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Atlantic Auction House list for this Friday 8-19-2011

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by PacificAuctionHouse, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Come join us for a great auction this Friday night in East Luna on Atlantic at 6:00 PM Pacific ~ 9:00 PM Eastern.


    Rideable Boura Statuette
    Rubble Water Lillies
    Interactive Silver Steed Contribution Statue
    Dream Wraith Halloween Costume
    2 Rubble Tent parts

    !!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Futon, 12th and 13th Anniversary Gift Tickets and a Heritage Token 1,000,000
    2 South Facing Display Cases Tickets and A Flower Pot 500,000
    A Vorpal Blade, Wildfire Bow, Sword Of Stampede,Pacify Replica and Jaana's Staff 250,000
    4 Statues,Ophidian,Medusa,Orc and SA Dragon 100,000
    5 Essences, 100 Feeling,50 Balance,20 Order,50 Direction and 50 Singualrity 3,000,000

    Leggings of Bane, Fey Leggings,Pell Woven Britches and a Clothing Bless Deed 1,000,000
    2 Pedestals 200,000
    Order Shield ~ Museum Of Vesper Replica 500,000
    Tokuno Pigments, 50 uses each(Inv.Blue,SD Black,NoxGreen,RumRed,Berserker Red,Fire Orange,DryadGreen,VC Purple,Par.Gold,LunaWhite) 25,000,000
    Dream Wraith Halloween Costume 1,000,000

    Seahorse Statuette 10,000,000
    Rideable Boura Statuette 20,000,000
    Virtue Armor Set(Helm,Breastplate,Legs,Sollerets,Arms,Gauntlets and Cape) all dyed Dryad Green 500,000
    Talisman Of The Fey (Reptalon Form) 100,000
    Flutes Of Renewal (Deamon,Undead,Repond,Arachid,Elemental and Reptile) 200,000

    Rubble Water Lillies 5,000,000
    6 Piece Darkwood Set 250,000
    Gazer Halloween Costume 250,000
    Replica Of The Rowan Tree 50,000
    Rubble Mushrooms 1,000,000

    Potted Trees and Flowers Set 500,000
    Interactive Silver Steed Contribution Statue 3,000,000
    Dream Wraith Halloween Costume 2,000,000
    Commodity Deed Box 1,000,000
    The Head Of Lord Of Mutilation (can be locked down) 2,500,000

    10 Count "An Ancient SOS" 1,000,000
    2 Blood Splash 1,000,000
    3 Power Scrolls (+5, +15 and +20 Stats) 1,500,000
    Special Color Parrot 250,000
    Valorite Runic Hammer (15 uses) 10,000,000

    Suit Of Gold Armor Deed 100,000
    A Deed for a Potted Plant 1,000,000
    4 Clothing Bless Deeds 750,000
    3 piece Rubble Fallen Log 1,000,000
    Suit Of Silver Armor Deed 100,000

    Guillotine Deed 100,000
    Fire Pit Deed 10,000
    AOS Kilt 100,000
    Pillory 5,000,000
    2 Rubble Tent parts 5,000,000

    Thanks From The Atlantic Auction House


    Watch for Comet Radio!!!!!
    Your Music and Music News Station!!!
    Going on air soon!!!!


    Thanks From The Atlantic Auction House