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Atlantic Auction House List for Friday June 17, 2011

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by AtlanticAuctionHouse, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Come join us at the Atlantic Auction House 6:00 PM Pacific ~ 9:00 PM Eastern Friday June 17, 2011. The house is in East Luna...Closest house to the Luna Moon Gate. Lots of Fun Door Prizes!!!


    Santa's Sour Milk, Left Out From Last Christmas (Catskills 2010)


    Cupids Carapace


    Seahorse Statuette


    Carved Image Of Medusa Floor Deed


    "The Head Of Lord Hades-CD"


    Deed To A Blacksmith's Shop (NEVER DOUBLE CLICK THIS!!!)




    !!!!!!!!!!CHEK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    Lacaliere 65,000,000
    5 Halloween Masks 20,000,000
    Frostguard Talisman 300,000
    Totem of the Void 300,000
    Talisman Of Wildfire Removal (Flame Slayer) 300,000

    RING Imbued 5,000
    Valorite Heater Shield 5,000
    Iolo's Lute & Gwenno's Harp 5,000
    Ironwood Composite Bow (Fey Slayer) 5,000
    Runied Ship Plans "Orc Ship" (Part 5 of 8) 5,000

    Brave Knight Of The Britannia [Replica] 5,000
    Leaf Blade (Imbued) 5,000
    Shadow Iron Radiant Scimitar "The Holy Scimitar" 5,000
    Composite Bow (Dragon Slayer) 5,000
    Magical Shortbow (Dragon Slayer) 5,000

    Shroud Of The Condemned 5,000
    Copper Robe 5,000
    Bag Of AOS Clothing 5,000
    Firework 5,000
    Ophidian Mage Statue 5,000

    Royal Leggings Of Embers 5,000
    Basket Of Herbs 5,000
    Broken Bookcase Deed 5,000
    Metal Box 5,000
    Gauntlets Of Anger [Replica] 5,000

    Faction Robe Anyone Can Wear 1,000,000
    Cupiss Carapace 1,000,000
    BLOOD!!! 1,000,000
    Glacial Long Pants 1,000,000
    Easter Carrot From EM Tashik 2010 1,000,000

    Easter Carrot From EM Helios 2010 1,000,000
    Santa's Sour Milk, Left Out From Last Christmas (Catskills 2010) 1,000,000
    Seahorse Statuette 1,000,000
    Leather Gloves Sewn By RU RU 1,000,000
    Carved Image Of Medusa Floor Deed 1,000,000

    "For My Love Lilith" Ring 1,000,000
    Dark Wisp Orb 1,000,000
    "The Head Of Lord Hades-CD" 1,000,000
    Large Diamond 1,000,000
    "Ringmale Leggings Made By Smitty" [Exceptional] "Exceptional" 1,000,000

    "A Dagger"[Exceptional] "Exceptional" 100,000
    A Magical Lockbox 1,000,000
    Special Beard Dye (Old style bottle) 1,000,000
    "Stars In My Eyes Forever For Knight Storm" Ring 1,000,000
    Big Forage [Facing South] Deed 100,000

    Sandals [Blessed] "Blessed" 500,000
    Staff Of Freedom Infused With Firework Spells 500,000
    A Whispering Rose From Romancer 100,000
    Hair Dye (old style bottle) 1,000,000
    Deed To A Blacksmith's Shop (NEVER DOUBLE CLICK THIS!!!) 1,000,000

    A Whispering Rose From Secret Admirer 200,000
    A Whispering Rose From ***** 50,000
    A Whispering Rose From Jesse James 50,000
    A Whispering Rose From Sir Swipes A lot 50,000

    Thanks From The Atlantic Auction House


    Watch for Comet Radio!!!!!
    Your Music and Music News Station!!!
    Going on air soon!!!!


    Thanks From The Atlantic Auction House**