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Arena Tournament Journal - Practice Round

Discussion in 'WoW Stratics Announcements' started by Eldorian, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    The Arena Tournament Journal is going to be a week to week series based on the current Arena Tournament happening in World of Warcraft and my perceptions and learning experiences first hand with the tournament. Each week I will take you through my 6 week experience in the tournament from the perspective of someone whom never really PvPs much and also has never competed before in an e-sports environment. I am hoping to finish out this journal at the upcoming World Wide Invitational in Paris where I should be able to meet with the REAL experts behind PvP.
    I and 3 other friends (3 members and an alternate) have decided to take the plunge into the new Arena Tournament that World of Warcraft is currently promoting. I'll be up front and admit that I didn't do it because I think we're going to win, because unless some miracle happens and God decides to grant me some l33t PvP skillz it's simply not going to happen. I decided to join for the same reason one would pay money to join their recreational basketball league, it's for fun and I really enjoy participating in a competitive league for the atmosphere and the learning behind it.
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