat-gaining skills you picked above at 0 real, and the other at 10.
    * Mark the 0 point skill up, raise it to 10 and stop.
    * Mark the 10 Skill down and raise the 0 point skill up (these should be reversed now). Repeat.

    ** Stat-gaining skills, for example, are:

    Strength: Wrestling (and training dummies), Arms Lore, Herding
    Dexterity: Hiding, Musicianship, Stealing (pickpocket dummies)
    Intelligence: Item Identification, Meditation, Spirit Speak

    The skill pair I use is Music and Armslore: I usually hit a little long on the Int, but both work quickly and the intial Skill Gain process will raise the Str and Dex; I usually train only 80-90 in Str/Dex (once I'm in the range, I stop and move on to SkillGain) and let Gaining do the rest.
  5. amidala

    amidala Guest

    What to shoot for Archery Gain?

    Some are faster than others, generally, the bigger the risk, the faster the rate of gain. Also, this typically means facing High AR targets with plenty of hit points to survive your endless rain of skill-gaining arrows/bolts.

    A few player favorites are:

    * Blade Spirits
    * Bone Knights
    * Daemons
    * Ogre Lords
    * the Executioner
    * Ophidians
    * Dragons
    * Elder Gazers
    * Lich Lords
    * Terrathans
    * Elementals

    An incomplete, but great guide nonetheless, can be found in the <a target="_blank" href=http://uo.stratics.com/famekarmagain.shtml>Fame & Karma Gain</a> section. As you ascend the scale of difficulty for fame/karma gain, you generally can expect higher Archery gains as well.

    Where can I GM Archery!

    Here are some player favorites, for the "results-oriented" Archer.

    * Terrethan Keep (Terrathans, Ophidians, Silver Serpents)
    * City of the Dead (BoneKnights, Bone Magi, Liches)
    * Wrong Dungeon (Level 2, the Executioner)
    * The Desert East of Brit (Earth/Dull Copper Eles)
    * Shame Dungeon (Eles)
    * Deceit Dungeon (BoneKnights -- "the Wall")
    * Despise Dungeon (Ogre Lords)
    * The Swamps East of Brit
    * The Orc Forts

    When Should I Attempt tougher creatures to Maximize Skillgain.
    As with all skill, up to 80 the gains will be consistent on anything, but a general guide is found below.

    00-30 - Any forest animal
    30-60 - Light (skeletons, corpsers, wraiths, etc.)
    30-80 - Medium (harpies, orcs, ettins, lizardmen, etc.)
    80-90 - Heavy Monsters (Bone Knights, Avengers, Liches, Elementals, etc.)
    90-GM - Difficult (Executioners, Dragons, Demons, Blade Spirits, etc.)
  6. amidala

    amidala Guest

    * Keep Stamina at full, by not over-weighting, and drinking Total Refresh potions
    * Keep well-fed: "You Feel Quite Full…" is where you need to be for optimal accuracy and speed
    * Keep your weapons and armor fresh, in full-repair
    * Archers make great pack hunters, although some use them to good success in single-combat PvP
    * Always hunt on Horse(or other mount)back (keep them rested and well-fed, too)
    * PvP: in groups if possible, stay together (but never block your team into a corner completely)
    * PvM: lure your targets, and always keep them at a distance
    * Measure shot time, and learn to walk/run in-between shots to maintain distance while sustaining fire
    * Bows generally last for 100-500 Shots, use Armslore to determine their wear & tear, and replace as necessary<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by amidala on 09/18/01 08:20 PM.</FONT></P>
  7. amidala

    amidala Guest

    PVM Templates(7)
    * 100 Archery
    * 100 Tactics
    * 100 Animal Taming
    * 80 Animal Lore
    * 85 Veterinary
    * 85 Anatomy
    * 90 Healing
    * 60 Magery

    90 str / 40 int / 95 dex

    - Plenty of Taming and Lore to Control your pets.
    - Enough Veterinary to efficiently Heal them.
    - Enough Healing to keep yourself healed well.
    - And enough Magery to gate with a scroll and recall without scrolls.

    * Lacks the ability to Gate without scrolls.
    * Lacks resist, but can actually do without since your Pet will usually take most of the damage.

    * 100 Archery
    * 100 Tactics
    * 100 Musicianship
    * 100 Provocation
    * 90 Healing
    * 85 Anatomy
    * 75 Resist
    * 50 Magery

    100 str / 25 int / 100 dex

    - 100% chance to provoke to take on huge spawns.
    - Enough Healing to keep yourself Healed well.
    - Plenty of Resist to reduce damage from Magical Monsters.
    - Enough Magery to recall without scrolls.

