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arc's archery guide

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by jujubk, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. jujubk

    jujubk Guest

    1. Let's not use the word "********" to describe stuff. Call me politically correct, I don't care (Thank you for editing this part, The Lord).

    2. There is no lich in Vesper Cemetary, he's in Yew Cemetary.

    3. I'm pretty sure that recommending unattended macroing is against the Stratics ROC (Thank you for editing this part, The Lord).
  2. seas

    seas Guest

    <center>30-40 - greater harts and deer - sacrifice moongate ilshenar

    just be sure not to attack the healers, and not the red ones either, as these are as powerful as titans

    40-70 - skeletons - yew graveyard or yew crypts - yew moongate

    the graveyard is better if your healing means are limited, but the spawn isn't good. you can stand outside the fence anyway to shoot.

    otherwise the crypts are better, as about 6 spawn there all the time.

    if you stand just at the place where the stairs are, only one can hit you, and with dull copper armour you should only take a few points of damage.

    70-90 - earth elementals - sacrifice ilshenar, shame lvl1 or a bit from honor moongate ilshenar.

    in the sacrifice spot, in the ratman cave there's three spawns of two earthys each, the left ones you can easily drag out one at a time.

    if that place happens to be cramped, or camped, you could try a little more open spot. first go upwards from honor, then after the cave entrance down left, through the desert and further there you'll find three earthys to fight in a very large area.

    there's also two banks near at the gargoyle city, and near the uppermost bank there's a healer(you have to go to the 2nd floor) to get rezzed. just be quick at the desert, as the efreets and sand vortex' can kill you quite fast.

    80-90-120 - rotting corpses - humility moongate ilshenar

    where they spawn there's usually a lot of other undead, so it's good to lure the other ones out(can be tricky, but they don't go back in several hours)

    at the right location shown you can teleport where they won't get to you, it can be a little tricky though as they have to be pretty near the ledge to not walk up to you.

    you don't have to fight rc's if they happen to kill you, earthys can take you to 120, but the gains on them is best at the level mentioned.

    except rc's anyway there's these(note: add more) which are good to train on, and only have a melee attack:
    arctic ogre lord
    ogre lord
    orc brute
    terathan avenger
    ophidian knigt-errant/avenger
    frost troll
    skeletal/bone knight
    snow elemental
    terathan warrior
    stone harpy


    [edit] a lil mis-typing.
  3. jujubk

    jujubk Guest

    That's great work, Seas.

    *nidges Moff to cut and paste for us*
  4. seas

    seas Guest

    fanx /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    does moff have gm in cut'n'pastin' though? most other mods haven't figured out how to copy formatting..
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest


    1. Let's not use the word "********" to describe stuff. Call me politically correct, I don't care.

    2. There is no lich in Vesper Cemetary, he's in Yew Cemetary.

    3. I'm pretty sure that recommending unattended macroing is against the Stratics ROC.


    Damn, I thought I should post this because i saw alot of people were asking about it. I thought atleast id get a 'thank you' but i guess that is asking too much from stratics. Jujubk, I recommend you going back to your mom and tell her to teach you some f***ing manners. I tried to help some struggling archers but I get put down. This is the last time I'll ever post something helpful here.
  6. jujubk

    jujubk Guest

    We must just differ on what's helpful to people. I guess I found something that uses offensive language (I understand if you don't agree with that), incorrect information about locations and advice on how to violate both the Stratics and UO rules of conduct less helpful than you did.

    If you found my manner less than polite, then we have managed to make that impression on each other.
  7. jujubk,

    There is another Vesper graveyard out toward Cove. Maybe he means that one. It does spawn liches.

    Call me politically correct, I don't care. I didn't see "unattended" anywhere in his post. He posted a very helpful archery guide. Your post helped nobody here. Why be so negative and confrontational?

