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[Atlantic] The Realm of Umbra!

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by The Atlantic Times, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. What compelled you to open this tome to discover what writings may lie within? Call it curiosity, eh? Those of "Virtue" would call such curiosity evil... They know not what true evil is. But they will soon.

    The same dark force which caused you to crack open this book is the same force that continues to draw many to the heart of Umbra, the heart of Darkness, itself. A city, a magnificent realm of darkest shadow. Home to all things that go bump in the night.

    Allign thy blackened heart to our cause! Join thy power and smite those of the Light along with us. Together, we shall strike down those that seek to wipe us, the deserving, the rightful rulers of Malas, from existence.

    So, if you are tired of the "good guys" always winning, if you are tired of being persecuted for your desire to study Necromancy and other dark lore, or if you simply feel the urge and desire to lash back at the virtue-mongers, the Realm of Umbra is the perfect place for you.

    Join and assist us in building our realm and protecting it from any of the so-called "Virtuous" crusaders. Become one of our family and gloat in the face of the righteous, as we prove to them that in these lands, good does not always prevail.

    [[OOC: Based in Umbra, South Malas, Realm of Umbra is a role-playing guild inclined to darkness and evil. We are seeking warriors, mages, crafters, tamers, any class or skill to bring glory and power to the Realm of Umbra.

    There will be PVM for hunting and PVP, when we are called upon to do battle with those who would threaten our realm. Role-playing is a requirement. If you never have role-played, but are interested, we will assist you. ]]


    Bring us your light, we will extinguish it.

    Show us your dreams, we will turn them into nightmares.

    Bring us your hopes, we will crush them.

    Bring us your masses, we will eradicate them.

    But leave us alone, we will grow and rise to conquer the world.

    The choices are yours, we accommodate all.

    Only the outcome is the same, Death.

    Blessed is the Darkness.


    [[OOC: If you would like to learn more, send a message to ICQ# 96750049.

    You are also more than welcome to visit our web forum at:

    Realm of Umbra ]]