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At Last....

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Eurgrain, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Eurgrain

    Eurgrain Visitor

    Sep 29, 2013
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    At Last Happiness is within reach! Father has returned safely!

    We all wait not very patiently for him in the Great Hall. My Mother gives us the usual look of disapproval while we start imagining the possibilities before he has even spoken.

    He comes with his men finally after they have had a few meads to warm themselves from the chill of the journey. He smiles slightly at all of us because he is not good at keeping a secret of this importance in the force of us all.


    "The King has given his permission", he says very seriously, "for him to find us suitable husbands." "Soon we will travel to King Blackthorns' Castle and attend the Royal Council. We have one month to prepare and we must be on our best behavior lest we be left behind to wait alone atoning for our disgrace." All at once the room is filled with excited chatter until we realize he is standing there with his arms crossed watching us all take different directions in our hast to start preparations and then we scatter quickly to escape further scrutiny.

    Immediately I know my sisters will want to outdo each other in beauty and grandeur, all to attract the best husband at Council whomever that may be. We all imagine the bravest most handsome male to suit our own secret fantasies.

    I wonder if the King is young and handsome or old and weathered. I should like to be a Queen so if he is not to ungainly for a human I will seek him out first.

    My sister Mildred and I are the oldest. She will no doubt be plotting my discredit so that I cannot even go to the City of Britain since I will outshine her in most every way. I am strong and tall. I will be a good mate for any male wishing many children. I rush through the passage toward my room to start my own journey before Mildred or any of my other sisters ruin my happiness at last to come true...
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  2. QMSoar

    QMSoar Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 12, 2008
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    You got it right the second time. But I know Governor Lew is single and has room in his big brass bed. ;)

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  3. MIldred Llyr

    MIldred Llyr Visitor

    Oct 6, 2013
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    It was as if my world transformed into a phoenix, wings spread magnificently , ready to take flight and soar into the clear blue horizon. Father had returned home from the important mission he had inferred to months ago. The family gathered in the room awaiting his entrance, an air of excitement mirrored on the countenance of each face, mother and daughter alike. Father had more than a few wives who had borne him many daughters and few sons. The task of finding husbands for them all would prove lengthy and urgent, especially to the older of the lot. In his loud and boisterous voice, he informed us that the King had in fact provided his consent to search for promising suitors for the sisters to wed. As gasps and giggles erupted throughout the room, Father quickly silenced the throng with a piercing sweep of his eyes and daunting pose as he bellowed, “We leave for Britian in two days time!”

    Swiftly exiting the room I surmise the competition, for indeed each sister has become a rival to the next , vying for the most eligible Royal or Nobleman. Carefully noting each sister’s manner, Eurgrain proved most defiant. Our eyes lock briefly, a silent challenge declared. We, the two oldest, are most certainly father’s main concern. Who of the two will wed first? And which will gain the wealthiest, most noble? I may not inspire strength as my sister with her mannish bearing, but I know my birthright. I may not have inherited my mother’s beauty, but the wisdom of her elven ancestors I know permeated the core of my soul. A pleasing and supportive helpmate I shall be….
    #3 MIldred Llyr, Oct 6, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2013