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Assassin armor... how do you fill out your equip? Template?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Gellor, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    For those who use assassin's armor, please share what the rest of your equipment look like and maybe template info.

    I've got a set and thought I had the backing equipment and template but now I'm not so sure.

    First thing I noticed with assassin's armor is you will never get to 180 stam. 150 dex is max. The armor gives 8 stam. Neck and head piece can give 8 stam each. I'm not aware of any jewelry, weapons, clothing, etc that give stam... just dex:( So that puts us at 174 stam. Damn :(

    Second, the 30 stealth bonus to me screams a hiding and stealth template. Unfortunately, most of my experience with stealth templates are either archery or anti-stealth types. I tried a melee fighter and found getting close enough for a strike a challenge :(

    Third, with faction equipment, it is possible to get all 70s resist and have some reasonable mods(HCI, DI for example) I've eye'd the faction hunter's headress for this.

    I play with my suit in Excel. So I've played with all the artifacts with this suit.

    So, anyone have some good info they could share?
  2. Cruxshadow

    Cruxshadow Guest

    Im currently trying to get my hands on the last two (and of course most expensive) pieces to finish up my assassin armor set. I have a stealth archer thief that i use for factions. It is a pretty tight temp, which will have to be shuffled a bit to swap out the shadow dance legs for the assassin armor, but currently he is set up like this(not 100% accurate, at work, cant look):

    Archery 120
    Tactics 100
    Anatomy 80 (85)
    Healing 90
    Stealing 50 (80)
    Hiding 100
    Stealth 80 (115)
    Ninjitsu 100

    Currently I use jackals, shadow legs, buglars bandana, cloak of silence, gloves of the pugilist (for dex and di), runic sleeves, and just some jewls with di and FC for faster llama form casting. i believe right now (without crimson yet) im sitting at 143 dex and something like 150ish stam.

    It works out pretty well, right now im faction lvl 7, and i havent killed anyone yet, just stolen sigs. While this char is obviously not a straight up pvper, he can still do some damage. My plan was to steal sigs, and if i got into trouble, dismount with 40ssi heavy x bow, and either run away with llama form, or chase with moving shot.

    I want to have the assassin armor with this suit so that my ssi would then be 60 and i would be firing off bolts at around 2 secs. if you can find a 45ssi heavy x bow (which i didnt know existed until yesterday) or a tourquise ring (+5ssi) you will be firing off bolts at an insane rate.

    The good thing is that the assassin armor is only 4 pieces, and if you put on arti neck and helm, your resists will be lookin pretty good. anything else you can try to get into the 60s with jewls.

    Hope this helps
  3. You can make a Sampire template work just fine with the Assassin set, but you have to have the gorget to go with it, as it's the key to the whole setup. You must have 25ish Fire (plus some on jewels), 23+ Cold, and at least 15 Energy, preferably 18 or higher on the gorget or it won't work. They're not easy to come by.
  4. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    For those unaware, the assassin's armor gives resists of: 56, 40, 24, 48, 32 Obviously, cold and energy need to get boosted up by a lot.

    So Connor, what do you recommend for a head piece?

    Mace and shield is tempting as is the faction hunters(for an archer). Faction hunters give 10,10,15,10,10

    Right now, my jewel look like:
    ring: ep 20, hci 8, dci 8, energy 12 (ring of vile is somewhat tempting but 20ep leans me toward this but faction ring of vile is 25hci:drool:)
    bracelet: ep 20, hci 14, fc 1, cold 12

    I'm also looking at faction primer of arms (10 hci, 20 di) and milisa's cloak (5 fire resist)

    This char is mostly going to be for PvP.

    The stealth bonus of the assassin's suit is what makes doing a stealth based template very tempting. 40-50 stealth and you are ready to go.
  5. I'd say either the M&S or Folded Steel glasses. The faction FS glasses are pretty nice from what I remember. 25 DCI I think. Of course you'd want HLD on all of your weapons if you don't use the M&S.
  6. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    *the following applicable from PvP point*
    With imbuing, would it make sense that HLD of mace and shield are "not as desirable" any more? With HLD costing essence, tourmaline, and parasitic, it feels like it is the "easiest" mod to get 50% on a weapon:thumbsup: At least when compared to hci and dci that take a fragment and other "special" items. Granted 10 str and 5 dex make M&S nicer.

    My guy is running M&S right now while I iron out a suit.
  7. I'd say that would all depend on how much gold or raw materials of your own that you have. I'd personally just do what I needed to in order to make the best suit w/the most mods, for the lowest amount of resources possible but not worrying about spending them either, no matter what it was, but then I've got both the gold and/or the resources to be able to do that. Not every one does.