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(Player News) Armand de Romanus runs for Britain Governorship

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Armand de Romanus, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Armand de Romanus

    Armand de Romanus Journeyman

    Jan 18, 2014
    Likes Received:
    (parts of this post are ooc as most of Britain's citizens are ooc players!)

    My History with Britain (OOC)
    My characters have always held a great love and connection to the city that our guild helped to build, Britain. in 1997, I was well known as Catskills' first ever GM smith, Amroth de Plinius. When I joined CoD, I was 100% a crafter, Amroth smithed out many armor sets and weapons for the vast public, I worked out of the Hammer and Anvil in West Britain and I remember sitting there hours at a time just crating orders. With my guildies all out mining for me, we managed to raise enough gold to place the castle at old Vamp's Lair in East Britain, really North East. Vamp's Lair became a castle mall shortly after and everyone would come to buy their wares there. I remember having at our highest something like 72 vendors in there. Crafters from all over came to East Britain to set up their shops or be part of our market days. It was a glorious time and it was what brought us so close to the city we love, still, just as much today. Britain was there we held many PvP tournaments and other events, if not in the city proper in our nearby Vamp's Lair. It was quite famous for holding the yearly Catskills PvP Ladder after our friends in UDL left the game and also for catering to reds just as long as peace was kept. For the most part, they kept the peace because they didn't want to risk their one shopping place as Dragon's Lair banned all criminals. So yes our history is quite strong with our beloved city, and that's pretty much the number one reason any of us in House Romanus would run for its office. It has to make some RP sense for us.

    My Plans for Britain (IC)
    As Governor, not only do I plan to continue Lady Pandora's "Feed the Homeless" program that she signed into law before her departure. My plan is not to shun away those that need the most help, but rather help them help themselves by providing a re-training effort, a deal with all the trade associations that I am looking to make, and provide jobs for them. Leaving them to the outskirts to be butchered or become another city's problem is not a solution I will live with as Governor.

    My focus will be the Bardic Collegium at Lord British's Conservatory of Music with bard nights and other events as well as expanding the city to include a restaurant and finally open the hospital, Britain General. This will provide many jobs for those that need it and its a wonder why it has not been done yet. The current governor never bothered with forward motions on the hospital, yet out land needs a place to train our healers and effectively progress our healing techniques and research.

    Bi-weekly town halls will be retuning to the city with my election as Governor in their new location in East Britain's Counselor's Guild.

    Trade Associations (OOC)
    Obviously there are some buffs that seem to be better than others. But the way I see it is we need to align with what makes sense for the city's rich history. Nothing makes more sense to me than the Bardic Collegium buff, so that would be my first choice. I would also see the Merchant's Association buff as part of Britain for it does have a vast shipyard that handles a lot of merchant sailors.

    So in our FIRST bi-weekly town hall, we will decide what works best for our city through votes (here and in game) out of those two options.

    Thank you and good luck to all candidates.

    -Adam (Armand/Amroth)
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