    Anything positive to add? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    <font color=blue> Power is not revealed by striking hard or striking often, </font color=blue>
    <font color=red> but by striking true.
    </font color=red>
  8. jujubk

    jujubk Guest

    The stuff giving advice about unattended macroing has been edited out. Thank you, The Lord. I will edit my posts, as well. Oh, I just realized that "********" was edited out, as well. Thank you again, The Lord.
  9. ThE_LoRd,

    Thank you for the very helpful archery guide. I haven't made an archer since you could gate a skeletal knight into your house and build archery overnight using no arrows. That was like year one I think. I appreciate the time you put into this. Don't get discouraged by the posts of people trying to dot your "i"s and cross your "t"s for you. (no names mentioned) /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  10. seas

    seas Guest

    while uopg has some good info and don't dare to say osi negative things, the forums are a little to much "bs talking kid" like, and it has it's fair share of completely incorrect info too.

    i don't think that a "punk"(and i mean that in a good way) attitude has to mean that you swear a lot, it just makes you sound stupid.

    the guide does have some good info though, it's just that the attitude can be off-putting.

    no hard feelings on you posting this, alright? and it did remind/inspire me to finish my guide.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I also didn't write this, like it says in the title. I saw it floating around on the net.
  12. Mo Verdigast

    Mo Verdigast Guest

    This picture guide to archery gain should be in the FAQ. I've already used it to gain, gain, gain!
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

  14. Starwind

    Starwind Guest

    Lord n' Sea's thanks a heap! - *grabs bow and goes for a run around*
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Your Welcome! *An Corp*
  16. matr1x

    matr1x Guest

    Spelling out how to GM archery has my fingers twitching to take up archery on one of my characters again! Well done the two of you! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thx for all the archery info. I have been looking around for something like this in the FAQ.

    Copy/Pasted into Word and saved it all ....hehe
  18. Cybele

    Cybele Guest

    Thanks for posting this info. I just made an archer a few days ago and got her up to 63 from 50 by killing red npc's in Malas and lately fairly good gains from black solen infiltrators. But I may get better gains using your method and changing my bow as well. One time I tried the repeating bow and never hit a darn thing, but will give it another shot.

    One question for you tho, does repairing the bow lessen the amount of damage it gives or your gains?
  19. Caffiend

    Caffiend Guest

    Can someone make this whole post sticky so I can put an ad on ebay and sell the link as an archery guide? haha.

    Nah, I found all the info helpful as I do my own editing in my head as I read things...which usually falls somewhere between the PC version and the "Punked OSI Bannable" version. Thanks to both as by archery has been lagging in the mid 80's and this post was just what I needed to get moving again.
  20. omgooses thx bunches! Hey i have a question, got an estimate for how many bolts/how many hours it will take to go from 90-GM? thx!
  21. seas

    seas Guest


    Hey i have a question, got an estimate for how many bolts/how many hours it will take to go from 90-GM?


    same time/ammo as it took to get to 90. when i tried in publish 16 i think it was around 18k, for time no idea.

    i guess you could calculate the time for how many shots you get off per minute..
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I thought attacking from a safe spot was considered an exploit and is ilegal.
    Their (osi) reasoning was that the monster cannot reach/cast magic at you in this case.

    It must not be because its posted on the stratics forum and Stratics willl not allow people to post bugs/exploits.
    I guess osi changed thier policy recently and i did not read about it.
  23. seas

    seas Guest

    i've never heard of anyone being banned/warned for it.

    it's basically not liked, that's all. bards have since over a year(how old is pub16?) been macro provoking from boats and osi has done nothing about it.
  24. Midian1272

    Midian1272 Guest

    This needs to be made sticky or put in FAQ. Its a GREAT guide.
  25. amidala

    amidala Guest

    Great info, it looks like. A little roxxored in my soxxors due to the original writers lingo, but I find dewd speak very funny /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Y'all are way overdue for a total overhaul in the FAQ dept--not a revised one, like a from-scratch one. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Jujubk is a natural leader here, and a bright and sweet-natured one--take the reigns and go for it! If you drop a PM to Moff he can prolly get you a copy of the Stratics "official" template, and you'd all be revered as Saints (promises, promises!) if you update the front-page UO Archer Essay. It needs it BAAAAAD. lol

    I was just popping by for a last little gander, my accounts are cancelled and soon to rot, and thought I'd wish you all...