    * No major problems.

    * 100 Archery
    * 100 Tactics
    * 85 Healing
    * 80 Anatomy
    * 100 Magery
    * 85 Eval. Int.
    * 75 Meditation
    * 75 Resist

    85 str / 60 int / 80 dex

    - Enough Healing and Magery to keep yourself Healed well at all times.
    - High enough Eval. Int. and Magery to do very significant damage to monsters.
    - Plenty of Resist to reduce damage from magical monsters.
    - Enough Meditation to restore mana while equipped with bow.

    * Cannot Rez with bandages, but on the upside Magery can doing the rezing.
    * 85 Eval. Int. Doesn't give you the FULL damage a pure Mage can do, but its still alot.
    * Less Meditation then the Average pure mage, but with such less int and another way to attack, you probably won't notice.
    * Less Dexterity than the average Archer, but since you'll be wearing Leather to maximize meditation rate it'll stay 80.(*note* you can raise your dex to 91 with Magery).
    * The lack of any Wrestling may prove a slight annoyance. Since you're an Archer you shouldn't be letting a monster hit you all the time anyways(with melee that is). And the same should go for Mages.(entirely different in PVP). If you're around alot of fast moving monsters then keep your bow equipped a little more.

    Light Warrior/Archer
    * 100 Archery
    * 100 Seconday Combat skill
    * 100 Tactics
    * 100 Healing
    * 100 Anatomy
    * 100 Resist
    * 100 Magery

    100 str / 25 in / 100 dex

    - Ability to Melee a monster, which can save on arrows for the easier monsters.
    - Very high healing and anatomy to NEVER fail and possibly heal 80 hitpoints with one bandage.
    - Very High resist to barely see a scratch from those pesky Liches *grins*
    - With 100 extra skill points I went ahead and just suggest GM Magery, since I would have suggested 50 anyways. If you or a friend need a quick heal you can heal 50 hitpoints per Greater Heal. Also, if you go on Treasure hunts you can unlock level 2 Treasure Chests with GM Magery. And its just all around useful ;P.

    * No major problems.

    Heavy Warrior/Archer
    * 100 Archery
    * 100 Seconday Combat skill
    * 100 Tactics
    * 100 Parry/Lumberjacking
    * 90 Healing
    * 85 Anatomy
    * 75 Resist
    * 50 Magery

    100 str / 25 in / 100 dex

    - Has the ability to go Toe to Toe with even some of the Hard hitting monsters with Parry, or do massive damage with Lumberjacking.
    - Enough Healing to keep yourself healed well.
    - Plenty of resist to reduce damage from magical monsters.
    - Enough Magery to recall without the use of scrolls.

    * No major problems.

    Treasure Hunter/Archer
    * 100 Archery
    * 100 Tactics
    * 100 Anatomy
    * 100 Healing
    * 100 Cartography
    * 100 Lockpicking
    * 50 Magery
    * 50 Mining

    100 str / 25 / 100 dex

    - Very High Healing and Anatomy for consistent healing.
    - Skilled enough to do level 1-5 Treasure Maps.
    - Can Recall without the use of Scrolls and use Telekinesis to disarm traps on the Treasure Chests.

    * Can become vulnerable to magical monsters with the lack of resist. Its best not to solo the more difficult (4-5) treasure maps.
    * Lacks high Mining, but even 0 mining is enough as long as you know the exact location which you can find on some webpages.

    * 100 Archery
    * 100 Tactics
    * 95 Anatomy
    * 95 Healing
    * 80 Resist
    * 100 Fishing
    * 100 Magery
    * 30 Cartography

    100 str / 25 int / 100 dex

    - High Healing and Resist to very easily take on the semi-tough Deep Sea Serpents, and even cross heal with another fisher friend when casting nets to bring up several monsters including the Notorious Krakens.
    - GM Magery enables to you to unlock level 1-2 treasure chests and 30 cartography lets you decifier level 1 t-maps(the huge majority that you'll find, its rare you'll find a level 2 map).

