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ATLC is recruiting PVM / Crafting players.

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Mr Nice ATLC, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Mr Nice ATLC

    Mr Nice ATLC Adventurer

    Aug 26, 2013
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    ATLC is one of the older guilds on Atlantic. We are very active and do many PVM events like peerless ect. I have recently started to openly recruit again if you are interested please ICQ me @ 647700744. Having ICQ is required to join.

    Please take a minute to read the rules and rank system in ATLC. If after reading you are still interested send me an ICQ!

    ATLC Rules

    1.) Players are required to show their affilation with
    ATLC at all times. You can show this either with your [ATLC]
    tag, your guild title, or both.

    2.) ATLC is striving to be one of the most respected and
    reputable guilds on Atlantic. You MUST never scam other players
    or steam from an ATLC guild mate. Even if you scam on a
    character in ATLC, if we find out it was you, you will be booted.

    3.) Members of ATLC will be respectful of each other.

    4.) You must have ICQ to join.

    5.) Killing a guildmate or alliance member will only result
    in you being removed right away by either an Emissary or above.

    6.) There are no custom titles in ATLC. In ATLC we use a rank
    based system to denote many things.

    ATLC Ranks

    Only a Consul will change the title of a player!
    Rank in ATLC is a badge to show others and is a sign of the TRUST
    the guild has in YOU.

    1.) Initiate
    - This is the rank given to players new to ATLC. They will hold
    this rank until we feel they are a player the guild can trust.
    A member holding the rank of Consul may promote a player out of
    this rank at any time.

    2.) Member
    - The rank given to a respected member of ATLC. They have proven
    to be loyal thus far and may continue to be promoted.

    3.) Defender
    - This rank is given to members who have been in ATLC for a set
    period of time without any incidents.

    4.) Veteran
    - An honored member of ATLC, they are allowed to come and voice
    their thoughts at leader guild meetings and should have the
    respect of those with a rank lower than theirs. A Veteran or
    higher has proven time and time again to be a valued member
    of the guild and someone of mature character.

    5.) Junior Officer
    - These members are intrusted with making sure all members rank
    1-4 follow the rules and rank system set forth in ATLC.

    6.) Officer
    - An Officer is a member in the guild that we can trust. They
    have proven to be an honorable player.

    7.) Emissary
    - These players have a say in everything the guild does. They may
    add or remove players at any time in the rank of Veteran or lower.
    However they cannot change the titles of members.

    8.) Senior Emissary
    - The most trusted serving Emissary will be promoted to this rank.
    They have all the rights of an Emissary, but may also change guild
    ranks up to Veteran.

    9.) Judge
    - This is the 2nd highest rank in ATLC. Only four members at any
    given time may obtain the rank of Judge. They will control the
    guild with the power equal of a Consul in the event that none are

    10.) Consul Of ATLC
    - This is the highest rank in the guild. If a player makes it to
    this rank, they have proven themselves to be some of the most
    trusted and respected members of ATLC. They control all guild
    functions and vote on all the regulations. This rank can
    remove any player of ATLC, at any time, for any reason.

    ATLC - We ARE Atlantic
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  2. Zhuge

    Zhuge Journeyman

    Jul 3, 2012
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