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Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by heathwalker, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. heathwalker

    heathwalker Guest

    Err that's it.

    Post shard, location, and coordinates if you have them.

    Pls let me know if a posted house later disappears.

    Posts marked as deleted are ones where house no longer exists.
  2. Post deleted by heathwalker
  3. Sergeant

    Sergeant Guest

    Great Lakes. 360 daggers are locked down in my vila cords are 78o13'N 10o32'E in the red, blue, and green backpacks.
  4. Vakhur

    Vakhur Guest

    Lake Superior, Trammel: 97o 59' N, 173o 28' W

    10 bags lying on the ground in the east wing of the Castle.
  5. Mitter Meyer

    Mitter Meyer Guest

    Post deleted by heathwalker
  6. Dark Raven

    Dark Raven Guest

    the villa on pacific in trammel east of skara rangers guild is still there and still has the 800 skullcaps ive been working 3 of my thieves there for the past couple days
  7. Khelevaster

    Khelevaster Guest

    Well the coordinates for the first place, "Marsallas", isnt near Moonglow but inbetween Cove and the shrine of Compassion, south-east of the crossroads. And i couldnt check it out cause i couldnt get there (only used UOAM to see where it was).
  8. animosity

    animosity Guest

    Napa Valley

    <center>A short run south west of hythloth</center>
  9. Lavos

    Lavos Guest

    Evil Inc. Bar 'n' Grill
    Shard: Catskills
    Location: Ice island in the western area of the mountains in felucca.
    Co-ordanates: 112o 14'N/176o 0'W
    House: Log Cabin
    Item count: 750 Daggers
    Cost: Nothing, But donations are welcome.
    Owner: Picsra Maggs (house holder mule)
    If you need to get in touch with me I can friend you to the house so you can log off there and the chest right next to the daggers is probably going to be removed to make room for another dagger chest soon.
    Extra notes: You don't need to be friended in order to use the daggers since they're all locked down ICQ me at 33885617 if you want a rune marked or need to be friended.
  10. neo80x

    neo80x Guest

    OK-- You Sonoma users, here is your break! I got frustrated not being able to find an arms/poison house so I decided to throw down some daggers. I have 400 Locked down (not quite enough for higher levels, but then again thats all the free space I could manage :p). They are in my villa on the stone table. Coords are for Tram: 76o 17' S by 19o 3' W

    If anyone else from Sonoma knows of another house, please let me know! My icq is 32715591. Thanks and have fun!
  11. nevrendin

    nevrendin Guest

    Casa de Moc
    Shard: Atlantic , Trammel
    Location: North of the Justice Shrine, Near what UOAM calls Three Tile Island
    Coords: 111o 47'N / 1o 32'E
    Amount:500 daggers (will be 1000 soon)
    Cost: FREE
  12. Ollie

    Ollie Guest

    Trammel West Brit Bank, on most shards. Not kidding.
    It got me to 85 fairly quickly.
  13. Shayde

    Shayde Guest

    for the Casa de Moc, could you possibly line up your daggers instead of having them all bunched up? it'd make it MUCH easier. i currently go to the other 2 mentioned ATL arms lore houses, but a 3rd would be nice to have, considering you organized the daggers....
  14. I lined mine up, and I am currently looking for a larger house
  15. DiDi-br

    DiDi-br Guest


    Just curious...how did you put 1024 caps in that house?
  16. badboy

    badboy Guest



    !!You're guaranteed to Grandmaster your Armslore skill here!!
    ~1056 gm skull caps | absolutely no spawn | quiet area~

    Download the pre-recorded UOAssist armslore macro here.</center>

    <center>[badboy of LS&amp;SP&amp;Sonoma]</center>

    <center>***There are 3 kinds of people: those who can count &amp; those who can't.***</center>
  17. NoBigDeal

    NoBigDeal Guest

    I just found this house on Europa shard !

    Spirit's House
    Shard: Europa
    Facet: Trammel
    Location: East of Britain (se picture)
    Size: Log Cabine
    Amount: 475 Daggers
    Cost: Free
    Owner: Unknown

  18. PuBlic EneMy

    PuBlic EneMy Guest


    !!You're guaranteed to Grandmaster your Armslore skill here!!
    ~1056 gm skull caps | absolutely no spawn | quiet area~

    Just a bit hard to GM there when the door is locked and you didnt put your ICQ up for contact. Thanks
  19. Vector

    Vector Guest

    Atlantic, Feluccia
    61o 57' N
    57o 14' E

    The house is north east of the britain swamp.
    840 skull caps
    Lots of spawn nearby, so make sure you hide while you work on lore.
    ICQ or AIM me for macros if you need them (In my profile)
  20. Lord Aegis

    Lord Aegis Guest

    Post deleted by heathwalker
  21. ZeonZaku

    ZeonZaku Guest

    I am looking for a baja House... Can anyone help me out?

