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Attention all returning or new players who are looking for guilds

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by GalenKnighthawke, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. GalenKnighthawke

    GalenKnighthawke Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hello everyone.

    Welcome back, welcome aboard.

    This is not a recruiting poster, my guild doesn't actively recruit...So it's nothing personal or because I'm a pompous ass (not that I'm not a pompous ass, it's just not the cause of my not recruiting).

    You're looking to join a guild, I assume, because you want action and you want to do stuff.

    I just wanted to make you aware of a few things. You may be able to see some action without joining a guild, if you can't find one. Basically I don't want you to be bored while you're looking for a guild!

    1. There's more guild killers out there than is commonly spoken about. So if you're not actively recruited by anyone, that's part of the reason why. It's not that this is a whole shard full of pompous asses, like me.

    2. If you are a role-player, the High Council meets every other Monday (it met last night, so the next meeting is July 28) at 10pm Eastern, and most Fridays at 10pm Eastern there is a hunt led by the famous elf RP guild TGC, that starts from their tavern, the Silver Arrow, far east of the Yew Moongate in Trammel.

    3. Also, if you are a role-player, check UOForums.com. There's some activity in and around Trinsic that tends to get posted about there.

    (I ain't going to lie....LS is not a hotbed of RP activity at the moment. However, there is still stuff going on.)

    4. There is still a fair amount of camping outside Lady Melsiande's dungeon, the Blighted Grove. So if you check by, there's decent odds of being able to catch an expedition going in to fight her. The activity is greater on Friday and Saturday evenings than at other times, but there's an OK chance of catching an expedition at any time, really.

    5. There are official events going on! Britannia is at war with the evil Shadowlords and their armies. So watch UO.com and these boards for new things going on, and there's decent odds you can hook up with some people and do something interesting. I was part of a spontaneous group I was in this past Friday, that was I think the first on the shard to track down the evil Lady Melissa and engage her in combat. Some members of this part I never would've met, except for fighting their guild in Felucca on occasion.

    6. During normal times, there are expeditions led nightly by the LS community, mostly led by the likes of Airmid and Taeara, whom you will see around. Granted, these aren't normal times, because the realm is at war. But once the war's over? Check the LS Calendar.

    So even if you can not find a guild immediately....Still plenty of group activity going on.

    Have fun, see you out there.

    -Galen's player
  2. Landicine

    Landicine Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 23, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I think Galen's last line is good advice:

    With the party system and with lots of public gathering spots (Luna, Britain, New Haven), it is easy to find and work with small random groups and have some fun for a night. Being part of a guild isn't the necessity it once was.

    On an old guild page that is long since gone:

    "One doesn't order the first thing in the menu at a restaurant, and one shouldn't join the first guild that comes along. Be picky!"

    Big guilds. Small guilds. Rich guilds. Poor guilds. PvP guilds. PvM guilds. Roleplay guilds. Elf guilds. Evil Merchant guilds. Tamer guilds. Community Guilds. Crafter guilds. Faction guilds. Alliance guilds. Murderer guilds. There are so many options, so don't feel any stress to rush a decision. Talk to people. Ask questions. Tell jokes. Kill monsters. Or people. That's the best way to figure out where you belong.