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Are there tricks for taming

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Meadow2, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Meadow2

    Meadow2 Guest

    I know use to you could paralize the animal or cast invisability on yourself while taming a dragon, but im told not to do that any more because of stat loss to the animal or something.
    Anyways. Ive been tring to tame Cu sidhe and just keep dying. If theres an easier way plz let me know. All i have been doing in tageting and running. hard
  2. uoBuoY

    uoBuoY Guest

    You can beat down the beast to with a shred of health. They move much slower and hit a lot less. But I'm no good at lead Taming. I die too often.

    I've heard of people who, for example, Tame a Gaman (lots of hits), get the Gaman to attack the animal you want to Tame then just Tame it until the Gaman dies.

    It's really easy if you or a friend have Disco and Peace. First, select the animal you want to Tame (because the next step messes-up its stats), Disco it (reduces skills and resists by up 28% so it hits for less damage), start a Tame but move away and Peace it then move back in. You get around 5 Taming attempts per Peace.
  3. LittleSkyWalker

    LittleSkyWalker Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 12, 2009
    Likes Received:
    I seeing other player use this method..

    Getting their tame pet (either own or friend pet) to absorb the hit while instruct the tame pet to stay (while tamer vet on the pet and the pet just stay without attack) at the same time attempt to tame the beast (however do not work well on beast that easily anger with taming attempt).

    2nd method may work on easily anger beast. But you need hiding skill or cast invisible with FC. Once get anger run away and hide. The beast will self auto target the next available pet (usually the blue pet again)
  4. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
    Likes Received:

    Dar of TOT over on Baja knows no "tricks" but knows several methods. Sice a cu takes only 4 control slots, ride an ethy or any one slot mount while "lead taming. Set a hotkey to lore your prey. Then set a hotkey to use taming + last target. As you walk ahead of the cu hold down taming key till the beloved blue writing says you begin taming. Repeat until tamed. Or use peacing or a peacer friend. Or use the Honor Virtue ability to get off a tame attempt or two without upsetting your target.

    Tame first Thyself, then with patience & perseverence, Tame On!
  5. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    The only time I para tame is to work the cu spawn, not for taming keepers. To do that, you need GM eval/magery and it helps if you have fc/fcr gear on too. You need to learn how long a para will last, so you can recast the spell and hit the pup without it moving in and eating you. I lore a pup first, then have a macro set for para last target. Drop that on the pup when you're in taming range and immediately hit and hold down a key for your tame last target macro. If an attempt starts with blue text you want to hit a macro to cast invis on yourself. Be wary of the pup's para timer - if necessary back off a few tiles so you have room to cast. Hopefully you get the pup first time, but if not, just start over.

    For keeper puppy: lore it so it's your last target (you can use other methods like using a dagger on it, but lore is my usual choice), then get within taming range and hit and hold down that tame last target key while walking out in front of the beast as it tries to eat you. I always tame cus on an ethy or frenzy, on foot is suicidal ;) Once you start to tame it, you can move a bit further away. It's a rhythm you get into after a bit of practice.

    When I tame cus I tend to have strong armour on and I max out my hps with as much +hp gear as poss and I'll often bless myself just before I start the tame off, because that's the most likely time for you to get bitten. If you're struggling, remember that teleporter through to Ilshenar and don't be afraid to tame beside it. Use the teleporter if you are really low on health and need to get a heal off safely.

    Another thing to bear in mind when taming cus is that if you're under a bleed attack when you tame the beast, it'll still try to eat you. Even if you invis, if you're bleeding the pup remembers. Don't ask me how I learned this, but it was hillarious :D :D

    With all other pets I tend to beat them to a sliver of health and if they're casters I'll eat an orange petal so I'm not having to cure as well as heal (it's not infallible though!). Once beaten up, I run up to the beast and drop an invis on myself (or stealth to it) then have it set up as last target, and hold down that tame last target macro while keeping a tile between me and the pet. Once I start a tame attempt off I'll try to drop an invis on myself so it can't completely bombard me with attacks. You could also have a friend invis you at this point. Heal and cure pots are very useful, and if you have one, a bracelet of health is also a boost.

    Some folk work honour up and use that to pacify a beast, or peace etc. I think it's valuable to know how to lead tame without any of those things, because you may find that perfect pet when you've run out of honour or you can't peace the greater drag for long enough etc. I'd say, add in extras if you want, but always keep yourself up to speed with lead taming just in case.

  6. I use the method that Baja described, walking in front of the cu sidhe that I am leading by quickly tapping my mouse button so that I am sort of stutter-stepping, taking one step just as the cu sidhe takes a step. This way you always stay two steps in front of the cu sidhe.

    My taming macro (either in 2D or KR) tames last target (or current target in KR) ten times so I don't have to hold down the macro key. Then once I get the taming message, I quickly take two more steps away to put a little distance between the cu sidhe and myself.

    It takes a little practice, but I never get bitten unless I have a bit of lag. It also helps a lot to have high DCI and a weapon, such as the swords of prosperity with -0 mage skill, to defend yourself if you mistime it. I know Wenchy has tamed many cu sidhes, and I've tamed several thousands with this method.

    Once you get the hang of it, this is much faster than paralyzing the cu sidhe.
  7. Meadow2

    Meadow2 Guest

    Thank you. I tamed my first Cu.. not that i didnt die a few times but far less then the other times i tried. far far less.