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Arrr Pirate Guide

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by eccentricjules, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. I decided to take some of my knowledge and put it out here for everyone. A lot of the information is elsewhere. I suggest you check out UOGuide.com for more information. This is just the basics.

    Great! You have purchased the new booster pack. Now what?

    I assume first you will want to purchase a new ship. This can be done at the new Sea Market. The Sea Market is the same in both Tram and Fel. It is different than other areas because you can't mark a rune to get there. You either have to sail a ship there, or someone who is already there can send you a gate (to Luna for example). You can also recall off someone else's boat rune, but they would have to be at the dock for this to be useful. The reason; they put a timer on the amount of time you can dock your boat. After 20 minutes if nobody has been on board the boat will teleport itself to outside the buoy area. So even if your friend locks down their rune, if you can't drive the boat you can't get to the dock.

    If you are like me and get lost at sea easily, I have a suggestion for you. Go buy yourself a small boat at any shipwright and head to Moonglow via the moongate. Once you get there head southeast to the mage shop next to the water. Place your boat in the water facing west or east and then tell the tillerman to "raise anchor" and go left/right. If you stay on this course you should be able to reach the Sea Market without getting lost. When you see black dots appear, those are buoy. Now you need to navigate the ship into the dock.

    There are 2 different shipwright and they each sell a different ship. Please see; Galleon - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia to decide which one to buy! Don't forget to head to the boat painter. You can buy up to 5 coats of color and apply them on top of one another. Here you can also accept two kinds of quests. One to deliver fish and one to capture a NPC pirate ship. When you accept the fishing quest, go back to your ship and look int he hold. You will see a crate telling you what fish you need, how many, and where to deliver them to.

    I highly suggest you save every single fish you fish up. The bank is a good place. You will need them for quests. A smart player would also consider selling the fish in groups of 10 on a vendor. Use chat to see if anyone would trade with you, etc. Taking the fish to the destination is a pain. You will most likely need to travel far. Once you get the fish you need it's time to sail.

    How to make your ship drive itself:
    1) Buy a "Map Of The World" from a mapmaker. There is one easily accessible from Brit Bank. I also suggest buying a Sextant. (The Spring D├ęcor Collection Navigator's World Map is Blessed)
    2) Double click the map and open it up
    3) Single click the words "Plot Course" at the top
    First, you need to remember that the tillermen you hired is an idiot. He does exactly what you tell him to. When you plot your course you may have to make multiple stops so that he navigates around the land. If there is an island in the way, you will stop.
    4) Put your first pin close to the location you are in now. If you are on shore make sure the pin is in the water!
    5) Plot carefully, add as many pins as it takes to get to your desination.
    6) Hand the map to the timmermen (drop it on him). He will say "A Map!"
    7) Use command "Start". He will sail the whole course! He should even be able to do it if you leave the ship. A few other commands- Goto # (example Goto 3 will take you to pin 3). You can also use "single 3" honestly I'm not 100% on the difference. I think maybe Goto 3 will continue onto 4, 5, 6 etc where as single takes you there and you stop. If you say stop and stop the ship, say "continue" and he'll go on with the original direction. If you say "nav" he will tell you what pin you are heading to.

    If you want to leave the ship to go do something else it will continue on course ONLY if you put your plotted map into the hold. If you leave with the map the ship will keep going in its current direction but will not stay on course! Don't forget the new command "start tracking" that will show you the direction of the 5 closest ships! 0 skill needed.

    If you want to collect a bounty, you are going to most likely need a group of people. We're still working on completing this so I will fill more information in later. When you accept the quest you will receive a rope to "tie up" the pirate with. The rope stays in your backpack. You are going to want to put a lot of cloth and boards into your ships hold. Perhaps thousands of them plus 100 or so ingots. This is to keep you from sinking. If you can, fight a pirate ship closer to a shore in case you need to swing over to shore to do permanent repairs. Emergency repairs can only be done if you are 75% damaged and even then it only lasts for 10 minutes and you aren't allowed to fire your cannons in the mean time. You need to damage the other ship "enough" before you can board it. I need to gather more data on this.

    How to make and shoot your cannon:
    There are a ton of these "how-to's" out there but we all learn differently so I'm doing this MY WAY! Haha. The first time I did this it took me three hours. I hope this guide helps save you some time. We are starting way at the beginning. I will let you choose what section doesn't pertain to you! I am going to assume you have a GM Alchemist with an Alchemy talisman. There is a reason why I have listed things in this order, it has to do with materials usage. I have heard of people using up all their materials on one thing not understanding they needed it again for something else!

    First thing's first. You can't do anything without Saltpeter. If you can't obtain it you can't shoot your cannon. This instruction is more anecdotal. You now have to stand at the Harbor Alchemist for 40 min to and hour or more and wait for Saltpeter to be sold. Plus you need to hope someone else isn't waiting too. Once you get the Saltpeter then you can think about crafting!

