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[Archery] archerygains

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by haladrigis, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. haladrigis

    haladrigis Guest

    i was wondering if there is aguide somewhere that tell you what to kill and when with archery? ive used the search option and i can not find anything. all i see are golem training guides, which sucks because i cant seem to find any golems.
  2. What level Archery are you at right now?

    To give some suggestions, I'd say this:

    0-40 Buy in New Haven

    40-60 Brit Cemetary or it's equivalent works great. Lots of stuff to kill.

    70-90 Despise starting with Lizardmen. Once you get 78ish or when gains slow down, head down to the next level or 2 until you get to 90.

    90-100 Cyclops in Ilsh

    100-120 Titans in Ilsh. The Titan room works perfect for this, and can be cleared out so there's only 2 Titans spawning in there.
  3. haladrigis

    haladrigis Guest

    right now its 55 but with jewels on its almost 80 thx for the info ill try some of those places out...archery rocks! im going with this temp chiv arch anat tact bushido and fishing!
  4. GFY

    GFY Guest

    Here's a couple more things to remember;

    1) Don't use any damage increase on your equipment. You want to hit something a lot and not necessarily kill it.

    2) Use SSI, Dex, & HCI. To gain you need to hit, the more you hit the more chances you get for a gain.

    3) I use a repeating crossbow with 30 ssi for training purposes. It fires fast and gives me the best chance to gain quickly.

    4) Bushido lightning strike (50% HCI) is very useful for training archery.

    5) My favorite spot to train is Ice dungeon. I like to use Arctic Ogre Lords as my target. Without slayer or DI it takes a lot of hits to drop one and they spawn singleton and can be kited without too much problem. I took my archer from 80 to 115 in about 2 hours and finished off to 120 when I got the scroll.
  5. haladrigis

    haladrigis Guest

    now gm archery with my jewls and hunters headress on ill try out the artic ogre lords, would regualr ogre lords get me to 120? i know sometimes ice dungeon is packed.
  6. GFY

    GFY Guest

    If your on a shard that doesn't have too many champ spawners you could try Fell Ice Dungeon. There are 2 safe Arctic Ogre Lord spawns and 1 that can be packed with spawn.

    I'm not certain how Ogre Lords would work as I used there northern cousins. I'd give it a try since they are in a lower level of the same dungeon Titans spawn in, and they also don't cast spells making training with them quite a bit easier.
  7. Sir Kenga

    Sir Kenga Guest

    Usual Ogre lords have lower wrestling than Arctic, no point to train on them above 100 real skill.
  8. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Actually, both normal and arctic varieties of ogre lords have between 90 and 100 wrestling, so both work well for training purposes all the way to 120.

    Actually #2: Titans have 40-50 wrestling, so they're very bad at training skills over 100.

    My advice for over 100 skill safely is the ogre lords. Balrons or blood elementals make good choices as well, since you can work your honor and resist at the same time (assuming you didn't do the Haven-spellbinder method).
  9. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    In between lvl 2-3 of covetous there is a skeloton spawn that rocks the house 42-78.

    the lizard men seem to be beter 85-95 so you need a a spot for 78-85 and I say ettens and earthys once ya hit 85-90 the troglidites give grat gains but since its a small room you will need to max damage. repond slayer di bonuses and EoO till 120.