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Are character made instruments worth it?

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by ltdan81, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. ltdan81

    ltdan81 Guest

    My craftsman is almost capped out. I've gm'd smithing, mining, carpentry, tinkering, at 92 tailoring. I'm going to get his magery up to 75 and focus 25 and lumberjacking 5. so I have room for one more gm. I am debating whether to use that spot to get 75 music or to gm alchemy.

    I need to know if gm instruments are worth th skill points. this char can make almost everthing right now. alchemy doesn't affect any other skill ( that i know of) but musicianship allows me to make insruments.
  2. Order2Chaos

    Order2Chaos Guest

    You'll might want to consider leaving room to take your Blacksmithing and Tailoring skill up to 120.0 also.

    Exceptionally made instruments are better than store-bought or standard made instruments, though not as good as slayer instruments. I personally use exceptional instruments on anything that isn't so hard as to need a slayer, the greater uses over normal instruments is nice too.

    You might want to consider artificially raising your magery and musicianship skill though (rings, bracelets, spell books, talismans, annoying elf only armour, etc), it's possible to not even need any real skill in Musicianship if I remember right.
  3. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    Most people use exceptional instruments during normal playing so yes character exceptional intruments are always wanted.

    Like the other poster said, you can drop the music once you get items that will boost you up to 45% if you have plenty of gold, but you can soulstone the music and only bring it out once in a while to make instruments. I wouldn't have it as a part of your main template.

    Soulstone music, make tons of exceptional instruments for friends, to sell, to store in a box, then soulstone it back and go back to your regular crafter template.
  4. ltdan81

    ltdan81 Guest

    Thanks for your input everyone. I didn't realized that item skill bonuses were that high when I wrote this.

    I read somewhere else in this forum that you have to have 55 musicianship to mark items.... I just want to clarify that is complete BS<<< sorry

    I put 45 musicianship on my craftsman just to see what he could do and bam all insruments marked within three trys or less on each<<< i've got a pretty big music room in my house now. [​IMG]

    as of right now my char is 100 mining, 100 smith, 100 tinkering, 100 carpentry....
    i'm setting at 95.5 tailoring until i get the hides saved up. I've decided to take up bowcraft fletching. I'll let musicianship go down till i get my 75 magery then I'll bleed points from meditation to get my 45 again, unless i aquire the bonus items [​IMG]

    THanks aqain and good hunting

    Maxwell - GM Craftsman Catskills
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm sure I remember GM-crafted instruments give some sort of bonus....+5% success maybe? It started ages ago, AoS maybe, I can't remember. I DO remember them flying off my vendor, tho! :p

    Anyone else help jog my memory please?
  6. TiamatRoar

    TiamatRoar Guest

    10% success bonus.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    10%? Wow, thanks!! Maybe I'll make some more for me vendor!
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The GM instruments are definitely worth the usage. They can have over 900 uses and the bonus DEFINITELY helps. Even in the legendary area that bonus can save your butt against the higher end critters.
  9. ltdan81

    ltdan81 Guest

    I FINALLY finished my main crafting template. had to make a new one to lumberjack and do bowfletching but this char template is pretty awsome and can make 80% of game craftables. [​IMG]

    120 smithy
    120 tailor
    100 arms lore
    100 tinkering
    100 carpentry
    100 mining +5
    60 magery - jewled to 75+ to make them red circle for houses
    10 musicianship +song woven mantle +jewls for gm instruments