    * Lacks any mining to pull up any of the treasure maps you find, though, finding the exact pintpoint coordinates of a t-map is rather easy, and even easier with UOA. So any mining at all isn't entirely necessary.
    PVP Templates(4)
    Light Warrior/Archer
    * 100 Archery
    * 100 Seconday Combat skill
    * 100 Tactics
    * 100 Anatomy
    * 100 Healing
    * 100 Resist
    * 100 Magery

    90 str / 45 in / 90 dex

    - The second combat skill allows you the choice of going in toe to toe with your opponent. And the Archery is best used within a group of fellow archers to do some massive damage.
    - Very High healing and resist to better keep yourself alive.
    - The GM magery lets you take full advantage over the balanced stats you'll have. It can prove VERY useful.

    * If you drop your weapon in combat to cast a spell, you'll most likely get torn to bits because of the lack of wrestling. (but the question is... why would you do that? =P).

    * 100 Archery
    * 100 Tactics
    * 100 Healing
    * 100 Anatomy
    * 100 Resist
    * 100 Hiding
    * 100 Stealth

    90 str / 45 int / 90 dex

    - Very High Healing and Resist to better keep yourself alive.
    - To run and hide can save your life more than you'd expect when battle turns toward their favor. Also, being able to stealth from the seen allows you even walk past your enemies undetected. (this is my fav. template =P).

    * You'll have to rely on recall scrolls to get around most of the time.

    Pure Archer
    * 100 Archery
    * 100 Wrestling
    * 100 Tactics
    * 100 Healing
    * 100 Anatomy
    * 100 Resist
    * 100 Magery

    90 str / 45 in / 90 dex

    - Very High healing and resist to better keep yourself alive.
    - The use of Wrestling allows you to cast spells and drink potions, without being cut to pieces. This means easy quick getaways and safe emergency heals.

    * No major problems.

    Faction Scout/Archer
    * 100 Archery
    * 100 Tactics
    * 100 Healing
    * 100 Anatomy
    * 100 Resist
    * 100 Detect Hidden
    * 100 Remove Trap

    90 str / 45 int / 90 dex

    - Very high Healing and Resist to better keep yourself alive.
    - Detect Hidden and Remove Trap allows you to detect any traps in Enemy faction towns and disarm them for a party of friends or a main assault.
    - Detect Hidden is also useful in a party for unhiding any enemies in the area.

    * Must rely on the use of Recall Scrolls to travel.
  8. amidala

    amidala Guest

    The damage tests were conducted as follows:

    * Bows were VDP 59
    * X-Bows were VDP 50
    * Heavy X-Bows were VDP 83
    * 20 Shots were fired for each bow type, in each Attribute Class: 100 Tactics/0 Anatomy; 100 Tactics/100 Anatomy, for each Armor Category
    * The Archer had 100 Str/100 Dex 100 Archery
    * 32 AR consisted of Close Helm, Plate Gorget, Plate Arms, Ring Gloves, Chain Tunic, Chain Legs
    * 51 AR** consisted of Plate Helm, Plate Gorget, Plate Arms, Plate Gloves, Plate Chest, Plate Legs + Kite Shield.
    **51 AR Test Target included GM Parry**
    * Fresh weapons and ammunition were used throughout, all exceptional GM.
    * Misses were not counted, only hits.

  9. amidala

    amidala Guest

    For info on VDP (Vendor Displayed Prices) and how knowing more about this will keep you shooting more accurate and for more damage, consult the <a target="_blank" href=http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=2&Board=uoarcher&Number=2033719>Bowyer FAQ</a>

    * Crossbows shoot more slowly by app. 1 sec than bows, but have better armor penetration, Heavy X-bows work out to only half as fast as a bow but have the best AR penetration/damage potential
    * Crossbows and heavy crossbows have a shorter range than the bow
    * {practice weapon} bows are no longer created when you make a new character with archery. The bows that are created now are simply labeled "a bow" but they have the same qualities as a practice bow.
    * The only bows that are repairable are magic heavy crossbows—Blacksmiths must repair them, not Bowyers
    * Bows can shoot optimally anywhere from 100 to 300 shots before you'll need to switch, averaging to around 200 shots
    Arrows& Bows: for more info on how to make bows and arrows please consult the <a target="_blank" href=http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=2&Board=uoarcher&Number=2033719>Bowyer FAQ</a><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by amidala on 07/22/01 11:46 AM.</FONT></P>
  10. amidala

    amidala Guest

    * Any armor combo from 0 to Full Plate is o.k. for an Archer. Things to keep in mind:
    - the highest armor that can be worn and allows meditation is Studded
    - the highest full set of (non-magical) armor that can be worn with 0 Dex loss is Studded Leather (18 AR w/o helm)
    - Close Helms, etc. also are 0 Dex loss (4.1 AR)
    - Magic armor can give better AR, with less penalty, but is more
    costly and rare, and the leathers can’t be repaired
    - Armor should be maintained (repaired)
    - Ask your tailor/smith, or get to know a friendly one if you don't already. They can possibly arrange for a special combination of armor so you don't have to buy 300 sets to discover what ensemble fits you the best. Also, Metal and Leather can be recycled, and you might be appreciated for bringing in materials to recycle rather than them needing to make a special trip (Smiths and Tailors like to adventure too!).

