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Are Heirloom chests bugged?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Millie, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Millie

    Millie Guest

    I need a big shoulder to cry on. I had a heirlooms chest. I locked and secured it. I checked twice to be sure that it was secure, since it was a heirlooms chest I had it full of heirlooms. I log in today and its gone. [​IMG]
    I lost 3 full sets of Ranger Armor. 2 pair of old rare True Black sandals, One given to me by my dear Friend Kron. Double blessed exceptional sandals, 2 old pair of Silver sandals, 12 blessed pairs of Aos sandals . One pair of Fire orange boots, 3 blessed Aos Neon robes. 1 blessed Jester suit. 2 blessed Feather hats. A Hat of the Magi (C). The 1st hat and robe I made so many years ago. The helm Snakeman made me a few days after we met 7 years ago.
    My 500 Rubie necklace. My 4 backwards invisibility cloaks. I lost 2 Berserk-er scythes . 3 Vorpal blades, A Jackal collar(C) , Midnight bracers (C), 2 Shield of Agies (C), My Dupree shield. My Staff of the Magi(C), 4 Pyros staff. 2 Helms of Insight(C), a Holy blade. My Redeemer. I lost stitchers mittens. A full dark-wood set. The blessed Aos dress and sandals of my friend that no longer plays gave me. A 300th anniversary bag. A Mystic Club, A Power Bow and a Vanquishing Kat. All my lrc and rings.
    I'm sure they were not duped since I just transferred shards with them, and most of them I worked for and got for myself.
    Of all the things I have lost to this game, this one has hurt the worst. The things Friends have given me can never be replaced.
    It's not at all been a good day for Miss Millie.
  2. doing any house designing ?
  3. Millie

    Millie Guest

    Yes I did and It's not in the sign. :*{
  4. GarthGrey

    GarthGrey Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    You either have an excellent recall ability, or you possibly wrote everything down that was in the chest? UOA ?
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've been using the same set of 6 that I have been since the original ToT event.

    No glitches here.
  6. Millie

    Millie Guest

    I have never figued out how to use the list option on UoA but ,I moved shards 2 days ago so yes I do recall what was in it. Most of it I have had for many years. I'm a collocter and can probley tell you every thing and how many I have in my entire home.
  7. Don't have any heirloom chests ... was only suggestion I had (for finding/recovery)
    Only other remote possibility can think of ...secured it just after the save,
    Just before went down for maintenence ... no finding/recovery in that though ...
    Just a possible, remote, cause.

    Only other remotely similar ... someone having problems getting TO the lockdown secure state ...
    couldn't get cursor and/or couldn't get the "setting" to Take ...
    mmmmm back here

    [​IMG] though no help for you either ...

  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've very sorry to hear that, Millie.

    Perhaps it was secured after 5am local shard time. In which case, the final save may have occurred in the unsecured or dragging state, and might sit unsecured after the server returns from maintenance and thus decay.

    The other thing is that I have read that sometimes when we customize, things can pop under the foundation instead of go into the moving crate as they should , and require a gm to retrieve, or some pretty tricky tactics -- one or the other.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am so sorry...I know how I would feel if I lost something that friends
    had made or given to me.
    I have both an unlocked and a locked Chest of Heirlooms and
    have never had any problems with them...if you went into custom
    mode it might have fallen under the house as someone else said.
    If too much time hasn't passed maybe you could get a GM to look
    for you.
    Also, was this close to server down? It might not have saved when
    you secured it. [​IMG] I know I don't do anything less than 30 minutes
    prior to Napa going down just in case.
  10. Gheed

    Gheed Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Wow thats a terrible loss. What shard are you on? I could probably scrape up a few non personal items on that list.

    Ya know I never trusted my absent mind. When moving secures around I usually secure a container an wait on filling it with valuable stuff untill the next day.
  11. If your on europa, i can help replace some of those things, hopefully take care of some of the financial loss. As for the rest hopefully they will turn up
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Aw, Millie. That's awful. [​IMG] I know I'd be devestated if I lost any of my happy crappies. I still have, kept seperate from all the rest I've ever had, the very very first ruby I ever got in UO - a gift from someone who was, at the time, a good friend. Also, a whip that Elric gave me - worthless now, but cool. Hmm, Elric's whispering rose, too - a gift from Lady Kaya. And an Arcane Suit and some tools she'd made for me to have her name on as well. And a DP Kat by MT GOON (A.K.A. GOONIE), armor suits made by David, a good man, back in the day when 'heavy archer' did not mean 'fat paladin' ... wow, and so many old happy crappies!
    I am so attached to my silly pixels; and no matter how many times I tell myself it is junk, and it's PIXEL junk at that; no matter how many, I still treasure it because they're special momentos to me.

    Again, so sorry to hear of the loss. I will empty my heirloom chest just to be paranoid. It's full of, like, 75 newbified clothing items and three Buddy Tokens. Among those newbie clothes, of course, are the clothes I was 'born' in; newb rags from 22JAN2000. Wow.
  13. Millie

    Millie Guest

    Thanks guys, I can always replace the lost things, it's the gifts that can not be replaced that gets to me. I noticed it gone about 3 this afternoon and did my custmizing at midnight last night, so I'm sure it will be gone by now. Please just be ware and don't be a trusting fool like Me, check and recheck.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So sorry to hear this Miss Millie, I know how much things mean to you. Never lost things like, but did loose and recovered. But try re-doing your home see if it pops up in your moving crate. I tried it before and it works at times., and also try a GM they might find it underneath your home.
  15. I have been using a heirloom chest for a couple years, moved it around many times no problem.

    But sometimes its hard to tell if something secured properly. So I alway reset the security options on the newly locked down secure. If it's not a secure and only locked sown I use a design tool to raise it up and down, because only truely locked down items can be moved by it.
  16. Millie

    Millie Guest

    I tryed the Gm . He sent a too bad so sad we won't even come and look for you. Told me to report a bug. I tryed redoco and still not chest. Thanks for the sugestion.