    Fair winds and following seas /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    ~ Ami
  26. Dirge

    Dirge Guest


    And, thanks for the info (especially seas pictures) I'm working my way through the guide now :)

    Welp, I have more skeletons to kill. Good luck all.
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    At 70 and on is it okay to replace earth elementals with dull copper elementals or are earths better for gains?
  28. seas

    seas Guest

    dull coppers work just as good, so does cyclops.

    actually i recommend cyclops because they don't die so fast, and have pretty good loot.

    one of the dull copper spawns on shame lvl2 does have a good spawn rate, but dc's have crappy loot.

    *needs to update the guide...some year*
  29. Midian1272

    Midian1272 Guest

    *BUMP* Wish they would make this sticky.
  30. Jenny

    Jenny Guest

    I just wanted to add that at the Ancient Citadel you can teleport through one point of the east wall and shoot at the rotting corpses there too.
  31. *bump* Great Guide. Plan on going out now and finally making use of my archer that has been sitting around doing nothing while I worked my Paladin and my Tamer/Mage

    No My archer is not a paladin. She is a twisted psychotic that fell from the grace of paladin hood and took up the dark arts. She'd go out and try to be a PK but unfortionatly I have a meer 56k connection that gives me a 300+ping most nights.
  32. Eilistraee

    Eilistraee Guest

    *votes for the picture guide made by Seas to be put into its own thread and made into a sticky post or added to the FAQ* /php-bin/shared/images/icons/members/redpleased.gif
  33. Topaz Nomad

    Topaz Nomad Guest

    Sorry to say this but terthan avengers have magic attack and have had magic attack for a very long time
  34. Sarava

    Sarava Guest

    Nice guides, thank you!
  35. Sarava

    Sarava Guest

    I've been fighting on ice island for the most part from the high 30's (with jewelry then) to now at 64.7 archery and 67.2 tactics. The gains seem to be every bit as good as the graveyards, and it's much easier to play up here. There's no spell casters like cemetaries have (except yew graveyard where they annoyingly spawn inside bulidings often). And if you fight in felucca where almost every house is private, it's very easy to get the critters stuck on houses. That makes it easier of course. And pretty mcuh everything up here can be gained off of. White wolves, snow leopards, polar bears and orcs are all in the same general area for wrestling skill. The one thing that's a little harder is the frost troll. But they're few and far between, and can be killed within a few minutes still.
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is a really good guide, and it should be in the faq.
    Weapon gain is frickin slow now. But i'll let you guys in on how I 120'd my Archer, (you'll have to fix a few things for close hand combat, because you can't macro RC's anymore boys and girls. Hate to tell you)

    First and foremostly. You WILL want and need this stuff before you even ever consider getting an archer off the floor, I hobbled around for days bouncing back and forth for re-supplying like a jackass and could have cut out a good 6-7 hours worth of time.

    ~12,000 Bolts
    8-9 Repeating Crossbows (Highest durability possible if you can get them, I think it caps out at like 160, reason for this being that Repeating XBows are THE fastest weapon in the Archery class. Who cares that bows get 3 more tiles when you're standing in 1 tile for a few hours? only at the cost of 2x the swing time.)
    Highest Physical Resistance you can get your hands on. Preferably I worked using Dull Copper for the Lower Str Properties on it, and gives about 70% Physical.
    Lot of healing stuff- Bandages, Close Wounds, Spirit Speak, etc
    Bracelet and Ring of 9 Archery or Greater (the higher the better, for reasons which will become obvious later in this essay)

    0 - 35 Don't be an idiot, just buy it from an NPC - Best place to go would be the obvious, Skara Brae to the Rangers guild.
    Equip your "elite" Bracelet and Ring and we'll get started away.

    35 - 65 My best gains came from switching Graveyard locals in the Trammel Facet. I was more preferable to the Britain GraveYard, Haven GraveYard, and the Moonglow Zoo/GY local, just for funcionality of transportation. You can also try Vespers and Yews as well, if you have the time. But Vesper beware of Occasional Liches, and Yew you'll have to be wary of your occasional Plague beast, and bog thing

    Just sit outside a non-enterable/exitable fence and let things spawn and come to you. Given you may have to worry about an occasional ghoul/spectre. But unless you get poisonstormed (continually nox'd) you have practically nothing to worry about.