  22. Anyone have an Armslore house in Drach?
  23. Lord Aegis

    Lord Aegis Guest

    a repost of my house.. the image got deleted.

    Atlantic, Trammel. Head directly west of Britain Moongate, the house is a villa.
  24. Jum Jum

    Jum Jum Guest

    Why do people want to GM arms lore?
  25. cainmarko37

    cainmarko37 Guest

    for the disarm skillll, man...........
  26. bobdigi

    bobdigi Guest

    anyone got any updated houses for GREAT LAKES shard....

    any help will be appreciated....

    gains stuck at 85.5
  27. Baja
    i dont know coords but its the reaper place above minoc and near the entrance to t2a

    just go up and youll see a L shape 2 story theres vendors in there upstairs but better hurry im gonna take them down soon as i gm my arms lore
  28. Anyone know of a Arms Lore house on Great Lakes?
  29. Bobdigi does, PM him for details.
  30. bobdigi

    bobdigi Guest

    no i dont....im looking for them
  31. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    New Arms Lore house located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  32. Kayjn

    Kayjn Guest

    25*8'S x 26*43'W near the Brit Cross roads.

    There is a vendor upstairs wtih lots of daggers, i didn't count.


    Now that i have placed my NEW and LARGER house, there is a red wodden box on the outside patio. It holds 120 daggers. Another 120 dagger for the pouch next to it will be there by next wed., 8/21/02
    Coords. are: 83*3'S x 138*56'E
  33. Linkdead

    Linkdead Guest

    how about on chessy?
  34. Zrikz1

    Zrikz1 Guest

    *For Catskills*
    Just made a new one on Cats its located on Fire Island Trammel.. "not at home atm but will edit with location soon.." It has 2 vendors with around 125 Skullcaps for now will add more soon and I also have 200 gm tinkered boxes locked down if you wish to work on Lockpicking or arms lore let me know.
    Icq 125672477
    Email: [email protected]

    Of Catskills
  35. NoFuiYo

    NoFuiYo Guest

    ive searched and searched, and ive WALKED to like where 4 or 5 of the posted arms lore houses are SUPPOSED to be, one is on an island, and i have no boat, on instead of daggers, has a dp crate that kills u when u open it, and the other 3 i went to just arent there. someone please show me to a arms lore house on atlantic, please
  36. Lord Aegis

    Lord Aegis Guest

    The house posted by Vector and me are no longer in operation. Sorry!
  37. voodo

    voodo Guest

    drach, fell, yew. 61 26N 25 22W 85 daghgers in two pouches on the left (under the bench by the forge) not a lot - butr a start - very little spawn
  38. Plastic Fork

    Plastic Fork Guest

    Any other armslore houses on Lake Superior aside from the one that was listed already?
  39. voodo

    voodo Guest

    now 150 daggers in three pouches. i have uoassist macros
  40. voodo

    voodo Guest

    now 150 daggers in 3 pouches. i have macros for uoassist
  41. Z e O

    Z e O Guest

    How about some on pac?
  42. voodo

    voodo Guest

    my drach house has gone
  43. Lord Melkor

    Lord Melkor Guest

    Anyone know any arms lore houses in Chessy? I really need one.
  44. PrototypeGod

    PrototypeGod Guest

    Cmon.... Someone has to have one on chessy....
  45. Spoons

    Spoons Guest

    Only one on napa is like 400ish skullcaps.. any with more (anything)?
  46. Renon

    Renon Guest

    Anyone know about or have a better arms lore house on LS than the castle on Tram-Ice Island?
  47. Bras d'Or

    Bras d'Or Guest

    Is there anywhere on Drach a house where you got at least SOME way to practise arms lore in the upper skilllevels??

    best regards,
  48. half9

    half9 Guest

    any houses on GL???
  49. Alyn

    Alyn Guest

    I'm in search of a Lake Austin house (besides the one at 32 31 N 77 41 E).