    From Ce'Nedra Willow: The Archer's Delight armor set was originally created and named by Jeram Ironthew of the UBB on the Atlantic shard.

    * Heavy Archer Sets: Chain Tunic/Legs, Plate Arms, Close Helm (rarely plate), and Plate Gloves (or ring-depends who you buy from).

    * Light Archer Sets: Chain Tunic/Legs, Ring Arms, chain coif, Ring Gloves

    * Current Statistics show that the chest/head are the two hardest hit... many times the plate or ring neck, legs, arms and hands can be replaced for less dexterity loss by studded or leather pieces (magical at additional cost may even get an identical or superior AR rating)

    Consult the stratics section on <a target="_blank" href=http://uo.stratics.com/armor.shtml>Armor</a> for more info.
  11. amidala

    amidala Guest

    Many special thanks to the contributers who made this revision possible:

    * all the "Helpful Archers"

    * the great "regulars" of the UO Archer Forum

    * Templates by Lia Siannodel and Crispix

    * Rate of Fire Test by: Loki, thank you so much!

    * Damage Test by: Amidala, Arrowthorn, Loki, Patience, and Storm, thanks a ton, folks!

    * RobRoy for the Real Life Archery links

    Previous credit to the "original" Archery FAQ that fueled this effort: Levia, Krallion, Grumpan, RogerDiSignor, PBOConnor, DracoLongbow and Conlin.

    <font color=3A5FCD>Amidala</font color=3A5FCD>
    <font color=blue>Moderator</font color=blue>
    <a target="_blank" href=http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/postlist.php?Cat=&Board=uoarcher>UO Archer Forum</a><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by amidala on 09/18/01 08:06 PM.</FONT></P>
  12. amidala

    amidala Guest

    Notes on Image-Hosting
    I did a lot of searching and found that there is very little available in terms of free image hosts. I learned the trouble is many web-hosts will not serve images directly. This means that your image would be available if you made an HTML page and added the code to tell the server “this image goes here”, but not just by a plain URL.

    Honestly, that is probably the preferable method – provide a link to an HTML page containing your image. The space is yours to manage as you like, and the forums will load much more quickly than if we post 100 large images a week into one thread –THAT can be a real showstopper.

    But, that simply will not work for signatures, which appear directly in the forum, and are called by markup, not true HTML. Please note that the signatures will need to conform to the Statics standard, 35k max, and 115x600 max dimensions - if you need help on this let me know.

    What alternative is there for my images?
    I can host images for the weekly "Shot of the Week" thread, and signature-pictures for active members of the forum. Simply email the image to [email protected] – I will check the image for PG rating, upload it to the server, and send you the markup for a link to it. In the case of signatures, it will be the code to display the image itself on the forum page; for other pictures it will be a link to view in a new browser window. Please note I reserve any and all rights on my server, and will delete the weekly thread pictures frequently—keep a local copy on your PC!

    If you want me to host something, make sure it is saved as a .jpg or .gif, as those are the only two viewable in the forums.

    How do I take Screenshots?
    Get yourself a good program to do it, and it becomes pretty simple. Typically I choose to take shots of only a section of the screen, to eliminate annoying hand cursors, bags, etc. and make post-processing easier. Most screenshot programs allow you to set a hotkey combination to copy the active window or a screen section to the clipboard, to save or edit. For instance, mine is CTRL-SHIFT-P, which pops open a window, and prompts me for what image type to save it as.

    Two I have used with good results are:
    HardCopy – 234 KB – I used this for a long time before I needed the video capture of Snagit - shareware

    How do I edit my images?
    Brace yourself: time, patience, and an eye for the artistic not included in most software packaging, at any price. Pick a good graphics program, get familiar with it, and don’t ever switch--it will kill you to unlearn the quirks and shortcuts…

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/stories/info/0,10615,27664,00.html>Photoshop 6.0</a> - 41.5 MB – Probably the most popular, pricey and functional graphics program out there.