    65 - 80(85), Harpy room in Covetous: Yeah yeah. Blame me. But this is the best and safest respawn area that you can possibly hit. Either have someone standing in front of the room while hidden so the harpies will flock to you in utter safety, or have a healer behind you constantly slapping bandaids on your tore up ass.

    80 - 92, Earth Elementals, Shame: Yet again, this is the safest local if you know your stuck locations. Theres a couple that you can stick a healer behind you while having up towards 6 Earth Elementals lined up all pretty like for you in a row.

    92 - 120, Rotting Corpses, Ilshenar: Yes, theres another RC Location thats teleportable to. I can't remember the exact shrine. Theres a 1 tile cliff that you can teleport on and gleefully whack away at a RC with ease.

    Took me roughly 35 Hours to bring a Archer from 0 to GM.

    Note: there have been some reports of people having to at least move around because combat "may" have become anti-macro code. I haven't found many problems with this. Which is why I also have numerous locations for low-end separations incase one sub-server gets ****ty. (which is the reason for no-gain).
    The reason for higher archery Jewelry is for this simple fact - More hits = More Gains. The Combat system is still gain deficiant in the fact that you gain off of your base. If you have 0 base and 100 archery. you'll gain to 60 off of nothing in practically no time. because you ALWAYS hit. etc-etc. wu-wu and what-not.

    Anyway, if any of you want to brush this up, make it a little more readable or whatever. feel free.

  37. Moff Tarkin

    Moff Tarkin Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 17, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Sorry I didn't take care of this sooner...


    <font color=red>*poof!*</font color=red>

    This thread is now sticky. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif
  38. seas

    seas Guest

    my first sticky post, woo, only took 2 years =]

    i quit uo 1 month ago already, still payed untill the 14th this month about. so i won't be updating the guide.....or maybe i will.....no i won't, i won't be able to take any piccies ='[

    the last thing i fought was the bone daemon on my archer/mage. maybe someone would want to know, not that many that have soloed one, at least not that many with gm armour and 0 magic resist(and near 0 tactics!) and with no mount /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Archery 100.5
    Meditation 100
    Anatomy 100
    Magery 94.8
    Evaluating Intelligence 91.8
    Healing 85.9
    Focus 85.2
    Chivalry 39.9
    Tactics 11.9

    Strength: 90
    Dexterity: 40
    Intelligence: 100

    300 arrows
    100 bandys
    100 each reg

    1 trappable pouch
    daemon slayer composite bow
    faster cast 1, faster cast recovery 2 ring &amp; bracelet

    50ish in anything but physical
    0ish physical

    with my armour i'd of course die in 1 melee hit, and spells did quite a bit of damage.

    i just happened to be quick on popping that pouch when getting para'd(i got hit with para like 15 times), and didn't die a single time.

    untill ms trammie deluxe started annoying me, but by then the fudger was redlined, so that doesn't really count, and it was just 1 death!

    also something important is i lured away all the patchworks beforehand downwards where the ship thingy is.

    with armour ignore like you see i did ~55 damage, vs 3600 hp that was 65(!!) shots.

    the only spells i used were greater heal, heal, cure, and magic trap.

    strangely it only took around 30 mins(hell, could of been 20!), according to my bad calcs it should of been way more than an hour. but no-one "helped", except a silly guy that hit it with maybe 4 fireballs(thinking he'd get looting rights, eh?)



    i got me a nice golden skill, 1500gp and 12(!!) nice items in the end, not that bad for ~25 mins of work.

  39. Nice guide...

    So, what if a person has er.. difficulty.. getting to Ilshenar, got any suggestions on how to gain above 100 in Felucca?
  40. GomerOfDoom

    GomerOfDoom Guest

    Couple things...

