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[Atlantic] *a torn poster flutters through the air*

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by The Atlantic Times, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. We are the forsaken, we are the chosen, we are the Guardians of Stonegate.

    Destiny doth call you,

    Pride doth beseech you,

    Will you stand between life and death, throw your lot into the sanctity of our realm.

    What say you to the ideals of the warrior, the path of the forsaken lot? Do you stand tall, be ye mage or swordsman, crafter or cook. Silent warriors pushing fate upon the weak and undesirable. Each man, woman and child has value and worth of our kind and freely, gladly, we welcome those with strength of heart, and peacefulness of mind into our fold.

    Here is where your true kind lays, for races, religions, looks do not separate the true family.

    Now is the time to take up the gauntlet, to drink the forbidden draught, and tell the world who you are. This is your story, the warriors Story.

    The Guardians of Stonegate shall prevail, only the strong survive...

    If my words inspire thee, Myrddin, the king awaits... send a message to: 73863736

    The Guardians of Stonegate