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/stories/info/0,10615,17446,00.html>Paint Shop Pro 7.02</a> - 28.5 MB - A favorite of many, works great - shareware

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/stories/info/0,10615,34446,00.html>Fireworks 4.0 </a> - 18.4 MB - my choice 50/50 along with Freehand for detailed graphics - demo

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/stories/info/0,10615,35426,00.html>Flash 5.0</a> - 10 MB – I use this almost always, unless a lot of texture or detail is required. Why animate any other way? - demo

    How do I make a simple webpage?
    You will need a text editor, unless you chose a web-host with HTML tools for you to use online. Notepad in Windows is all you really need, but a lot of features available in more advanced software can really make life easier. A few I can suggest are:

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/stories/info/0,10615,50965,00.html>First Page 2000</a> – 4.96 MB - lots of extras and frills, and Stratics seal of approval - free

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/stories/info/0,10615,34935,00.html>Edit Plus</a> – 970 KB - extremely small in size, nice features, and recommended by many pros - trial

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/stories/info/0,10615,40915,00.html>CF Studio (Homesite)</a> – 16.7 MB - freakin’ huge in size and cost, but all I ever use. - demo

    For purpose of this information, I signed up for a free-hosting site called Tucows – select a server near you, then learn from beginning to advanced HTML
    http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/ - downloads
    http://www.yahoo.com – search, with Google-power
    http://www.askjeeves.com – Natural language, no tricky keywords

    How do I upload images?
    Pretty simple! Get the older version of <a target="_blank" href=http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/stories/info/0,10615,30994,00.html>WS_FTP</a> – free and makes FTP pretty easy to NOT mess up. –975KB

    Moderator - UO Archer Forum | Reporter - Great Lakes</center>
  13. amidala

    amidala Guest

    Posting of events to the forum is welcome, but posts must conform to the following guidelines, as well of those outlined in the <a target="_blank" href=http://boards.stratics.com/rules/uo_roc.php>Rules of Conduct</a> or the thread will be locked and expired.

    Guild posts of any kind belong in the <a target="_blank" href=http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/postlist.php?Cat=&Board=uoguildhall>Guildhall Forum</a>, in a Shard forum, in a UO Stratics Guild Forum, via PM, or offsite. DO NOT post them to the UO Archer forum.

    An alternative is to write and ask to set up a <a target="_blank" href=http://uo.stratics.com/content/guildforms/index.shtml>Stratics Guild Forum</a> for your Guild. It is free, easy, and a a very nice addition to the resources offered by Stratics. Undoubtedly, you will get some great utility from having your own Forum.

    A reminder: for events concerning your entire Shard, make sure to contact your Shard News Team and UO.com to let them know well in advance of your plans, for the best possible coverage and turn-out.

    Make sure adequate information is provided, and direct posters to some resource outside the forum for follow-up. An example is as follows:

    Sample Event Post <blockquote><hr>

    Subject: Piggy's Savage Party - Monday - LS

    Come one, come all to Piggy's Savage Party & Pig Roast - Monday (9/17).

    We meet on Lake Superior for this open event in Papua at 7 PM CST at the Healer's hut. We're going to make a trip to Kahldun, time allowing, so this is on the Felucca facet. We are all wearing savage paint and using no magery, in an attempt to overthrow the fort near the City of the Dead. If we manage to live through that, Kaldun should fix that problem -- bring lots of bandages! We will roast a nice pig in celebration and be mingling afterwards!

    For more information, with questions, or comments, please post to my Guild forum at this address: <a target="_blank" href=http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/guilds/uo/greatlakes/postlist.php?Cat=&Board=uosforum>Sample guild forum, homepage or pm link</a>

    W^G 4eva
    icq 15551212

    <hr></blockquote>As posters in the forum, recognize that you should not post to the event thread when adequate information for contact and follow-up has been provided--it may result in a locked thread (to keep event spamming to a minimum and posting fun and informative for all members of the forum!)

    Events are welcome, chatter belongs elsewhere. =)

    Thanks for your cooperation,

    Amidala<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by amidala on 09/18/01 03:41 PM.</FONT></P>
  14. amidala

    amidala Guest

    9/18 - Corrected the urls for Bowcraft, archer trainer threads
    9/18 - Revamped Guild posting guidelines to address issues
    9/18 - Added Real Life Arch links, courtesy of RobRoy
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