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(RP) As Reported by Sherry the Mouse: Kidnap or Worse ...Aborted

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by BajaElladan, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
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    *Sherry raced across the floor of Castle British and disappeared through the Mouse Hole in the wall ...

    Exiting the Mouse Hole into Castle Faeryn, Sherry raced toward the Lord's bed chamber. Stopping suddenly, Sherry sniffed the air and pivoted toward the southeast corner, Her whiskers twitching excitedly...She raced over stopping by the slices of spiced pears, chopped apple, and "Oh My," diced cheese!

    The massive wolf hound stretched before the Fireplace assured Sherry no cats would interrupt Her meal. Lord Elladan's reputation for Hospitality was well earned. Arriving early was now serving Her well as she enjoyed each sumptuous morsel. The servants moved noiselessly about the Castle, but it was the Paladin's movement Sherry listened for. He would soon arise; bathe? yes I think today he will surely bathe before meditation and Prayers. Then breakfast followed by a brisk walk with the wolf hound before meeting all those with demands upon His time and Tithe. Sherry darted in another Mouse Hole to sleep off the delicious meal ... the sun would center in the sky when next She awakened.

    Lord Elladan stood upon the balcony as the wind tried and failed to tussle his neatly trimmed hair and beard. Sherry dashed across the floor, and floated, more than leaped onto the hem of His cloak. Racing quickly up the cloak, Sherry nestled Herself into the pouch sewn expertly inside the cloak. Few, if any, would likely ever guess even closely at Lord Elladan's true age. Though He long ago abandoned the use of magery, casting His Fate to Divine favor, Sherry remembered well His former place among the GrandMaster Mages of Sosaria. Though little else was needed, more than Divine Favor lengthened His days and strengthened His Life Force.

    Swinging and fastening the cloak round His neck, Lord Elladan ordered the Hound as He walked by, "Caesar!, keep an eye on the place until I return!" As he exited the Castle His lips moved though even Sherry heard no words and suddenly an immense Boura appeared beneath Him. He headed west before turning north away from His beloved Trinsic and toward Britain and Castle British. He rode steadily though unhurriedly. He would arrive on time.

    Sherry's whiskers froze in place a mere moment before She felt His back stiffen. The arrow passed between ear lobe and shoulder, mere inches from where His head had been an instant before. Clearly His attacker, or attackers allowed for the possibility the first arrow may miss its target, for the whirling bola followed it so closely no feint was possible. The boura vanished and Lord Elladan was afoot on the road to Britain.

    Even as Lord Elladan dove for the grass, Sherry floated from His cloak and sped into the brush. Another arrow buried itself in the ground as He came out of His roll, the dagger seemingly appearing from nowhere, and sped through the air and into the archers throat. The second bola may have proven difficult, had it not been for the blinding flash as Sherry faintly heard "Augus Luminos," and a second dagger buried itself in another throat.

    Several men, by their dress, colors, and patches, clearly brigands, mercenaries and pirates appeared from behind bush and tree. The closest attacker slashed with a scimitar clearly intending to separate Elladan's head from his shoulders. As Elladan Parried the blow with a Scepter gleaming like the Sun itself, Sherry faintly heard "Consecrus Arma," as a light floated heavenward. Swinging the Scepter full circle as though it were an axeman chopping wood, Elladan delivered a crushing blow! The attacker went limp upon the ground as the other attackers closed ranks. The Scepter slid perfectly into the loop ring on Elladan's belt as He produced a seriously looking staff. "Forul Solum," and "Divinum Furis," followed so closely together the two bursts of light appeared as one. Closing ranks on Lord Elladan was the final mistake most of these men would ever make.

    Whirlwind-like, Elladan disarmed and crushed each attacker repeatedly. The one pirate furthest away suffered only glancing blows and though dazed was still alive, and Sherry clearly believed Elladan wanted it no other way! "Surrender and Live," Elladan commanded. But the pirate quickly grasped the locket about his neck and vanished, as if into thin air. Clearly both disappointed and angered, His prisoner had escaped. Elladan quickly recovered and cleaned His daggers, and searched the dead. Gathering all He deemed useful, Elladan pulled a shovel from his pack and began digging. Having covered the bodies in the earth, Lord Elladan knelt, and I scampered back into His cloak. Meditating quietly, solemnly, and briefly, He Prayed...Thanks for His Life, and for forgiveness for His attackers.

    Again His boura magically beneath Him, Lord Elladan resumed His ride toward Britain and Castle British. He knew now though that He'd be late for the announcement of the Election results. Regardless of the outcome, He had much to investigate and to consider.

    Sherry nestled Herself within the cloak enjoying the ride. She now had another Story to tell as well*
  2. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    Not bad.

    I'm assuming you secured permission with our Event Moderator before using an EM-owned character?