    Items you need:
    Balls of Yarn
    Sulfurous Ash Reagent
    Mortar and Pestle (a few)
    Tinkers Tools
    Sewing Kit
    Smith's Hammer
    Endless water pitcher
    Water source

    Example- Per 100 Saltpeter:
    1 Match, 7 Light Shots (10 for a match, 7 Fuses, 7 Shots)
    1 Match, 3 Heavy Shots (10 for a match, 3 Fuses, 3 Shots)

    Potash: You need this to create fuses and also match cords which are then turned into a match. You can do this at 0 alchemy skill, but you should have GM if you are reading this. It requires 1 board and one 1 water per potash. The best thing to do is to get an endless water pitcher and link it. In the end you will need 1 Potash for every shot plus an extra 10 Potash per person that you would like to have firing a cannon. Ideally you want one match each for half your crew member so figure 10 potash per person. These are made one at a time, so what I suggest is to put a stack of boards you want converted in your backpack (remove extra boards). Stand next to your water source, click the Mortar and Pestle, and go to Ingredients. Choose Potash and press the button to the right of the word. Choose Make Max. Now is a good time to grab a snack..... it will run until your Mortar and Pestle run out of charges, or you run out of boards.

    Charcoal: Very easy. You need an oven, but no cooking skill. Get a cooking tool, like a Skillet. Go under Preparations and find charcoal. EVERY BOARD in your bag will be turned onto charcoal all at once. Make sure you only put in your bag the number of boards you would like converted. You must be standing next to the oven. You only need 1 charcoal per cannon shot.

    Match Cord: Minimum of 25 Alchemy. You need a Match to light the cannon, but you need match cord to create the match! Estimate how many crew members will need to fire the cannons, I suggest adding an extra as well. Take this number and times it by 10! Put into a bag this # of Balls of Yarn, Saltpeter, Potash and a pitcher of water (So if you have 3 crew members firing a cannon you need 30 Saltpeter, 30 yarn, 30 potash). With your Mortar and Pestle choose Explosive and then Match Cord.

    Match: Minimum of 15 Tinkering. Requires 10 Match Cord and 4 boards per Match. These are only good for 1 day basically (I have not timed how long). With your Tinkers Tools select Miscellaneous and then match.

    Black Powder: Minimum of 65 Alchemy. We're getting closer! Now you can use all left over Saltpeter. In a bag place Saltpeter, Sulfurous Ash Reagent, and Charcoal. With your Mortar and Pestle go to Explosive. Choose Black Powder and press the button to the right of the word. Choose Make Max. It will run until your Mortar and Pestle run out of charges, or you run out of an ingredient (probably Saltpeter). At GM Alchemy (70% chance) with a Treatise on Alchemy talisman (87% chance), I get about 15 or 16 Black Powder per 100 Saltpeter.

    Fuse Cord: Minimum of 55 Alchemy. Now is the time to decide if you would like to use Light Cannon or Heavy Cannon. If you have a lot of Black Powder go with heavy for sure, light doesn't help as much. If you were not able to secure at least 100 Black Powder choose light! Or do a mix. You will need one Black Powder for every shot (for the fuse) and 1 Black Powder for every Light shot. 4 Black Powder for every Heavy shot. Keeping this in mind decide how many Fuse Cord you need. Put into a bag this # of Black Powder, Balls of Yarn, Potash and a pitcher of water. Using the Mortar and Pestle choose the Explosive tab and Fuse Cord. Make only the number you require. (For example; if you want to make light shots take the number of Black Powder you have and split it in half. If you had 30 Black Powder you would do 15 Fuse Cord and 15 Powder Charge)

    Powder Charge: Uses a sewing kit and requires 0 skill. There are two kinds. Light Powder Charge and Heavy Powder Charge. These are listed under the Materials tab. You should have already decided what you want to make. A Light charge uses 1 Black Powder and a Heavy Charge takes 4! Put into a bag all of your Black Powder and some Cloth. Make as many as you can using your Black Powder.

    Swab and Ramrod: Anyone can make them using tinker tools. Swab take 4 cloth and 4 board and Ramrod take 8 board. At under 50% tinker you may fail. You need these or you won't be able to fire your cannon more than once! They can be used over and over again, I don't know how many times. They have no "uses" charge so they may be good forever! But your ships hold needs to carry cloth and boards for repairs so if one breaks at sea make a new one. Carry tinker tools.

    Cannon & Ammunition: Under the Blacksmithing menu you will find Light Cannonball, Light Grapeshot, Heavy Cannonball, and Heavy Grapeshot. I'm still testing which one I like better, but either way, you know by now how many Powder Charges you have and you know how many projectiles you need. You know which kind of cannon to make. There is an entire Cannon tab on the Blacksmithing menu!

    Now that you spent a very long time getting everything ready, you get to fire your cannon! Firing the cannon is the easy part. Double click the cannon and press the button next to each menu item. When you get to Load you choose Cannonball or Grapeshot out of your bag. Use the Match to light the cannon when you want to fire it.
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