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Arena Tournament Journal - Weeks One and Two

Discussion in 'WoW Stratics Announcements' started by Eldorian, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I had seriously debated on instead calling this article a couple different things. Most of the ideas ranged from "How to Suck at Arena" or "What Not to do in Arena", but I guess I should go instead with just reporting on what is happening on the arena front and my experience in the tournament.
    So week one and two has both passed in the World of Warcraft arena and phase 3 has begun. Phae 3 now means your teams are locked down, you can't quit your team, you can't add new members to your team, you can't pass go, and you definitely can't collect your $200. Now, I think I'd be having a lot more fun at arena if I had happened to acquire some teammates that might be closer to high school and college age rather than us old fogey nearly 30 somethings with families and kids and that annoying real life thing taking us away from our wow time. Unfortunately, as I get older, so do my friends (funny how that happens) and we find ourselves being able to coincide in our schedules for one full night out of the entire two weeks.
    Great, so that one night we take my hunter and their warlock and shaman and head over to the battlemaster and join the queue. Now, while you more experienced arena folks might know, you probably read that combination of our team and shook your head in bewilderment at the noobs. For those of you reading this that don't know much about arena, let me tell you this so you can avoid it, the above combination sucks in competitve play. Period. I'm not even sure if a hunter really has a place in 3v3 to be honest, or it could just be I'm really terrible at playing a hunter in PvP situations. I'm sure the latter probably has more truth to it then the former.
    Needless to say our one night outing had turned into 7 straight very quick losses. In fact, we never even killed one single person in those 7 matches. That was enough for us to give up and decide on a new strategy. So needless to say, week three we have a new team to take the field starting Sunday, a Resto Druid, a Paladin, and a rogue. We'll see if that goes any better and I hope to have better news in the journal starting next week. We certainly don't expect to do well, probably below average, but we do at least hope to win a few matches! So here's to not sucking as bad as last time (we hope)!
    If you would like to follow more on what is happening with the WoW Arena Tournament you can visit the Arena Ladders here or you can visit the arena tournament information page. The event will be concluded June 28-29 in Paris at the World Wide Invitational and WoW Stratics will be on hand there to bring you the latest from the tournament.