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Discussion in 'UHall' started by Zyon Rockler, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Zyon Rockler

    Zyon Rockler Guest

    I'd really like to know what direction this is going in. I think the arenas are very important to building community, as barbaric as it might sound. I think they should be made into mini games, something like, if you fight yourself you earn whatever the insurance would be if someone else killed you.

    So, you would go up to a booth, pick from a list of challengers and there would be an option for yourself. So, you could go into the arena and then maybe a door would open or close and a spawn of whatever you are, at the time, appears and you are able to fight it and if you lose you lose your gp for insure and if you win, you get gp.

    During nights of event types, say they pick a day and time and maybe it could vary so that everyone would have a chance and you would receive rank. For example: Over a few months someone becomes champion and then under that champion there may be a top 10 or 20.

    So, now you can go to the arena, at any time, and choose to fight this champion. Now, this champion spawns whatever it was that the champion had on, their skill and their name and even their guild tag. So, essentially, you would be fighting them and this could be used as a type of training and preperation, or learning, but there could also be rewards placed on the champion. A sum of gold and possibly an item that perhaps the champion uses.

    So, now, to fight that person, they need only challenge anyone and beat one of the top 10 or 20 to push them off the list. So, you would have at least 2 lists. The one list would be the actual players fighting each other and the other would be the player who has beaten the spawn of a player. So, you could have 2 champions. So, the arena would store about 40 people.

    Also, the arena should have a safe zone for spectators and a way to only accept people into the ring who have signed up. For example: You would click an option and then pick the number of players who will be entering and you would either target them, to add them to a list, from inside the safe zone, which would then allow you to enter when your parties number came up and there would be a timer that would give you so much time to enter and a timer on how long you could remain inside, fighting or a maximum number.

    They could even be made very complex, so, that different rules could be chosen. For example: GM armour, NPC weapon, 10 bandages, NO potions, NO precast, 100 of each reg. and then the character would enter and similar to a server line bump, their backpacks would be emptied and their gear changed and set, so that the chosen rule applies to everyone.

    An option at the moongate or arena could allow safe passage into a Fel arena safe zone, where reds could enter through doors but also, you would be able to fight anyone in Trammel by using the drop down menu or even use tameables. So, there would be a stable, you would pick the pet that you would want to enter, it would head to the holding cell, maybe there would be 4 or 6 holding cells, pets would automatically begin attacking, the gates would go up and you could have another list for pets. So, now you could spend time training your pet by challenging the champion pet.

    So, you could add another event for pets or tameables. It would also be nice if the tamers could be recreated along with their pets, so that templates aren't left out of the arena and people who are watching could learn by looking at the gear that is used, the methods of fighting, animal lore, so there would be a bit of information. For example: If you clicked on the champion, it would open his paperdoll where you could examine his gear and look at his skills.
  2. Sevin0oo0

    Sevin0oo0 Guest

    this was asked 4 days ago. Wished I could just make something u, but - nothing has been released on this yet. Unless they open a thread wanting ideas, your ideas will fall on deaf ears. You Can mail them, as others do w/ their suggestions. sorry