    I have heard/read in several places that attacking creatures from positions of immunity can be a bannable offense... I'm not sure if teleporting to a cliff or shooting from outside a fence counts as an immune location (since the enemies could technically get to you if they were smart), but I know that doing stuff from a boat, etc IS ILLEGAL. So, be careful with this.

    I have found that the cyclops do give excellent gains at 90-100... I fought a bunch of RCs and didn't get any gains... maybe need to be higher than 95?

    The pict guide is great.

    I've tried repeating xbows, but find that the enemies get too close before you can shoot. If you're fighting anything that moves quickly, that means you only get off one shot with the RXbow before you've got to move again. With a regular bow, you can get off a few shots standing still before you've got to move. A lot depends on what you're fighting, though.

    Oh yeah... I've also tried bone/skele knights, but I'm not getting good gains off of them. I would stick to the cyclops for 90-100... or... if you can deal with the magic, go fight blood eles... they were giving me good gains, too.

    As for fighting in Fel... not too sure... there is a list of things to fight in the faq for 100-120.... maybe check those out. One piece of advice... don't JUST fight one thing... rotate around.

    Thanks seas and the lord...

  41. Mikko

    Mikko Guest

    I haven't been paying too much attention to archery gains but it's closing 100 quite nicely when I shoot big baddies (dragons, drakes, demons) at daemon temple after provoking em /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif

    Dragon slayer bow also speeds things up nicely, heh!
  42. Daligoth

    Daligoth Guest

    I discovered something rather cool today. I'm at 40 archery on my second archer and gaining nicely doing this. There is a fenced area in yew that used to be a shepards thing, now its swamp. Well, I got a bog thing outside the fence, and you hit that a few times, it spawns boglings, you kill the boglings and get gains off of them, and never get hit. Unlimited spawn pretty much I'll put a uoam pic later
  43. <blockquote><hr>

    but I know that doing stuff from a boat, etc IS ILLEGAL. So, be careful with this.

    <hr></blockquote>You KNOW?/php-bin/shared/images/icons/members/devillaugh.gif

    lol, virtually every GM Fisherman would be banned if you KNEW anything about the topic. Don't post stuff you do not really know like it is fact, killing from the deck of a boat is not only normal, for Fisherman it is reguired to get the MIBs.
  44. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    I just gained 1 point, from 72 to 73 in about 20 minutes killing daemons. Before I was shooting trolls and ettins and the gains where slow. I also have fencing which is 88 and 92 tactics, so I kill them fast even with lower archery.
  45. This is a very good guide and very helpful, however there is one thing I would like to add to it. There is a much better spot than the yew crypts/graveyard for gains from 40-70.

    Between the 2nd and third levels of covetous in trammel there is an outdoor "cave" or corridor within the mountain. In this corridor there are about 20-30 skeletons spawned at any time. Occasionally (maybe once in 50 times?) one of these skellies will instead spawn as something like a bear or a harpy, but 95% of the time it's nothing but skellies. There's no fence or other "safe" spot to fight, but there is a small cave that leads nowhere that you can use to restrict things so only one skelly at a time can hit you. With a dull copper ringmail/chain set and any kind of healing, this is more than enough to keep you alive indefinitely.

    This spot can be a bit difficult to get to for a new character (you have to get past two seperate groups of gazers, one of which includes elder gazers), but if you can, or if you can have someone else mark a rune for you, this spot is probably the best place in the game to fight skeletons.

    I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the spot-- if you've been through covetous before you'll know what I'm talking about, however. Good luck fellow archers!
  46. Pathagiris

    Pathagiris Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    thinking about making myself and archer and i just wanted to say that this is a great post
  47. NewbLJ

    NewbLJ Guest

    this Guide is GREAT

    Thanks Very Much LORD
  48. Pathagiris

    Pathagiris Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    well i havent done a wep skill since pre pub 16 and let me just say it SUCKS now and im only 76 :]
  49. Guest

    Guest Guest

    wow guess a lot changed since i gm'd my archer in jhelom pits using my newbie bow. kewl guide
  50. Lucixir

    Lucixir Guest

    Actually I think I found the spot, Where you stand it doesnt look like it would only be 1 but it actually is, thx, my skill is flying here /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif