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Are there any players out there for COH/COV

Discussion in 'City of Heros/Villains Stratics Forums' started by Claudia MacCloud, May 15, 2008.

  1. If there are anyone who plays COH/COV could you tell me about the game and what you like and dont like about the game...

    I just purchased the game recently... But im waiting till i have some time to play the 30 days they give you w/ the game.

    I just noticed that COH/COV have a forum here w/ Stratics... But being that there arent any threads here... Im not to sure that I want to try the game :(

    Is there anyone that can change my mind?
  2. Ezrael

    Ezrael Guest

    Hi Claudia - don't let the quiet forums scare you off. Stratics forums have had some issues lately so everything is back to start for the time being. Now onto your question -

    I actively play both COH and COV. What is great about the games (which are pretty much the same just different settings/personality approaches and classes) is that they are very 'quick' games to pick up. They aren't overly complicated and often I use them to fill that niche of 'let me just go beat one something' mood. You don't have to loot, that happens automatically for everyone regardless of how few or how many are in your group.

    One of the greatest things about these games is that you can make a truly unique character appearance. There are thousands of combination choices you could make, so you don't look like anyone else. The game is quick to play with very little downtime.

    What it lacks is something really 'in depth' but at the same time, it is a great break from the very hardcore storyline grinds of most MMOs.

    Give it a try - if you are in doubt, why not try the 10 day trial? :)

  3. Raina

    Raina Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    What was said above *grins*

    Although I will say that some of the story lines they have for Missions and such are really well done. Phenominal character customization and it's something definatly different.

  4. Thank you Ezrael and Raina for your imput.. If i try the 10 day Ezrael, does that effect the 30 day that I have available for the game that I have... ? Or do i make a diff acct or something so that doesnt effect the game ?

    LOL its funny you should mention 10 days... I have 10 days before I have to do something and wont be back for a good 3wks ...... :::thinking about giving it the 10 days trial :::::::: :)
  5. Well I am new to COH/COV. I try to play a few times a week but sometimes does not let me. Glad to see there are forums out there for this even though it's just a temp. forum. Look me up in game... DJ Duncan MacCloud
  6. Hi Duncan :) Great to see ya!

    I succeded in installing COH/COV... And suprisingly it works pretty good on this laptop Wooot! Still learning about the game im in the tuturial mode atm, So far its not so bad, and after 5hrs on the game last night im at lvl 2.. Tried to look ya up in game, didnt find ya yet (lol beware ya got a stocker out there)

    Atm im in COH/COV w/ a character name same as my main sim inTSO

    Hope to see ya soon

  7. I used to play COV when it first came out have not played in a while like years gonna have to check it out and see what its about now. I remember it was a fun game though. With lots of people playing. I hope its the way I remember it.
  8. Orvago

    Orvago Stratics' Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:

    I used to play on Victory as Jaguar Steel. It's a great game and being a "super" hero or villain is pretty fun! Just started playing it again last night during this "return" promotion. I doubt though that I'll reactivate my account any time soon, just too busy with RL stuff to add another game. I play LotRO and am highly addicted to it! lol

    I normally do have two game subscriptions however, my second one usually juggles between other games I have played in the past. CoH/V might be the next game I activate for a while when I get the urge for something different.. hehe
  9. Ezrael

    Ezrael Guest

    Oops sorry I kinda forgot I'd posted in here :eek:

    Anyways that 10 day does not affect the 30 days you get once you buy a full account - so you can actually squeeze 40 days out of free play :D
  10. No worries :)

    I did get the 10day trial, and put my 30 days time card in... And if i wasnt at work the last 2 days, Guess where I would of been ... :)

    Its a great game, waits for my next day off of work, so I can get my character caught up!