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[Selling] Atlantic clear up - xshard?

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by Zy'ana, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Zy'ana

    Zy'ana Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 10, 2008
    Likes Received:
    For sale on Atl or for shard with tickets - i need Europa:
    Val day 2010 Rose x5
    Val day 2010 Muffin Box x6 (4 empty)
    Xmas ticket 2010 x6 (sure theres another one floating about)
    Xmas ticket 2001 x1
    13th anniversary ticket x1
    Shadow items:spike column, shadow alter, obsidian rock x4, shadow pillar, spike post, shadow banner, shadow pillar
    Crystal items:beggar stat, crystal alter, supplicant stat, crystal brazier, bull stat, crystal throne
    20k of magical residue
    6 relic frags
    snow statue deeds x 3
    round melisande hue xmas box
    bright /green hue round xmas box
    silver snake skins x3
    boura pelt x4
    undying flesh x17
    eggnot pots x3
    Tome of lost knowledge
    cloak of corruption x 5
    Flute of renewal undead x2
    Flute of renewal demon x1
    Fountain of life
    Crafted soulforge
    Bag of 72 (SEVENTY TWO) tokuno minor artifacts - various!
    Pigs of Tok: pale orange x2, fresh rose x1, fresh plum x 1, deep brown x2, chaos blue x1, light green x4, pale blue x3, noble gold x 2
    Small piece blackrock x2

    PM or ICQ 176585183