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[Selling] Assorted High-End Colored Bods

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Omnius, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Omnius

    Omnius Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    ICQ 248964600 with offers(laughable offers will be laughed at)
    Items reside on pacific.

    Verite SBODS:
    15 Metal shield Normal
    10 bascinet normal
    20 helmet exceptional
    20 plate helm exceptional
    10 plate helm exceptional
    15 ringmail gloves normal
    15 platemail gloves exceptional
    15 ringmail gloves normal
    15 ringmail leggings normal
    20 chainmail leggings exceptional
    10 chainmail leggings exceptional
    10 Plate helm normal
    15 chainmail tunic normal
    15 platemail tunic normal
    10 bascinet exceptional
    15 tear kite shield exceptional
    15 heater shield exceptional
    15 metal kite shield exceptional
    10 helmet exceptional
    15 ringmail leggings exceptional

    Verite LBODS:
    15 Plate Mail Set Exceptional
    20 Chainmail Set normal

    Agapite SBODS:
    15 Ringmail Tunic Exceptional
    10 Heater Shield exceptional
    20 Ringmail Leggings Exceptional
    15 Normal Metal Kite Shield
    15 Platemail Tunic Normal
    15 Ringmail leggings Normal
    15 metal kite shield exceptional
    15 female plate exceptional x 2
    15 heater shield normal
    15 metal kite shield normal
    10 ringmail leggings exceptional
    15 platemail legs normal
    15 platemail gorget normal
    20 platemail legs normal
    15 ringmail gloves exceptional
    20 platemail gloves normal
    10 chainmail tunic normal
    20 ringmail tunic normal
    10 Ringmail leggings exceptional
    10 ringmail sleeves exceptional

    Agapite LBODS:
    15 Chainmail exceptional x 2
    20 Chainmail normal
    20 chainmail exceptional

    Golden SBODS:
    10 Ringmail Gloves Exceptional
    10 Platemail Tunic Normal
    10 Ringmail gloves normal
    15 chainmail coif exceptional
    10 buckler normal
    15 chainmail leggings normal
    15 ringmail gloves normal
    20 platemail tunic normal
    20 ringmail leggings exceptional
    20 ringmail gloves normal
    15 Bascinet exceptional

    Golden LBODS:
    15 platemail normal
    20 platemail normal
    10 chainmail exceptional
    10 platemail normal
    15 chainmail exceptional
    10 ringmail exceptional